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4 Words that might have changed the Known Universe Aye?
Thinking about the whole Affy Assholery and the Big Bad Bugout Boogie, well, things I realized.  Got me a hunch that there was a serious missed opportunity there.  Bit of conjecture, but what if that worthless sack of shit two-star had actually had a pair?

Major Asshol…err General Chris Dona-whore, commander of the Biggest Bugout Boogie since the Korean Kollapse Failure of ’50 had a golden opportunity IF he had the balls and THOUGHT BIG.

Like “Caesar” Big.

Thing is, he’s obviously a gutless bureaucrat.  To do what I thought of would have taken daring and balls and panache as well as a heaping pile o’luck, good type many each.  My thoughts are that this was a force of the 82nd Airborne, (formerly in my book) known as the “All American”… now add “Sellouts” onto that moniker IMO.  Fuck ’em.  Gutless “I vas only following ze orders!” motherfuckers… 
Anyone under this guy, once they heard that the Americans in Kabul AND our ‘other’ folks were being sold down the river?

Shit… step one?  Cut comms.  Cut everyone out of the loop.  Tell the beancounters and JCS, Executive and State that they were going dark.  No radio comms in, or out.  

Step two, issue a DEMO order on alllll the equipment… get the Sappers together, scrounge up shit, hell… get the pyromanic Infantrymen to run around, and tell ’em to make it all burn

Step three, load up the folks… work WITH the Tallybananas kids (who’re now –on the record– along with witnesses that they wanted to get the ‘Muricans out.  Anyone who tries to interfere?  Duct Tape and zip strips.  (State I’m looking at you)… anyone else gets stupid?  Extreme measures.  Shoot the fuckers.  That includes anyone who might have been inserted as a ‘politrook’ or political cadre.  “Oops, Captain Smith was tragically shot by a sniper… so sad, so sad…”

Step four:  Load up, but don’t intermix the loads.  Troops on one, recovered personnel on another.  Light fast moving vehicles on another.  Yeah L.A.V.s those lil dunebuggies… grab a bunch of them, apparently they were laying allll over the place, ‘cos yer going to need quick vehicles for the ultimate end game.

Step five, evacc to the rally points and refuel.  Tell -whomever- you’re RTB (returning to base) and take off.  

‘Cept not to Bragg…

You head right for The District of Criminals… with anywhere between 3000-5000 troops… pissed off troops.. who, BTW I’m sure will back your play… and What the Fuck is the DotGov going to do?  Except shit themselves sideways when they realize that the jig is now really up?  You think the Nasty Guard (whats left that is) is going to stand up to the eighty-douche?)  Arrest everyone, appoint an interim DotGov, I mean at that point, I mean this’s pure fantasy, but, you dig me… 3000-5000 genuine combat troops  -suddenly- were to be dropped into DC, heated up, pissed off at the sellout?  Yeah, you’d have stood a really good chance at restoring the Republic…

t’was not to be…

Make a good movie/book though Aye?
Been some interesting conjecture out there too, as it’s becoming apparent that Blinken has been ‘working in concert with out valued allies (i.e. Joe Chink) to establish and free our citizens in Taliban control.’… Add on the 10% for the Big Guy, and all the $$$ that Hunter’s been receiving, and the fact that Joe Chink was already in negotiations for all that sweet sweet rare earth elements before the Tallybananas kids took over?  Huh, who’dve thunk it? 
I smell blackmail

Any bets we keep sucking mini-Joe-Chink wang actively for the next three years?  Or for as long as Joe Chink has their puppet inn place… ‘cos once he dies, well, it then makes sense why they are soooo adverse to Kamel Toe-the-Ho in there, Joe Chink ain’t bought and paid for her skank ass


So, since Slo and Fam are bought and paid for, any bets that we’ll get our people out shortly by the ‘valiant efforts of our Chinese maste…err allies in freeing our people’.  The Chinks are all about face and this one here gives them global hero-savior of the whypeepo-debbils.  That their “Ten Thousand Years of Culture” and all that shit will give them mad cred, and undercut the fuck out of the US.

Win-Win for them
Checkmate, as it were.

Oh well… 
Such as it is…
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Word is we let Tally four C 130s, now I’m just guessing that they aren’t hiding them, that we know where they are, and that we probably also left plenty of fuel for then Why not drop in on wherever they were, Gas em up, load em up with Mraps LTVs and HumVees and bring that all along for the party?

  2. Listen to the Lara Logan interview with Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle, starts in hour two. Logan lays out the big picture in Affy, you can see what and why this happened, it was all gamed out. And yes, DoS/CIA vs Pentagram/Crackerhouse war is on. Look no further than the recent statements from state recognizing the taliban, talking about giving aid etc…these fuckers need piked every last title 50 cocksucker.


  3. Must. resist. urge. to. fedpost… %@!*#$

    On completely unrelated business, I wonder if there’s some range of generic domestic versions of this ‘golden opportunity’, say for a completely unrelated Chiquitastan- type country that in no way resembles our own? All purely hypothetical thought experiments of course. Call them exercises in tin foil hattery. Practice for the aspiring fiction writer. Possibilities in some parallel universe.

  4. Good movie/book right up to the point the DC-bound transports are downed by missile fire, sure. I imagine ‘loyal’ controllers would be sad that the inbound couldn’t properly IFF, & were tragically shot down. Probably Trump supporters, anyway (yawn). Anyway, the twice-daily booster shots are rolling out….

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