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Late Afternoon me Droogs n Drooettes!

Time for another trip down the rabbit hole, and see whut we can see.  Good news of sorts what with the race-hustling CONgresscritter John Lewis who achieved “good” status overnight by dying on cancer or some such shit.

Good fucking riddance.
The -only- ones who’re really saddened are his sub-par family, who made a living off of the graft and corruption that goes hand-in-hand with black politicians.  Which bears the question:  Is it me or is it that the black politician worldwide are the most corrupt and kleptocratic motherfuckers in the world?  Zimbabwe, under the ‘leadershit’ of Mugabe, before he was made “good” set a pretty fucking high bar for theft and outright scumbaggery and evil.  Africa is a fucking basket case that we, for some reason, keep funneling in money.  Better to pile it up and ignite it with one of my Flammenwerfers than send it to them.
Speaking of which, I’ve started the Mark 2 Flammenwerfer.  Instead of the 20 Pound Tank I currently have mounted, I’m downsizing to a smaller, lighter 10 pound tank.  Less “FOOM” but more mobility.  Pictures and updates to follow as I begin construction.  I’m thinking a smaller back mount as well, as the current frame I’m using is designed for the heavier longer tank.
We shall see.
Overseas now, word I’m getting is the Iranians have -something- going on… as in it’s been a daily-daily that something or someone  is pissed at the current Higgh Holy Weirdbeards and their shrinking followers…  Apparently they’ve had a metric fuckton of locations get blown-the-fuck-up recently… 
Starting at a power plant…
Then a shipyard…
And the latest, a oil refinery…
And whats really odd is that they ain’t doing the usual finger pointing… 
Usually it’s “The Great Satan” aka The United States or the “Goddamned Jews from Mossad/Israel” that  they start reflexively blaming.  ‘Cept this time they’re not.  I mean their version of CNN is blowing smoke, albeit in a roundabout way, but they aren’t jumping on the soapbox per usual…  And the word I’m getting from my sources is the reason for that is it’s a home grown issue.
Seems the repressive Mullah-ocracy has been keeping the people down for too long.  Might be change in the wind, so stay tuned.  My personal belief is that we ain’t got shit to do with it, primarily Because Trump doesn’t give a fuck about Iran.

Which is why Bolton et. al. hate his ass.  It’s because Trump is actually is only taking on issues that matter to America.  Iran has –zero– impact on the United States realistically.  They’re a has-been, once-was, third world shithole that’s squandered the best part of their modern history by rolling the clocks back, giving an insane coterie of mental midgets too much power, not enough brains, and an major inferiority complex.  Yer average Iranian (who refers to hisself as a Persian… shows where their mentality is) thinks “We Persians once conquered the known world!”  To whit the US goes: “Yeah?  So’s whut you done lately dood, LOLGF!”
Drives them insane to know they went from “cock o’da walk” standing in the World, to a country so inbred they can’t even tie their own shoes.  That’s actually a major contributor to the problems over there… insular and self-perpetuating inbreeding… just like here in the states… the Elites breeding only within their exclusive social circles… and after 7 or 8 generations, you start seeing morons and fucktards -everywhere-
So, as they say, gotta roll with it.  Let me know in the comments yer thoughts on the Mark 2 Flammenwerfer
Til then I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Mark 2 sounds cool. Let me know what can be done with something like an anti fire extinguisher unit when you figure one out.

  2. Funny, a lot of explosions linked to all the nuclear facilities (from production, storage, machine manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and so forth and so on) that are needed to make a bomb, according to all the nuclear files Israel stole last year.

    Hmmm. Israel has the intel. Israel hates Iran. Israel is noted for taking proactive steps to stop mad mullahs and despicable dictators from creating nuke weapons.

    Hmmm… Nahhhhh… Hmmmm…

    As to Bolton, fuck that dude. Better yet, don't fuck that dude, might catch something.

  3. All sorts of fun stuff going on in the world right now.
    Mexican Cartels getting way uppity with their relatively new Socialist .gov

    The list goes on and on.
    What a year to be alive!


  4. The MSM and lefties are always accusing the Prez of lying. When he said that he was sorry that Lewis croaked it was probably one of the few times that he actually did………….

  5. Supposedly popular entertainment in Iranian cafes is songs complaining about how Alexander The Great conquered them over 2000 years ago. They don't get over things any quicker than my ex-wives.

  6. I worked the WY oilfields back in the 80's for 6 years, built humongous gas plants, everybody I talked to that came back from the middle east absolutely hated Saudi's,Iranians and pretty much all middle easterners. 100% of the guys said the same thing, Nuke them and keep nuking them untill there is not one left breathing. 19 fucking Saudi's were on the planes at the World Trade Towers and Jr.Bush the fuckwad, gave that country a pass. Fuck Exxon, Fuck George Bush, fuck his family.

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