A Long Night

Afternoon  me Droogs n Droogettes…
Fell asleep early last night…

A hint:  Melatonin and Finlandia = sleep the sleep of the dead allllll night.

So refreshing tho.

Great news, today I got my welcome packet for the work-from-home gig.  Another Indiana Jones moment IMO as the job is seriously needed, now more than ever, monetarily speaking. (hint hint dear readers).

Sooooo lets cover some of the bullshit pouring out of DC.  Plugs is still MIA sorta kinda.  Apparently he did a six minute video again, which went about as well as the last one went, which means it’s going to be the “Weekend at Bidens” candidacy.  FedBro thinks thats the reason Bernie hasn’t dropped out… that Plugs is so far gone that hes non-recoverable.  In my personal experience (working as a Certified Nurses Assistant oh-so-many years/eons ago, once the mental acuity starts rolling downhill on a dementia patient, it literally snowballs, getting bigger n bigger and faster n faster.  Plugs from my own recall and reference is just a few months shy of being in the “diaper and drool” mode…  Shame really.  No matter how many meds they stuff in him, they can only affect minuscule changes.  Add on that in larger doses, the meds are toxic, and I’d say we’ll be seeing Sanders take over b/c IF Plugs does in fact survive CoronaChan, there’s no way in hell he’ll be capable of holding office if on the off chance he’s elected (doubtful).

FedBro thinks that Cuomo, governator from NY might be the last minute spoiler for the DNC.  He’s been running circles around the circle jerk that’s DC and Trump, who needs to arrest ALL of the Obama holdovers who’ve fucked this up.  AND all of the democrats in Congress.  Fuck…

He needs to become the dictator that they’ve always accused him of being.  Round ’em all up, send them to Gitmo, try them in secret and execute them all.

I’d have no issue with that.

Pretty sure the rest of you don’t either.

Add on the stupidity of “We’re going to restart everything in 15 days!!!”  What the fuck are they smoking?

Florida, since last I checked:
As of March 24, 2020 @14:30: 1412 cases.
Quite a bump up since the other day… I think we were at 763?  So yeah.  Its getting worse and no-one here seems to care and/or realize it.  Streets are still packed with idiots, no one is socially distancing… thats all happening in “other states.”

Any wonder why I keep loading ammo?  Next on the “if I can afford it list” is a $40 roll of concertina wire.  Its a nice little Fuck You to anyone who wants to come in the house after dark. 196 foot long baby roll… meaning it’s only 12 inches in diameter as opposed to the huge military 3 foot diameter rolls.  That being said tho, 196 feet can stack and triple stack on top of itself quite nicely to make a very painful and powerful deterrent.  I mean if or when as I’m thinking the way people are acting, this shit might go sideways harder than people realize.

See, my POV is that everyone who’s like “Oh the people in Europe and China were just fine!”  Uh… look dumbasses, the People of BOTH areas have no true civil liberties like we HAD here in the states.  We USED to have quite a few… they let us THINK we have them, but in reality, not so much anymore.

Until now.

We ARE compared to them the most heavily armed force on the planet.  No way in hell do the people in charge really understand just how close the “Big Igloo” really is.  The fucking around that CONgress is doing, making sure that 1.5 TRILLION went to hedge funds and banks, no argument and no questions asked, and then holding up Joe Sixpack’s relief fund to make sure Transgender Lesbian (((Jewish Holocaust Survivors))) get “Special Privileges” and Abortion for 8 year old Girls on Demand?

They no not what they do.  I personally think it’ll get kinetic in a week and a half.  Maybe two.  Food shortages, fraying tempers, and some dude, already deep in the financial hole, is going to load up the family truckster, fill the tank with cheap unleaded, drive to DC and see who in charge he can kill.

Because reasons.

Queue The Boogaloo Writ LARGE.

People are sick of those assholes and their self serving bullshit.

And they really don’t get it.

FedBro was bemoaning his loss of 100K the other day in the market.  I had to mute my fon.  I’m not laughing AT him per se, but the way he was all moaning how “OMG!  I won’t be able to upgrade the Mercedes this year!”  His federal dot-gov retirement is 75K a year!!!!  And he’s pissed b/c he didn’t get the medical retirement for his injuries (they’re fighting him) even tho he DOES deserve it… it’s still, IF he gets it, his retirement will boost to 140K a year!!!

I get 21K a year.  Total.

Cry me a river willya?

Told him flat out he’s got no idea what it’s like to be a real person.  I wasn’t mean or anything,  but I was like, “Dude, you’ve lived, worked and partied in the rarified bubble of our Supreme Overlords… you have -no idea- what it means to really work for a living wage.”

None of them do.

Anyways… I gotta stop and get away… this’s bringing my blood pressure up.  No need to stroke during this.  Til later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Amen brother. Got a sister that circles in the outer orbits of N. VA, its frightening how the lizard people think.

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