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Gooooooooooood Mooooorning Vietnam…. er… sorry  Great movie, wrong context.  (although our current political divide -seems- to be headed to the riots/bombings and a bit of the old ‘Ultraviolence’ that Alex and his Droogs were so fond of…)

OK so the old I.R. has been looking at the current “Non” situation with Trump and Company… the whole histrionics being pushed by the Mediatards and the Dummycrats…  I still don’t see what thew big fucking deal is?  Trump called a fellow Leader, asked him to check out the possibility of corruption in HIS country, and let him know if everything is kosher (((heh.))).  Now just because one of the possible subjects of said corruption is currently gimping along in a political race against the Cheeto Emperor, everyone is losing their collective shit?  In fact the actual target of said corruption is the Gimpadates son, not him specifically… that being said the Gimpadate -has- been shown to have a hand specifically interfering in the ‘Krainian Politics back when the Gimpadate was the Veep to protect his Spawn.

Add on that the complaint is of a “Well I know a guy who talked to a dude, who heard from his secretary who’s fucking her boss who heard a conversation about Trump talking to this dude and
maaaan it was whack!!!!” situation…

Queue Obscure Movie Quote:
Dark Helmet: “I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.”
Lonestar: “What does that make us?”
Dark Helmet: “Absolutely nothing!!!”

UPDATE: I was not a witness to any of it!” (updated 12:48 EST)

Which is the crux of the matter. -Someone- heard from -someone- that a conversation -might- have taken place. Back in July no less. Why didn’t they pop off now? OK: Bear with the I.R. on this one…

I personally think this ENTIRE current pile of Bullshit is to get rid of Slow Gropey Joe Biden. I think that over the past few months, Joe ain’t been doing too well… there was an Expose some years ago about the Pharmacy in Maryland? that supplies the White House, the Senate and the House ALL their medications… the expose came out b/c -someone- broke in, and copied/stole a bunch of current Politico’s medical records, or at least what meds they were on.  Some of it slipped out into the news, but was quickly spiked by the Powers That Be and the mediatards…  One of the interesting tidbits was that Old Slow Joe was/is on anti-dementia meds… Powerful meds…. and judging from his fuckups as of late, he’s getting worse.  Add on that -IF- and thats a big if, he’d be the oldest chief executive ever elected at 78!

THAT right there is the issue.  I think they went to Joe (Pelosi and the rest of the fuckos) and asked Joe to back off… let Hiawatha or one of the youngin’s get a run at it.  Joe probably told them to pound sand and this’s the result.  Get an obscure unknown to float a impeachable-possible event, get the media in a foaming-at-the-mouth-TDS lather, and we’re off to the races…The targeting of Trump is tangential…The real target is Biden.  Ginning up enough outrage that can be proven demonstratively false, but enough dirt to fuck up Biden’s candidacy, especially if the ‘Krainians decide that Mr. Former V.P. needs to be questioned and “Oh By the way, yer son is off to the Gulag!” then Joe is toast… hell he may be anyways…

His problem is that -he- doesn’t understand he’s a has-been… he LITERALLY embodies everything  the current younger crazy socialist Leftist Demoncrats hate.  Boomer, check, white, check, dumb, yep.  Part of ‘the man/system’ for 10,000 years… oh yeah.

Stay Tuned!  Opinions always welcome!
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