A Question of Self Defense Redux with Weirdness

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

OK: -something- happened to Ye Blog Poast from last night… NOT sure What it was… I actuually had to recover this from the nightly save… NO Idea… first time a Poast has disappeared… from both sites… Which has me a mite concerned.  One site, ok… both of them?  WAAAY out there….And the backup?Only half, if even that got backed up.  What got recovered is below…


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Me question behind this is a couple o’poasties over at Miguel’s place at Gun Free Zone. Having met the Mad Cuban-in-Exile in person at blogshoot, my recommendation is treat him with the respect that he’s due, both as a Cuban Expat, and just as a 50 plus -something- “Stay the fuck offa mah lawn” deserves. That and I’ve watched the old bugger shoot… yew youngsters ain’t standin’ a chance. Hell.. he’s better’n me, but that’s of course allowing me on the end of a 4 day vodka bender when we went to ‘guns up’…

Jes’ Sayin’

However, my Blogger-In-Arms points out some very valid points vis-a-vis our current sociological outlook. Now, mind you, this’m MY take of his observations, and whut I took from it, not his overall analysis. He consistently talks about the fact that the Leftists out there are constantly making excuses, covering up, and generally allowing bad things to happen, as long as it allows the movement of ‘issues’ to further the dialectic of “Right Wing = Bad, Left Wing = Good”. As seen in many instances, he points out in a general moment, the case of some poor bastard, (patriotic type one each) who had his vehicle assaulted, himself assaulted, in front of the police mind you, and he got arrested.

Case, as shown on his blog, GunFreeZone dot net, with links here:https://gunfreezone.net/antifa-sets-up-an-ambush-gauntlet-in-oregon/

Essentially, AntiFa set up roadblocks
In full view of the police
Now, to my POV, that means the police are fully complicit, I.E. either part of, or encouraging the situation.
And there it got cut off from my backup.”Strange things are afoot at the Circle K”

Funny innit how calling out the Cops for the obvious complicity in allowing AntiFa (it’s just an -idea- mind you) to run roughshod and rampant all over the populous.

And, as I thought about it, not without precedent.The Romans, back during their conquest days of tear-assing around Gaul, they used to use savage tribes of Goths… and no, not the emo-kids, but Ostrogoths, Visigoths and the like… teutonic badasses with battleaxes to run around a attack other Goth tribes that the Romans didn’t necessarily want to have to deal with up close n personal… Sort of also like when the Brits used the Hessian (German) troops in the Revolutionary War…

In this case, it’s the Police Praetorians letting the AntiFa terrify and subjugate the population with the intent of making everyone too intimidated to do anything that’ll hem them up.  Self Defense?  A thing of the past… Unless you’re on the ‘right side’ of the political spectrum.

Even worse is the morons who’re doing the dirty work?  The kids in AntiFa… the ground troops?  Fodder that when and if the Iron Grip of Permanent Political Investiture is assured, they’ll be disposed of, right along side the ‘deplorables’

And because of the paucity of genuine education for the past 30 years they have ZERO idea what happens after the whole thing is done and in place.  They don’t realize that they’re helping to establish an overarching, overreaching Giant Police Oriented Oligarchical Totalitarian Authority that’ll not allow dissent.  And anything that helped overthrow the old order is as much a danger to the “New Order”…
Think “AntiFa Protocol 66” for you Star Wars Fans out there.
But for now, I’m still puzzled as to WTF happened…
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. What is odd is that I can’t see it on your site, but I can see it in my news reader’s feed. The whole thing. Here it is:
    Essentially, AntiFa set up roadblocks
    In full view of the police
    Now, to my POV, that means the police are fully complicit, I.E. either part of, or encouraging the situation.

    Now, as things devolve, it gets worse… dude tries to run through, and gets his truck seriously fucked up via spray paint, rocks and attempts on his life… they finally stop him, pull him from the truck and go in for the kill, whereupon, he unleathers a piece, flashing it, and stopping the assault in progress. The breakdown as such:

    OK Mistake #1… Miguel sez he was wrong for “Brandishing”
    I agree… I wouldn’t’ve brandished, I would have cleared leather, and K.I.A.’d every. fucking. lunatic. within. range.That includes the cops.If yer not there to stop it, yer fucking part of it.THAT’S THE WORD WE NEED TO TRANSMIT TO THE POWERS THAT BEStand on the sidelines, get designated ‘participants’

    Don’t care what YOU say

    The rule of law in this country is Dead’r N’Kelsey’s Nuts.

    Let the cops know: You’re not stopping the problem: you have become a legitimate target First time -someone- gets surrounded by these lunatics’, and looks like they might be in a life-threatening situation, time to go full-bore PTSD hog wild and kill anyone and everyone.

    Let the headshrinkers deal with it after

    Odds are, you’ll get away with it, because at this rate, enabling these fucktards, and standing down ain’t working

    I say target the cops who aren’t doing their jobs along with them. How do you know they ain’t part of it? The way we’ve seen things, you’d think the cops were actively working with AntiFa to harm normal folks.

