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Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
A short missive as it’s the Wifey n Mes Fourth Anniversary.  We escaped Casa De Big Country to see the In Laws.  That in itself is a pain in the arse.  Love the folks, but they are old. Like mad can’t let go of shit… many many repoeating of the same thing… the usual senility… kind of sad as they’re really nice, but old.

So we went out for dinner.
She had the twin-lobster tails.
I went with the fried fish sammich.
Damned thing was the length of my forearm.  Ended up being brought home, leastways half of it.
So home it came.
I feel a stuffed as a turkey right before oven-time at Thanksgiving.
I’m on my mobile lappie, a Panasonic Toughbook left over from the Iraq and Affy days.  Fucker is a CF-30, and weighs like 6 pounds.  Massive case… bomb proof, prolly bulletproof.  I know water proof and shock proof.  I’ve beaten the shit outta this thing over the past ten or so years since I liberated it from the dot mil.
Whats a laptop between frens anywho?
BUT because it’s older, and I ain’t run it up to speed in a dogs age, I found some pictures of me back in the day, along with the pics in and around Affy/Iraq.  One of them stood out:
Yeah, dat me.
Holding Ma Deuce… a barreled Ma Deuce.  Heavy sumbitch as I recall.
No shrinking fuckin’ violet eh wot?
Then, I found one of the pictures of one of my custome race-guns from days gone by, I called it my “Space AR” b/c it was all high-speed, low drag, light weight and just cool looking:
Only issue I had with it was that forend, while uber:lightweight (aluminum blend) was horrible vis-a-vis heat distribution/retention.  Fucker got hotter n’a mo’fo in a quick-quick.  Like ‘needs a nomex glove’ hot.  Running a 30 round mag at full speed, the fucking thing was practically able to cook an egg.
But, neither here nor there, as part of the divorce settlement, it went away along with all the other toys I had back then.
C’est la guerre.
Anywho… cutting it short.  Will  be back on track tomorrow, til then I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Happy Anniversary.
    Me and the Wifely Unit celebrated our 9th on the 21st.
    She wanted to go out to dinner also. To Sonic Burger of all places.
    No masks, sit and eat right in the car, leave.

  2. BC – I have a couple of Panasonic Toughbooks that came out of police cruisers. County was dumping them for cheap. They are not milspec but are pretty solid, will need a HDD and OS as the county kept those (as in destroyed them). If you want one to play with I can send it over FOC. You might even be able to transplant the HDD of what you now have into it. I use one out in the barn which is also a workshop and they hold up nice in crappy environments. Would need address. tehterrapod at gmail

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