A Saudi Arabian Tragedy…

Good Evening or should I say Good Morning My Groogs and Droog-ettes!
The Intrepid Reporter here from Big Country’s Home For Wayward Veterans!  I’m alive and well and somewhat recovered from the shall we say excesses of my half century celebratory shenanigans.

Yeah that was a hangover.  Never mix.  Doc Dad taught me that back in the day.  Should’ve listened.

That being that as one would say, not much going on.  Got the Grandbaby here for the week and Turkey Day… she brightens my day:

Grinnin’ like a fool… we were waiting on pizza, (which she fuckin’ demolished…)  She’s damned near the only reason I want to stick around… so b/c of her:

It’s the Holiday Seasoning Time… meaning I’ma ’bout to start cooking.  I’m the “Head Chef” of “Casa de Grande Campesino.”  Mainly ’cause the NGFF is -not- capable of doing any cooking.

The long suffering editor had to put in: “How bad can it be Big Country?”

To whit I answer the pencil neck a line from some comic I knew back in the Army…One “Ross The Boss” who was a hipster before being a hipster was cool:  “How can toast have bones?  I mean really, how can toast have bones?”

Nuff said about that…

Sapper –tries- to cook, but he has no concept for cooking for more than hisself.  He does try and his Greek Chikin is pretty good eating.  His normal is Ramen-and-hotdogs.  Typical 50 year old perma-bachelor faire.  Me, I’m fucking spoiled from XHH6.  Having a fucking Sicilian Borne-and-Raised-to-Cook X wife spoils the ever loving shit out of a motherfucker.  I thankfully learned by assisting in cooking, and ALL that time overseas taught me just how to cook properly.  Being on ones lonesome definitely taught me some of the better parts of the culinary arts, and when I was the Maitre’d of that restaurant on Victory Base Complex, I was fortunate enuff to wrangle some “how to” out of our Iraqis, which makes for great  recipes now.

So Turkey Day is allllll me.  2X Hams, spiral cut, boneless, a 4 pound boneless garlic and herb turkey breasts, and all the fixin’s.  Can’t wait.

So to plunge into the most recent.  I applied to an overseas gig in Saudi Arabia.  Might -actually- have a shot at it.  If it does go thru, you fuckers are going to have mad hilarious posts when and IF I do get it.  I applied on a Saturday, and heard back on Sunday that “We need more documents.”  Not too unusual.  I acquiesced, and IMMEDIATELY back with a “Sign this so we can talk to you” form… Very typical in overseas gigs.. they won’t chat until they know yer not trying to fuck them…  Sooo that looks good…  They wanted a nondisclosure which means they’re usually serious… that’d be a nice change for once…

I AM most certainly capable of doing the job.  I’m waiting.  We’ll see.  That being said, I risk it all with the following:

Dirty Deeds, Done with Sheep…

Oh. My. God.


The reaction to this had to have been:

Followed by my reaction:


Can’t say much more about it from there.

Tragedy really… eleventy thousand plus ISIS brides dropped in the drink?  Oh well…

Til Later, I gotta crash, my sleep schedule is all fucked up….
Much Love to those supporting me… oh yeah  thats right… nothing yet… please donate if y’all can.
I remain, the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. I can relate to GF's not being able to cook. My line for my first wife's cooking was "She burn's water when she boils it."


  2. So, I donated. I was surprised that it didn't say how much it was going to be while filling out the PayPal credit for., was gonna drop ya 20 as I dig your blog. Transaction came in and it said $1.

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