A Quiet Day

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
“So far, so good!” said the man as he passed the 37rd floor of the Empire State… it’s not the fall that kills you… it’s the -sudden- stop.  But as of now, thats how I feel we’re in… sort of a quiet free-fall.  Not sure when the ground is going to -suddenly- rush up out of the silence and whether or not it’s a giant feather pillow at the bottom waiting or the hard ke-splish! of hitting concrete headfirst at terminal velocity.

Only thing that matters is whether you wore your chute when the fall first started.

The day news wise has been silent.  Slept in til 14:00 as I could because why the hell not?  I made a swmall T-Day dinner in thanks to all who was over and participated in the ritual of the “Old Man’s Birfday”.  My many thanks to you Droogs who wished the same to me.  It was great day.

Like I said…a nice quiet day.
The gift I got from Wifey and everyone… OMFG
It was a ‘group gift’

a Crystal Rifle Decanter, rack and 4 glasses.
It’s filled with 10 year old Japanese Single Malt Whiskey:

Really smoooooth stuff.
Sapper’s pick of course.  Wifey’s Idea and Spawn’s Assistance.
Gotta love ’em.

But yeah, we’re just chilling tonight.  Got some stuff to do tomorrow.  Getting the Putt-Putt re-operational (battery and tires) and hopefully get it up and running, as Tuesday I start at Glorious People’s Tractor Factory.
So Hope your day was a chill as mine Much love to y’all and your families!
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  1. A very VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRFDAY TO YOU BCE! Mine also falls on T-day every so often hecks got to see on LIE/LIVE TV Jack of the Ruby variety hit LHO from a few feet away close to one of such birfdays that’s how OLD of a FART I AM! Keep up the good work I certainly believe we are something of Kindred Souls or sumpin!!!!!!!!!

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