A Theoretical Idea For a Novel

Evening/Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Now, with the codicil that I’m writing about a potentially fictional idea Y’all get my drift.

Now, going offa dat, seeings how fucked up sit-too-acha-muh-ations is right now, what with minimal dot gov/dot fed involvement in the protesting, I realized that’d be a great movie concept of a group of business owners/civil nationalists/suburbanites who happen to be veterans who decide to make a difference.

As in “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!!!!”
To paraphrase Howard Beale from the classic 1976 “Network.”  It’s almost prophetic, that particular movie, ‘cept no one has the balls in Mordor Media to say it…  So anyways.
Point being, the federales are running around dressed like this:

Now… that standard issue Multi-Cam… the Army, in an effort to screw over the creators of it, Crye Precision, re-did it slightly and called it “Scorpion” camo.  Small aside, I was one of the first implementors, as a civilian, outside of Spec-Ops to wear Multicams.  As a contractor, non-DoD contractor, I wasn’t allowed to wear ‘current in-theater’ camo.  The loophole was, at the time, No one outside of some Spec Ops kids I knew (who turned me on to it) wore it in Iraq.  This pic I’m posting was from 2010… WAAAAAY before the Army did… they went “OCP” in 2012.

Now, you can see where I had rattle-canned some of the pouches that didn’t have the right blend…  This pic was taken AFTER the VERY last evacuation of Tal-Afar in 2010… hairy run.  And, those in the know can see, that ain’t ‘new out of the box’ Multis… they got mileage on them.  The chest rig is/was a Blackhawk Plate Carrier, with Paldrons added for shoulder protection.  You’ll notice the ‘no ammo pouches’ b/c at the time, I wasn’t officially allowed ‘bang-bang.’

So, anyways.  I still, like many of you out there, and can still wear and fit into ye olde battle rattle.

So in my screen play:
The people, tired of the ungrateful and unrepentant pieces of shit who’re rioting and burning down their towns, whelp, the vets get together and realize that they have the same exact gear as the Federal Marshals.  

Lookie there… what a co-inky-dink!!!
All that’s needed are some patches to make them look like cops…. Ones like this found on Amazon: LINK HERE 
Wow… now as a disclaimer I would never encourage anyone to impersonate a Federal Agent.  However, for the purposes of my screen play, lets go with the idea that the shopkeepers and suburbanite veterans, who are tired of the bullshit, go out to their storage unit, bust out their old gear, and order a couple of these patches.  
They then form a couple of “strike teams’… they use either rented and/or stolen Minivans… much like the fed have used already, and show up to the local insanity.  Now… flames everywhere, chaos.  Imagine complete loss of social control.  The team, looking around, sees some of the thugs (AntiFa) scrumming with the local cops.  They roll over, slap cuffs on 2-3 of the rioters, and roll out… the local cops, seeing the “Fed Fuzz” patches don’t even question it.

They’re just happy to be rid of the current crop of dirtbags.  The “feds” cuff and stuff, to include “reading their rights” to the curs.  The curs, on the other hand, are comfortable, knowing that the local D.A. will either drop charges, or that they’ll be released by the A.M.

That’s where things go sideways.
For them.
The Vets, now established in the Area of Operations to the local P.D., take these pieces of shit to a close by railroad trestle where there’s no cameras, no witnesses.  They herd them out of the S.U.V., with them complaining and bitching.  

They then put them on their knees, read out their crimes of insurrection against the United States of America, and the sentence is death. 

One shot to the back of each head.  Drag it out.  Make sure to vidya it.  Put it on Bitchute and YouTube later.  Let ALL the others out there know, death is coming… and it has no mercy.  Then shoot them.  Slowly depending on -how pissed they are-  either piece by piece, or quick, Balls Knees.. you get the idea… no mercy.  Then,  Pile the corpses.  Burn them if motivated.  Tho burning them disallows a ‘martyr funeral’ as you can’t show a crispy critter publicly…
I figure in this drama a team of three could harvest at least 9 motherfuckers before having to quit.
Don’t want to overstay their welcome at the party amiright?
After the fact, couple of things fall out… 
1) A complete distrust of the feds (which is appropriate)
2) Blaming Orange Man Bad for “death squads”
3) A complete succession of hostilities… These trust fund kids have –no idea- what real pain is… finding out that 9-12 of their ‘comrades’ were executed ‘old school’ and then the corpses burned?  The lil faggots will leave smoke-trails headed back to Mama and Dada’s mansion.
4) The cops, realizing “damned if we do, damned if we don’t” start killing these fucks too, thereby adding to the fun.
Too easy.  Thoughts?
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. in my dream some daddy warbucks vet hires blackwater to snatch and chloroform a few hundred protesters and they wake up screaming in gitmo-in-the-desert but the guards board a chinook and leave them caged up as ragheads summit the dunes. it'll take way more than a dozen to get these turds attention.

  2. Start with the ones setting fires. Include some media 'people'. Don Lemon for sure. Steppenqwfulus too. In the novel of course.

  3. but no camo or dept plates. gray man, white van, snatch, disappeared, forever. then eventually we march right up to the state houses and citizens arrest the govs that encouraged, prolonged and supported this crap, have a public trial followed by public hanging leaving them dangling as long as possible.

  4. A good concept for a novel, not sure if the local auth would bow down so easily, turf and all that, which can be allowed for. It may take 2 or 3 ops before the punks get the message, not sure, they are getting more violent, and might respond with the same idea.

    1. Most folks can't think outside the box anyway, gonna be a lot of dead dumbmasses on both sides. And still clueless. Fuk'n outstanding idea however.

