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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
It’s official now… the shooter in Indianapolis is Wee Willy Whyteboi, A.K.A. a Man (barely) With Three Names, Brandon Scott Hole, ALSO known as BronyboiBrandon.

Sheesh… So much to unpack here.
Let’s start off then shall we?
First off, as Heartiste, (of the former Chateau Heartiste blog), who appears to strictly reside on Gab now, stated it most succinctly:  “By the phizz, many things can be drawn.”  By this he (they?) reference the Physiognomy of an individual and/or group phizz can define certain aspects of personality, state of being, and other ephemera.  In the case of this kid, the first thing that strikes me, besides looking a miserable sad sack, is that the kid is “Off”.  Asymmetric ears, nose/nostrils, weak upper lip, oversized philtrum (that’s the space between the nose and upper lip, and wide-spaced eyes.  Add on bad skin (least in this pic) and a bad haircut, and the kid does not present as a augustior humano uisu, or in common vernacular, a Superhuman.

Nope… no White Supremacy here at all…

Which is why he went bonzo. Ten-to-one he’s never gotten laid. Now, other things as shit is slooooowly leaking out. He’s a “Brony” which is some weird assed “My Little Pony” subculture shit. I found this as part of the definition: ” The stigma associated with Bronies is primarily regarding sexuality. … The pedophile stigma associated with Bronies is due to the heightened media attention to Bronies who consider themselves “Cloppers.” Cloppers are Bronies who are sexually attracted to the ponies in MLP and create pony pornography.”  Only thing I knew about Bronies before this was the Cav Scout Meme:

So, essentially he was a sad sexually deviant kid.
With severe mental issues…  Now we get the the meat and taters part of this.

In March of 202, Fucknut went and bought a Shotty.  His Mom apparently dimed him out.  The local P.D. snatched him up on a psyche hold as Mom stated she thought he was going to “suicide by cop”.  The cops noticed ‘something’ during their interactions that twigged them enough for the Feds to be brought in.
Which then, things get murky.

Just why were the feds called in?  And what exactly did they do?  According to many reports, the kid had his name entered into the Fed Database for “Do Not Let This Fruitbar Buy Weapons”.  Just how then was he able to buy not one but two ‘assault rifles’ one in July and another September?  Speaking from personal experience, I recently had an issue when I bought my Smith 669.  Somehow, despite getting all my rights re-instated, somehow I got flagged and had to go through the rigmarole to clear the issue up.   A quick scan and email and phone call remedied it, but man, how did this fuckin’ guy get two rifles?  Nevermind a few other ‘niggling issues’:

“FedEx have confirmed that Hole was a former employee who last worked for them in 2020. Hole’s family told Fox59 that he had previously been fired but it was not immediately clear when.”
“Hole’s stepsister, who did not want to be identified, described him as ‘isolated’ and said their father died by suicide in 2004, she told NewsNation  affiliate WXIN-TV.
‘We do have a lot of mental illness in our family and he never got the help that he needed,’ she said.”

Now, that right there… disgruntled former employee apparently…  An unemployed Fucking Loon.  So… Psyche hold… how long? Where? Treating doc?  Amazing how little info is coming out… which is a MAJOR indicator of a False Flag.  Much like that under-reported story of how the Aloha Snackbar Texas Shootout at the “Draw Muhammad” Contest sponsored by Pam Geller.  Dunno if’n y’all read it, but, essentially the two morons who go cacked by a Former Texas Ranger or some such… seems the FBI essentially knew about the two wannabe Jihadis, Ig and Ook, supplied them with the weapons, gave them the directions, and then drove them to the scene of the shootings.  Agent Fearless Freddy, (deep deep deep undercover, literally drove them from Arizona to Texas, watched them prep, followed them in a car, and didn’t warn or try to stop them in any way, shape or form.  And then hauled ass, and got away by ‘badging’ himself and pulling “Federal” Rank on the yokels and County Mounties…

If it wasn’t for the Federal Bureau of Incompetence/Incontinence, there more than likely would be Z.E.R.O. terrorism, mass shootings, and general fuckery in this Country.

