A Prime Example of Mayhem

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Got a lil ‘what if’ and ‘what you can do’
Biden takes Orifice
Starts doin’ everything we expect him of him
Kissing up to Chy-Nah
Selling out the country
Restricting Guns
Restricting Ammo
Going after Freedom of Speech
A whole laundry list of Usurpations
Nevermind he’s not legit

Ain’t a lot that can be done on the Grander Scheme… not yet leastways

There are still Superheroes out there
Guys like this: LINK
Granted, it ain’t Killdozer
Just a pissed off Spaniard with a beef with his former employer
But DAMN if he wasn’t effective

To give a thumbnail:

Dude lost his job
Late night Friday night, he got a wild hair across his ass
and stole a Front End Loader

18 miles later after he stole the Front End Loader, he ran the gate and played ‘bumper cars’

With an entire yard filled with brand new Mercedes Electric Vans
Yeah.  Look at the top pic… the one with the van laying on top of the other van?
That big silver thing?  
Battery Pack
A Benz EV Van like that?  120K USD +/-
A payback that’s a bit pricey to say the least
69 vehicles destroyed in a 20 minute rampage
Only stopped when Barney Fife cranked off a warning shot
Guns and Euros…
Go figure… the PD here in the states would’ve made a fucking colander outta him
BUT, so yeah… 5 MILLION USD estimated losses
Now… you say “But Big Country, what does that have to do with us?  We’d get killed!”
Not if you do it right

See this HERE
That LT in Virginia who took a M577 on a 60 mile joyride?
Yeah… Not guilt by way of temporary insanity.
Good for him.
Also, notice that he’s buttoned up tight.  They only stopped him ’cause he ran out of go-go juice.
BUT… guard bases got LOTS of uparmored / bulletproof trucks
Shit the cops can’t stop…
So hypothetically, say you went to the local Guard Armory… 
Master Keyed the Lock that’s OUTSIDE of the truck/APC
Master Keyed the INTERIOR lock, and fire up said vehicle
Climb in, check the fuel, and then combat lock the doors all around
Ain’t nuthin the cops have that can stop you
Like if you head down to the local Fuzz Aerodrome and decide to play bumper-tag on all the parked aviation assets in the Area.  Or go to the PD-HQ and do the same-same but with ALL the police cars and cops personally owned vehicles?  You wanna talk about hurting Leviathan?  
THATS how you put the hurt on Leviathan
Depending on the type of Helo the fuzz use, a cheap one is half a mil on it’s own.
A loaded Euro-bird? Try 3 million
Talk about taking back some of your own amiright?
I mean the cops –can and will-come out and engage you with small arms fire
But dude!

Fucking the M1151is bulletproof like a motherfucker to the fair-thee-well

Run Flats, and you ain’t coming out until you want to

Armor designed to stop Explosive Force Penetrators
Fucking cop 12 Gauge and 9mm?
Your war-beast laughs at such puny measures
Only issue is it’s not good for more than one or two runs through the “bumper-car ballet”
Not a lot of protection for the radiator which lays across the whole front end.  Small arms -will- eventually fuck it up, and when it runs hot, it gets hot fast.
But still… when the fun is over, you can livestream your surrender to make sure the Po-Po don’t zap yer ass.  “I’m unarmed, and stepping out of the truck!  See you in court!”

And if yer local National Guard ain’t got them, they’ll probably have these:

The M1117 Armor Security Vehicle… also called the Cadillac Gage 600?  Can’t remember.  No level of cop-small arms is going to stop you from tearing a new asshole in their motorpool, hell the station itself if’n yer feeling squirrelly.

Not that I’d ever suggest such a thing
Jes’ outlining that book me and Concerned American have been discussing
Jes’ Sayin’
Just make sure to wear your seatbelt
No need to knock yerself stupid(er)
And Helmets are -must have- for such activities
IF and When you ever contemplate in a starring role in my screenplay
‘Cos it’s gonna be epic.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Just sayin' national guard truck parks are all surrounded by a chain link fence with a lock. Sometimes there is a lock on the drivers door. Then there is a steering wheel lock on a bike chain inside. All the trucks, and M1117's start with a switch that is built into them. The smaller the armory, the less security there is around it. The local one here backs up to a big open to the public park. Nothing that can't be defeated with a set of bolt cutters. They are inspected once a month and parked with a full tank of gas.

  2. Uparmored trucks work great, too.

    Cops have a problem stopping a big Uhaul or Semi until they can get their heavy guns out, which are in most agencies kept under lock and key and the SWATers have to go to the Station to access said weapons – being the sniper rifles and SMGs and select-fire M4geries that they use. Sniper rifles up to .50calBMG (unless they're in California. Ronnie Barrett really fucked over Cali after Cali declared .50BMG weapons to be 'illegal.' He sold a shitpot of them to Cali Law Enforcement, then either didn't send them (because it was now illegal, dontchaknow) or refused to return them after the agencies sent them back for servicing (some of what was, from what I hear, included a 'fake' recall notice about something something…) so Barrett got paid and got to thumb his nose at Cali.) Though most agencies also have everything from .308 to .4something…

    And the best way to do something final to an area? Call in a shots-fired/hostage/bank robbery/big call across town opposite where you are going to be acting. In a city of, say 150K people, there are usually only 20-30 road cops on duty at a time, as the jerks in Admin refuse to move their perfumed asses out of the building.

    Call in 2-3 big events – hazmat, hostage, murder, etc and then act. Use burner phones bought out of your AOA and traded for burner phones bought in your AOA to call in.