    Leastways that’s the way I’m looking at it until proven otherwise. Stacks of corpses later, and nevermind the “shoot a prosecutor who deserves it”, things might get back to normal. Don’t like whut I got to say? Suck it.. not recommending nor encouraging violence against the Powers That Be, just sayin’, if they ain’t stopping the bad guys, then they theyselves might be bad guys too.
    Prove to me otherwise.
    Funny part is:

    Let him go, no charges
    Fucking POS Fuzz… covering theyselves, and AntiFa
    Better they let Old Dude Go, but let me tell you, the way I roll these days?

    Now, Mind you, Central Tampa Bay.

    Ain’t happening here.. they know we’ll stop at ‘stand off distance’ and break out an AR for accuracy.

    NOT a lot of BLM stupid going on, not after they got –zero– financial help from the “Central BLM” Offices, and I ‘kindly’ send link thru their Facebook (before I bailed completely) showing that the National Chapter was funneling $$$ to all the headmen and wimmenz, and that it was a GIANT financial con… gave ’em all the links, and essentially ran a one-man undermining campaign to subvert the morale of BLM-Tampa… seems to have worked… 2 weeks after I started, they pretty much are a non-entity now.

    I think I single-handedly undercut them by pointing out that ALL the billions of dollars, that not one red cent had filtered down to anyone and that they top motherfuckers had, per the expectation of corruptocrat negros gone into their pockets…

    I highly recommend the same play book in your A.O.… Find out the FB page, go on, see when they have meetings, virtual or otherwise. Create ‘other’ profiles using random page the of google.com image searches of ‘random Black Male/Females’ and start asking questions: “Where is all the money?”
    Lots of them are already wondering….2.5 BILLION last count
    Where’d it go?
    Inquiring minds
    Poke the monkey, see what happens
    It’s fun.
    So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
    Big Country

  2. It was a good post in its original form, but considering how far you went with it, it may not be a bad thing that it ‘disappeared’ at least for the time being. I •do• agree with your assessment of the police/pansyfa mutual cooperation, and that all available evidence points to the local cops in team fucktard urban strongholds being de facto praetorian guards to protect the little communists from their well earned ballistic backlash courtesy of team America. I also agree that any agents and agencies that are complicit with the commies need to be made to, not just understand, but to feel just how deeply they have betrayed not just the American people but the American Dream and America itself. I’m not at a point where my default answer to their betrayal is to clear leather and smoke everyone within a 50 foot radius, including Officers Donuthole & Coffeecup who were standing there watching pansyfa trash my vehicle. While I’m resigned to the inevitability of what’s coming I also understand what crossing that line at this point in the conflict means. Suppose someone did go ahead and Saint Rittenhouse an entire crowd of commies and their shithole blue city complicit cop bodyguards. What then? It seems to me the aftermath of that leaves no good options for anyone.
    The Cancel crowd is going to come for your entire family in a fucking biblical way (which we haven’t even begun to see yet) whether you survive or not, and not just your wife and kids, but all the way out to your 2nd and 3rd cousins. They’ll dig up your dna results and ostracize anyone even remotely related to you just to make an example of you. “But…but…I didn’t even know we were related! I never even met him!” Tough shit. No sane person wants to cause their entire family tree to become pariahs. Nobody wants to be the reason that gram-gram gets hauled out of the dementia ward and propped up in front a camera with a script saying how raaaaaaay-sis you were, even as a toddler, and how mein kampf was your favorite bedtime story. And that’s not even considering you. You gonna turn yourself in and wait for the legal machinery to give you the whole cop killer treatment? Or do you go Dorner and just fuck up as much as you possibly can before your brains get painted across a tree, rock, or some patch of cement?
    No good options exist in that scenario. The best course seems to be to wait until the system collapses and then start collecting scalps, and that plan is mostly hopium at best. Ol’ Remus had it right: Stay away from crowds.

    1. The center will not, can not hold, it will spiral out of control, my guess is that because of Zhou Bi Den’s ongoing destruction of the dollar and the economy, the tribute paid to the gimmidat dindonuffins, welfare food stamps afdc and all that won’t be enough to buy more than a few scraps, they will go to full riot mode, especially when they realise that they can’t have to share their tribute with millions of nuevo Democrats.
      Because the more the hyperinflation hits, the more the guberment will print and tax and spend, which will make things worse,
      The federals will go rogue when they realise that the central government can no longer pay or support them, they will become the warlords in the Blue areas,
      In the cities the police will go full post Katrina New Orleans and stay home to protect themselves and their families.

  3. Addendum: Care to spread the signal and put together a how-to primer for us social media technology deficient people who would love an opportunity to undermine our local blm types as well? Where or how do we find links to show the grift?

  4. You pretty much said what I wrote on Matt Bracken’s post on Gab regarding that fellow in Oregon. I just did it less articulately. Nice to see that others of the same mindset. Truly.

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