A Human Shitstain

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes
Been doing some “Enemy Doxx” Research and throwing it up on Gab.
So far THIS:

Piece of scumfuckery has been Identified.

Nope.  By the fuckin’ Autists on the Chan… (Great Job Gang!)
And it got confirmed, because his sister called the cops to confirm that this was their boy.
Seems some of the PatCon / Rogue Nation Militia (or whatever the FREEFOR call themselves in this fuckin’ battle) Called her ass up and told her “Uh, yeah, you and yours best turn him over now, ’cause we’re fittin’ to kill the rest of y’all” Or theoretical words of such nature.
So, MY work?
So far:

Michael Forest Reinoehl has been estranged from his family “supposedly”for at least three years. (right around when Trump Got Elected. Interesting Tidbit.)
36 Year old Sister (Unnamed, probably has a Married Name, Is in hiding b/c of this (good)
2X Currently Living Parents
1X Younger Brother
1X 17 Year Old son
1X 11 Year Old daughter
1X Dog, “Ezo”
Multiple Pending Charges EVEN BEFORE he graduated to “Scumbag Communist-Oriented Murderer” DUI, Drugs, Violent Felonies, Resisting Arrest, Firearms Charges, ETCETCETC.
Charges DROPPED in JUNE by the Corrupt-Needs-To-Be-Fired Prosecutor.
T.O.O. (Targets Of Opportunity)

Seems the Murdering POS works for Deviation Ski and Snowboards
Be a shame if people initiated a boycott and phone campaign at them for working with a drug addicted piece of shit drunk driving murderer…
Contact Info:
3901 SE Naef Rd.
Portland, OR 97267
(503) 208-6790
I’m not having much luck getting any more names or intel… my ninja skills are a bit on the weak side.  However, this’s a good start.
Find his friends.
Find the “Rat Line.”
Because the fucker isn’t in custody.
And according to the stories I’ve read, he’s been let go far too many times to be co-inky-dink.
Per Sir Ian Fleming: Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.
#1. Busted IN JUNE for MAD DUI (111mph speeding) with his 11 year old daughter in the Caddy STS (reckless endangerment) drugs (they found weed and pile of script meds in the car, and oh yeah.  A fucking loaded Glock in the cockpit w/him, no carry license.
Charges pending?  Unknown… the corrupt piece of shit needs to hang prosecutor hasn’t publicly commented.
THEN, #2. Aforementioned shitstain, got popped to possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police.
Charges DROPPED on June 30th by the also-aforeskinned prosecutor for “No Complaint.”
And now?  #3.  Walked up and executed a, from all reports, a really nice guy.  All because he was a Trump Supporter.
It’s almost time to start harvesting heads.
Like I said before, 


Otherwise, shit here is fucked.  Wifey’s mom ain’t in good shape, so’s I’ma holding down Da Casa w/Sapper and the GranBebe.  
Send Money, Meds, Weed and Booze.
(not necessarily in that order LOL)
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. Outstanding work. Dox this shitbag to the max. 4Chan will probably soon find his relatives and where he is hiding.

    Whatever happened to tar and feathering in the public square?

    1. tar and feathering went out because what they don't mention in the history books is that they set the victim on fire afterward…..leave his relatives out of it, they don't condone his actions. find out who's hiding him, employs him, who's letting him off the hook.

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