    Want to really fuck up a cop shop? Send a standard envelope with a button-cell battery, a piece of folded aluminum foil surrounding a thin piece of modeling clay, and a couple wires, to said cop shop. Please do full tyvek and glove up before, while using a full respirator, using stuff from all over that you haven't coon fingered with your greasy DNA… Seen it. Experienced the panic of all around me. And no arrests made ever, because the one who did it was smart. Did it once and once only. Clean, no DNA, no traceable items at all…

    1. Oh! To quote a man in a Movie: "I like the way you think boy!" Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice great addition to the screenplay… many thanks bro!

    2. You can confuse phones by having someone in one location buy it and send it to you via rat-line or even the mail.

      Use it. Then get rid of it.

      Or… Ship it. Mail it. Toss it into a rail car. Drop it onto a barge going down the river. Back of a Grocery Truck. Leave it downtown for the dindoos to find. Heck, let a lot-lizard blow you and steal it…

      And you can still get cheap arsed flip-phones. They aren't fancy, but they work.

  3. They also have tanks, mainly M1s or A1s, some A2s, for the unknowing, tank, combat, full tracked, M1, M1A1, M1A2 Abrams main battle tank, M1 has a 105 mm main gun, TC has a mawdeuce, loader an m240, and a coax mounted m240 for the gunner, same shit for A1 and up except for a smooth bore 120 mm main gun and different sight configurations.. you won’t have ammo or machine guns, but you can fuck up a ton of shit, and it can be opened with a ball-peen hammer if you know where to tap it.

  4. ha!, i worked on that trac. yeah, said he was missing his girlfriend. notice the gang sign….where he got that one, they house a couple hundred more from m1 abrams to bradleys and apcs and m109's. i used to maintain the fire control and optics. just a lock on the fence and another on the hatch and if you hit it hard with a sledge it'll snap off. right down the street is the ammo dump. low paid private security, not likely to fight if you drive up in an m1. whole warehouse full on ma dueces in the same block. alarms will bring the local pd's. we had a plan back in the day, called it the red dawn contingency, lol.

  5. Hijacking armored vehicles to play will work a handful of times….but eventually those in charge WILL arm their hired muscle with whatever is required to stop them. Damaging property etc. gets attention…but it doesn't really cause any pain and suffering to the people who are our REAL problems. All it does is raise insurance rates for everyone. The ONLY true method that will actually get results is to make the criminals in power FEAR US. And the only way to make them FEAR US is to make many of them DEAD. And that includes media whores. When the "live" reports feature
    Media Whores exploding in a pink mist on the 6 o'clock news, when anchor assholes start waking up with their throats slit, when the yellow journalists LYING to us constantly start blowing up when they turn the ignition switch….THEN
    they will stop being the complicit propagandists to the commies and we can move on to the apparatchiks in the bureaucracies.

    1. oh i don't know. i would think a platoon of fully armed m1 abrams rolling up i95 to d.c. might put a bit o fright into the yellow bastards. at least until the f15's could be loaded.

  6. Hell, I got a nice, puurty power substation not too far away. Be a shame if something happened to that. Hell of a light show, though…

    1. Run over a traffic control box or two, knock down 2-3 pole mounted transformers (most utilities have maybe 2-3 spares at hand at any one moment, and the build time on even a small pole-mounted transformer is counted in months. The bigger? Like pole-mounted substations, big ground transformers and substation equipment? Barely anyone has spares and build-times are counted in years.

      Not to mention, if you have underground utilities in your AOA, that pad-mounted Ground Transformer is most likely right over a gas line and the fiber optic line and underground phone lines… Seems some dumbass decided to incorporate uni-trenching when doing underground utilities, one trench that's 2-3' wide has everything running in it. Cable. Fiber. Phone. Electricity. Gas. And some even have Water running in or right next to the trench, rather than under the road, because it's easier to dig up someone's yard than a fucking road.

      Take out 2-3 padmounts, and you now have destroyed month's work of time, up to a million dollar's worth of stuff (when you factor in lost food, lost wages, lost everything…) And that's in a suburb or gentrified country.

      Cities? They have all that stuff underground, right next to the storm sewers and shit-sewers. Find the nodes, and a small boomba can shut a city down. Each loss of utility shuts down that much more of the city. Utility being… Water, power, gas, cable, fiber, telecom (that's not fiber or cable) and… SEWER. Take out 3 of the above 7 and you've just nuked the area for a week. Take out all 4-5, and you've nuked the area for a month. Take out all 7? All the fun of a neutron bomb without any fallout.

  7. On that pic with 3 ingredients in it, it would behoove people to start collecting glass containers now. They are nowhere near as common as they used to be.

  8. True story:

    Last day of 1993, I acquired a lovely 4/3 split-ranch foreclosure home in a lovely neighborhood in the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights California.

    On the first night before moving in, I pulled my camper into the garage, tucked into my bunk, and zonked.
    I vaguely recall some wind outside the garage, but I full-time live-aboard in my camper so it seemed normal to me.

    Just after midnight, I was rousted from my dreams by all kinds of commotion outside in the street.
    Yelling, heavy equipment, chain-saws, scraping and pounding and frustrated 'helping words'.
    I peeked out to see a couple-three dozen utility workers with flashing lights and massive equipment, backhoes and such.
    Their frustration seemed directed at their absent supervisors… apparently, nobody was in charge so nobody could claim priority.

    Next morning, I realized the top of my (new) ancient heritage oak broke off, tilted over, and missle'd into the space between the sidewalk and the curb… and severed all the underground utilities simultaneously.
    Water electricity cable telephone sewer.

    Restoration of utilities required a couple weeks.
    After the repairs as I went around the neighborhood offering introductions, few of the neighbors warmed-up to me.
    Snooty bunch.

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