No pictures of the ‘assault weapons’ either.  Methinks it’s because it’d be a dead giveaway that they were conveniently supplied BY the Fibbies.  July to September 2020, a moderately priced AR pistol (which is what they initially said he had) was running about $1000 to $1600 depending on caliber, model, availability and whatnot.  And who sold them to him?  Last shooter before this or two, they knew within a few days where said-loon got his weapons, and they were investigating them because of it.  No mention of that Aye?  I mean how did he get around the psyche hold?  MY shit has been dismissed at least for 2 years AND 4 guns before this last time I had that issue…

Just how in the fuck did Mr. “I’m Too Crazy for A Gun” get ahold of two of them?????

Add on a few other things… he had to have had practice.  8 K.I.A.? How many wounded?  That’s a hell of a body count, even while shooting at sheep.  Unless “Call of Duty” is that good a training sim, (it ain’t) he –had– to have gotten some trigger time…  And at a $1.00 a round for basic ammo, where’s an Unemployed 19 year old fucktard coming up with around $2500 +/-?  Even with unemployment, that’s cake that I as an adult can’t break loose.  Hell, I -just- finished building the AR-10, and I could only do that with donations and sheeee-it. 
Got a hunch the Fibbies, for -whatever- reason got called in March/April 2020.. a report was filed, and someone, somewhere, probably the Department of “Let’s Make Up Some Shit” got the report of this Whackadoodle Kid, and started the process of ‘grooming him’, hence the near complete lack of social media profiles.  The Feds apparently order Facebook before this went down to ‘scrub’ the kid’s shit… someone, somewhere wound up this lil deep fried lunatic, and set him off.  They probably supplied him with either the cash (providing plausible deniability) to buy them, and then fritzed the system to let him get the firepower, OR they out-and-out gave him the weapons, ammo and training, knowing full well he wasn’t going to be around to talk.
Unlike James Eagan Holmes, the Batman Shooter, and yes, another Member of the Three Named Mass Shooters Brotherhood.  Holmes was apparently supposed to self-terminate, but something went wrong (I think they gave him too many drugs) as they found him high as fuck in the parking lot, in his car, pistol in his lap, too stoned to even talk… since then, from what I hear, Holmes is so Isolated, they pretty much freeze dried him, and buried him under the prison.  Can’t afford to kill him, and can’t afford to let him talk… just like the Boston Marathon Bomber kid… that poor bastard, they shot him through the larynx to keep him quiet.


Root and Branch
ALL of the FBI needs to be burned to the fucking ground.
With ALL of them locked in the building.
Metaphorically Speaking of course.
So, Thought?  Leave some comments.
This’s going to, outside of the obvious Sikh Angle, (which the media is already playing to the hilt “Whypeepo kil’t?  So what?”) this’s going to fade before questions like mine start cropping up, not that the Ministry of Propaganda is going to ask them…
Jes’ Sayin’
White Boy Summer indeed
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  1. Had initial reports suggest the presence of a “second shooter/gunman” and scrubbed, subsequently?
    If so, it may explain “Breaking Brony’s” eight kills despite apparent lack of training.

    1. Hadn’t heard about that… Add on, and what I forgot to mention was the 2 minute response time by ALL the cops. Feds included… almost like they were hanging out and waiting Aye?

      1. Like Columbine (CO), Marjorie Douglas-Stoneman (FL), and Sandy Hook (CT) all o’er again. Same song, same dance – next verse ad infinitum: The Twentieth comes Tuesday, as well.
        We’re all aware that they’re not going to stop until they get what they want. The $64,000 Question, however – at least, for me – is what shall be *the trigger* to move forward with their *big push*. Perhaps, the hapless, impending vic(s) and/or “instant stooge” are going to be someone notable, borderline household notoriety – someone, over whom that the useful idiots of the greater Free Shit Army will go absolutely bat-shit.
        I don’t know.

  2. Mr.Hole may have been there. Shooting, but the body count does not have to be his. He may not have shot himself.
    He may have had help.

    1. Exactly…!
      First responders standing off and watching – *dicks in their SAP gloves* – may attest to a second trigger-man sealing the deal, totally containing “Breaking Brony”, and moving to exfil. The fibbies usually act on gatekeeper detail, anyway.
      It would be interesting to see, if first-hand audio/video surfaces and AV-club autists pick it apart – determine if gunshots popped from two different directions.

  3. Follow the money, same with the recent alla snackbar shooter. Neither worked or had the cash needed to buy a EXPENSIVE rifle(s) and HARD TO FIND ammunition/mags etc.

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