  5. Would it be too cruel and unusual to toss them bound into a pig pen while vidya and bichuting? Even better for the the muzzy members.
    Asking for a friend. 😀

    1. Just their families. and take their vision and hearing at the height of the 'festivities' so the last sight and sound they hear is their families agonizing departure…

  6. * Can we imagine TheMalignantOverlords have the ability to requisition a satellite for over-watch of ingress routes for counter-protesters?
    * Can we imagine their puppets include senior steady-hands on over-watch… and they are armed?
    * Can we imagine the street-punks are expendable for TheCause©?


    Unelected Oregon governess Kate 'Moonbeam' Brown mandated/edicted/proclaimed the closure of Oregon forests to hikers and campers… and witnesses of arsonists.


  8. Does anyone know of a company that makes gallows in kit form? Or, at least a detailed set of drawings with a parts list?

    1. Any self respecting guy who took High School shop class back before it was replaced with Male Neutering 101 has a peachy somewhere full of fantasy drawings he conjured up while sitting in detention. There are drawings of gallows complete with trap door, guillotines, with blade crossbows, throwing stars,spear guns, blowguns with darts, caltrops. Of course,this is back in the late 70's, early 80's when boys were allowed to be boys. Pretty sure I still have mine.. I still have the crossbow I made in wood shop.

  9. Well, maybe not kill the public officials…. baling wire tightly around each wrist or rebar tie. REALLY tight… plastic zip tie around the reproductive organ. Again, really tight. (cut off the blood flow tight for a few to several hours) and brand the word traitor across the face with a cordless soldering iron. Snap On makes a nice refillable butane model.
    After the tied off body parts are beyond salvage, display the message at the busiest local intersection. with a couple of bogus explosives to delay removal so that the most motorists see the message. or put them on a raised platform with surrounded by some caltrops or concertina wire to delay deletion/removal of the message.
    Space out the messages by a day or three so the other corruptocrats can enjoy the anticipation. Include high ranking LEOs with questionable loyalties in the message to reinforce the "public official accountability is back in vogue" aspect.
    Bonus points if the families of the messengers are stripped, bound and gagged and used as a perimeter. And burn their houses. Force their bankers and insurance agents to 'cancel' or 'unperson' them with the following policy "You can join them or join us. We will not tolerate neutrality in our AO"
    EVERYBODY'S worshiping something, their wallet, lifestyle, public prestige or their God. Give them a choice between losing their God or participating in the community clean up program…

  10. It sure wouldnt take much to convince these punks to stay in the basement.. You wouldnt need to actually kill them to convince the others that they are not up to the task of sustained hooliganism. These are very fragile youngsters. I like the idea of the train trestle, But I would lean towards branding. Pick a nice symbol, say,something so politically incorrect, that children and old people will run into the streets screaming in terror.. Like the swastika or their beloved anarchist symbol, But carefully crafted in such a way that when the brand is applied to their forehead, it is unmistakable and heals into a perfect sign. This is deterrence in its purist form. This is also a good way to allow them to show their solidarity, and sympathy towards one another, If they are feeling particularly folksy, their hard core comrades will brand themselves in solidarity and brotherhood. Serving 2 fold, we have now identified all the garbage that is needed to be taken out, and we convinced them to do it for us.

    1. put the brand on each cheek. they can pull a hat down low to hide the brand in public. not so easy to hide the cheeks.

  11. nah … don't need to do all that.
    just sit up in a window with a silenced 10/22,
    and knee-cap every violent mf'r.

    1. Gray Man,

      I am with you. Basically, the IRA justice technique. Nothing too complicated. Just one shot, one kill.

      .22lr suppressed. That's the ticket !

  12. Great movie.
    The Country is hungry for justice, which will never come from the elitist: jewdiciary, media nor booberment.
    Right along the line of Matt Bracken's instructions: "shoot arsonists on sight", then go after the leadership & financial backers.

  13. If I was writing the novel, I would have the guys in the death squads strangle the captive in the vehicle or when they get to the isolated place while their hands are tied or handcuffed behind their back.

    Less noise and no gun smoke residue or spent shell casings.

    That's how the BTK (Bind Torture Kill) serial killer killed a whole family who were all practiced in sport Karate. (Too bad they weren't trained in practical self-defense where they teach you to die fighting and rather get shot to death but at least put up a fight and have the sounds of of shots ring out and gun smoke and possibly scratch marks on the attacker so he can possibly be identified later. There is NO reason for someone who is robbing you to tie you up unless they they are planning to torture and kill you.)

    Serial Killers prefer to strangle using nylon stockings or wire. It does take a few minutes to do the job properly, and the recently deceased empties their bladder and bowels to signal that the job is done so it does cause a stink (or at least that's what I've read).

    There are online (porn) videos showing people getting strangled and get strangled for fun. People doing it for fun (or choking each other out as part of Ju-Jitsu MMA training) stop when the person goes out. Holding it for too long (4 minutes) and the person being denied oxygenated blood to their brain turns into a permanent Democrat voter.

    In my telling of the story the deceased would have Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Super Red shade applied to their lips and the L'eggs Everyday Women's Thigh High Stockings in Tan shade left wrapped around their neck as a calling card.

    But that's just me, and I'm weird (or so I've been told…

  14. How about pulling up in a military type truck with a large very bloody woodchipper with unidentifiable animal parts in the trailer behind the woodchipper?

  15. Expect the posting to be banned in 3..2..1… Even BitChute has its limits. And then of course there is the 'failure to comprehend' factor. Some if not many will claim its all a fake news event. How do you authenticate the event without exposure of the actors to the real Feds?

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