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Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
One of the comments from the Tank write-up I felt needed a bit of a rebuttal.  The reason being that some folks coming round here need a bit o’background on ye Intrepid Reporter.

Basically is dis:

10 Years Active Duty, Infantry, ABN and ASSLT. 

Anti-Tank Infantry no less, and then

19K M1 Crewman, despite being too fucking big for the tank.

OPFOR in Germany (which was fun) and stationed all over,

Medically retired after in-line of duty injuries.

Contracted End of 03 to 06 in Iraq. 

Logistician and a bunch of ‘other jobs’

Mid to late 06 Guantanamo Bay, as “Detainee” Ops for JTFO Gitmo

Then Kuwait, doing ‘ass n trash’ for the Army, receiving ALL heavy equipment back from Iraq

Which is how I read about the tank getting wasted by a molotov… I read the AAR attached with the roasty-toasty vehicle when it came in… I always read that stuff to see WTF happened to a track like that…

It’s also where the pictures came from… my personal collection so to speak.

Yeah, Dat Me… aand the look on ye olde face?  Roasted Vehicles… phew…nasty.

Then, end of 07 to end of 11 I was in Iraq til the ugly end.

Finished contracting for one year AFTER beating cancer… lung specifically and went to Afghanistan for the year after (2013). 

Farted around and was the Depot Weapon Repair guy for the state for almost two years.

Now I’m semi-retarded.

So the quote: “Too often Used to Be Wannabes come up with stuff that never happened.”

If that was aimed at me specifically, well, there’s my curricula vitae.

So, ya, been there, got the TBIs.

Otherwise, more later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. I notice in your rebuttal to the mystery poster….Medically retired and then contracted in Iraq for 3 more years? Couldn’t finish with Uncle Sam but you were gtg for more service in the sandbox as a private contractor? Interesting.

    1. All you had to do is pass CRC… the physical for that back in the day that was “Upright, breathing and willing” Not many folks were willing to go into the woodchipper voluntarily. And when those shmucks from Blackwater got Aced out in Fallujah, they hadda charter planes to get everyone who wanted to get home ‘right then n there’ think “Run away! Run away!” levels of bugout boogie

      1. Concur. I was in some of the same places as you and am still contracting. The physical requirements are different depending on the task. I’m a bit too old to be on a Protection detail, but I can still pass the qualification tests for physical security work, or whatever else they have me do…Fun times.

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