A Quiet Sunday

Afternoon me Droogs and Droogettes!

A quiet SSSSSSSSunday.  Totally dead around La Casa de Campisino Grande.  Sappers at work, I slept in late, and wifey ain’t gonna be back for a minute.  Only issue I have is no wheels as the Wifey Unit took the one ride we have, and with Sapper gone, the secondary means of transportation is unavailable.  I mean I -do- have a bicycle, but OMFG it’s too hot for that to go any great shakes of a distance.
Yep.  that and I look like a circus bear on the damned thing, even tho I bought the biggest available mountain bike out there AND added on addition reinforcement and sizing equipment.  For one I had to get a ‘neck extender bar’ for the handlebars as I was almost completely forced to ride like I was on a crotch rokkit with the regular height bar.  Then a reinforced seat post as I’m a fat ass.  THEN a better (bigger) seat as the damned regular size seat hurt too much to sit on.
The, of course lastly I added on the ‘bug out’ gear.  Rack on the back, bags, tow bar (the Granbebe has her own carriage to attach) which doubles as a gear-carrier in an emergency.  Not a bad rig but it’s too fucking hot.
So, as it were… too many people taking things for granite again.  As in my neighbors, despite the warning signs are all thinking ‘well thank goodness the lockdown is over!’ here in sunny FLA.  Of course not mentioned in the mix is the mandatory masking policy… $500 fine for the poor fucker who gets caught allowing you in his store w/out a coverup.  Myself, I’m seeing a good news-bad news sort of thing with it.

Oh yeah. The EDC I have now on the -rare- occasion that I leave the casa I’ve got my new cold steel punch knife, as well as the ASP baton. I can’t get my license to carry back until end of July, but by then it may be a moot point…

But with Mandatory Masking, a lil misdirection and some other sundries, and God Help any one who decides to get squirrelly with me.
I also downloaded and printed this:

No idea if’t’ll work but its always fun to piss in someone’s wheaties.  Along with this:
So no idea of the legality of it, but -anything- that throws a wrench int he controller’s works is good with me.  I’ve seen a few sites tryna to say that the DoJ has ‘refuted’ this shit, but at the same time, a ‘suggestion’ or ‘guidance’ ain’t a fucking law… nor is an ’emergency declaration.’  I dare someone to decide to verbally fuck with me on this.
The other thing I gots to do tomorrow is pick up some pickets for the house.  Me n Sapper have been running ‘what if’s’ war-gaming the entry to the casa and subsequent levels of Defense I want to employ… 2500 feet of concertina, and 1350 of tanglefoot on hand, and I may buy some more.  Needs some pickets though to get it stuck in so to speak.  I leave it to Sapper… Combat Eng-Gin-Neer or “Drunkards with Dynamite” as they’re known as.  I’ll just do the scut work.
Lil Christy for Sunday-Funday… now where wuz I?
(Damn she’s a hot chick…only 4 years older n’me)
So, more Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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