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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
5847 hits yesterday.  Swear if’n I knew who WRSA was I’d say the first bottle is on me.  That’s the -highest- single day stat hit for this itty-bitty blog.  My most ‘umble thankee to all y’all who visit on the regular, as I can’t do it without y’all.  I mean a guy has to have somewhere to vent in a totally non-politically correct environment.  


I wrote a paper waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1990 ain College about the threat that “P.C.” had and how it was gonna fuck up the basics of Free Speech in the FUSA.  Needless to say, it was not well received by the fucking Marxists I had as professors… to the point I was politely encouraged to drop out by the Department Head.

They have –non-personed me- there now.  To the point that I don’t even get the usual “send us monies” mailings.  The X-bitcho still has shit showing up here, and she was only enrolled for one fucking semester (the one we met in) and she still gets mail from the ole Alma Mater.  Fuck ’em.  Bunch of commies anyways.  Hope it burns eventually.

So, tonight’s subject:
Brass Catchers and a review of three different models.
It’s been pointed out that “Police your brass” is a common comment on this site.
No shit Sherlock LOL.
I’ve got three to review.  All owned by me, and I’ll link ’em in the descriptions and yeah, I’ll get a ‘taste’ if’n y’all buy one.  YMMV, proceed with caution.  This’s one ole Gruntpa’s eval and I ain’t gettin’ paid to do so.  However, I –do– buy and got through a LOT of gear, finding out whats worth a shit, and what ain’t and call this a public service.
So, Brass Catcher #1
The GRG Mesh Brass Catcher in Tan here

Velcro’s around the front grip, has a zipper… not a bad design.  Catches the brass pretty well too when I’m using it at the range.  Pro:  Mounts easy on/easy off.  Plenty of space for the brass.  Con: Can slip around and moves a bit as it’s not frictionaly held in place.  My #2 go-to. $14.00 +/-

Then: GLORYFIRE Pic Rail Brass Catcher with Heat Resistant Mesh and Zippered Bottom for Picatinny Mountable Quick Unload here

This one is my least fave.  Uses a picatinny rail mount that aight, but the issue is, besides being ‘el monstro in size’ is that the rail mount is friction dependent… there’s nothing actually securing it but a spring and pressure switch.  No positive lock.  Adjustable slider for making it easier to line up the casings to catch.  Has a large capacity, but only comes with one mount.  Other extra mounts ARE available, but at $10 a pop.  When added to the $20 a pop for the intial investment?  Not so much.  3rd place here.

And finally: XAegis Brass Catcher, Universal Shell Catcher Net with Picatinny Rail Mount Heat Resistant Mesh Brass Collection for Rifle Range,Included Two Pic Rail Mounts found here  
Pros: Comes with two mounts.  Large capacity, has a zipper and theoretically ‘heat resistant’.  Adjustable slider like the Gloryfire.  Positive locking with full-on switch that needs to be used to lock the bag in place.  Cons:  VERY tall profile when mounted.  As in blocks out the front sight of the new shotty when mounted.  Otherwise, no real complaints.  The fact I can switch it out between my go-to ‘Ready’ AR and the shotty makes me happy.  #1 for the list for now.  $25.00 a throw.  (Most expensive on the list BTW)
However, in a pinch operationally speaking, the bulky metal frames of the two do lead to questions as far as efficiency in a firefight.  Last thing you want is a big-assed ‘something’ stickin’ outta yer weapon to snag on shit, whereas the first one I wrote about is just a bag that hangs limp as a used dick offa da side.  Like I said, YMMV.  Now if’n I’m planning on a “Shoot, Loot and Scoot”, I think the GRG bag is the way to go.  Doesn’t get in the way, is unobtrusive, and sorta unnoticeable by witnesses.  Whereas OTOH, the big, bulky gargantuan bags, well, if’n I was in overwatch from a fixed position, and knew ingress/egress wasn’t going to be a problem, I’d prefer to use one of them.  Same with a drive by from a car. 

So, that’s me roundup.  More possibly Later as I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. Hey, ExPat. Yeah, your one of my daily stops. Love the fammenwaffler (sic, vodka ya know)!!

    Please keep on keeping!

    BTW, would love to see you on Gab!

  2. I just ordered the Xaegis brass catcher through your link. I am in the process of building 2 ar-15`s on 80% lowers as finances permit. Any reviews of good value parts would be appreciated. I don`t mind spending for a good value I just dont want to over pay for what I get. I`m going to buy a CMMG mil-spec trigger as a base line to play with, but my first upgrade will be a Wilson Combat single stage for about $70. I've bought several magazines and holsters from them and the quality and service has been exceptional. I can`t afford a complete rifle or pistol from them yet. My day will come. Also, what is the fuel recipe for the flammenwerfer. Thanks

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