A Vile Society Not Worth Saving

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes

I, for one, am hanging up my ‘patriot hat’.
The contempt for which I hold my ex-Americans, specifically the genus coined by Mencken, “Boobus Americanus” is as limitless as the darkening sky above.
I’m -not- going to go out of my way to try and stop anyone, nor anything.
“We the People” as a group are done.
It’s fractured.
I’ll defend myself and mine.  That’s it.

Oh yeah, the fight’ll go on, but the realization that the best way to fight is to let them tear themselves apart and burn it all down.  And I’ll be here writing, documenting it, hopefully providing a thorn in the ass of the bad guys.

I mean really…
The Bill of Rights?
The Constitution?
I mean why the hell should I fight for a set of ideals that’s deader’n Kelsey’s Nuts?
The concept of a great load of patriots rising up, en-mass to stop the fucking Democratic Despots that’re sure as fuck going to try and take over and destroy everything?  I just don’t see it happening.

We, individually, are atomized and disconnected to the point where we can’t even effect real change.  I mean sure, ‘our’ folks got together, had a big ole bunch of rallies… The Pro-Gun one in Virginia that Aesop said was going to be a false-flag bloodbath?  Yeah.. went off without a hitch.
But that Scumfuck Babykilling AntiChristian Governor still signed the law into effect.

Nothing.  Changed.

Sure… made great soundbite, what little there were… but in reality, we accomplished -nothing-
And currently?  Methinks that the nail that’s sticking up highest is gonna get hit firstest and hardest.
I mean without any -real- organization… with no direction… where and what exactly are you going to do?
Been bothering me quite a spell now… couple o’nights without sleep because of it.
By no means am I wallowing in despair or any shmaltzy bullshit like that.  It’s just that yeah, I can act locally.  I can act (with the Sapper) in a -wickedly small- fashion.  But affecting for the greater good?  It don’t look good for the home team.
In fact the way I sees it playing out is that Trump is going to be elected until the Bullshit votes start getting accumulated.  I mean Team Fucktard has already told us that’s their plan.  They’ve told us.  Point blank.  
And why haven’t those of thems in the states like Michigan and Pennsylvania -not- shot the fuckers who’ve said “the shennaigans will continue til Biden is president” yet?  Simple.  We have day jobs.  Families.  No one wants to take the first step.
Florida, thank GOD is different.  We’re being spared. For Now.
How long -that- lasts is unknown.  DeSantis ain’t known for his fucking around.  Thank GOD we didn’t get Buttblaster Gillium in there… THAT would’ve fucked us raw and propper.
Gotta cook Lunch I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Just wait for the economy to crash. When fuckers don't have a day job to go to any more, or cash to pay for a super-sized fat-ass with cheese, or the latest fucking I-phone is out of reach of their grubby little fingers, THEN bastards will look around and want to shoot. I don't think all is lost yet, but it's looking pretty damn bleak. And when it starts, I don't think the left will be ready for the sheer, unbridled rage that will arise. At least, it's a dream I have…..

  2. I know for a fact that I am going to go down swinging when the time comes but I totally agree. We have become such a stupid, silly nation that has pissed it all away. Plenty of exceptions, but we mostly deserve what's coming.

    1. Not to fedpost, but if you haven't already gone kinetic given everything we've seen, you never will. And when the communist proxies are in power they'll roll up to your house, murder your dog, and haul you off to the gulag for reeducation while you shout "muh thin bLuE lInE!"

  3. The fiat currencies worldwide, with every country in debt,, ( I mean, really, have you ever sat down to play poker and EVERYONE walks away with IOUs out?) , ya gotta ask,, To WHOM are they in debt? Ahh,, the owners of the system,,
    Every fiat currency fails, it has been so since the beginning.. A REset has to happen sometime,,and, without a Crisis to Blame the failure of the economy ON, the banksters know they'll be lamp post decorations.
    Is This when? Dammifino,,

  4. Meaning no disreapect, BC, but I agree with Chuck, the Oath does not expire.

    Having said that, I agree with the post, especially about acting locally. Phil is the closest person to me that I would trust, and he is 2 hours away.

    Pete at WRSA put a lot of effort into getting people to link up over several years and gave up about 2 years ago to focus on the local aspect of the future in his AO, because he could not get people to agree that the future was more important than one person's ego. And I can't fault him one iota. Too many people want to be in charge without being ready to give everything. As you said, we who think as we do, are fractured. Maybe the only event that will unite us is a complete crash, I don't know.

    What-ever the future will be, look to your own.

  5. all this and more, tfA-t has long ago proclaimed. the flag waving cuckolds ridiculed and mocked him for his wisdom and clairvoyance.. welcome to the party pal. tfA-t will continue to gather his mighty armies and train to destroy what's left of the Fusans- and begin anew 🙂

  6. It does appear the whole game hinged on someone taking their bait and shooting a bunch of them. Bad bad optics and all that rot. But the bait has not been taken and frustrated they are yelling "would someone just please shoot me already! They will need to do it themselves I guess. The fires were an impressive leveraging of their capabilities. Again they wanted optics. They went out of their way to scream "we did this! Whatcha gonna do about it bitches?" But no dice; yet. Perhaps a mass casualty event of a drone releasing a few ounces of fentanyl over a sports stadium. Meh, no one in the stands anymore so back to the drawing board. I often equate the American public as being like Lurch the Adams Family butler. Big, dumb, slow & powerful. Hard to get him turned but when/if you do look out he's just as hard to get to reverse course. Could be our situation is more like an oil tanker that missed the 14 minute window to avoid a collision using a 'crash stop' maneuver. The only thing left to do is grab a life vest and watch the disaster unfold. Good times.

  7. Wow, just had this conversation an hour ago with an old SF buddy over a shot of fine single malt Scotch.
    At this point Boobus Americanus is our worst enemy, dumb MF'ers who still get their intel from Faux News, not a clue what actual reality is. Always letting someone else lead them.
    This nation's conservatives have been sidelined down the road of light communism for 100 years and didn't have a clue who done it to them. You reap what you don't study or plan for, the ignorant sheep will pay for it in the end.

  8. Constant drip,drip,drip…similar to gonorrhea. Blah,blah,blah!
    No access. No power. It is too fucking easy. Give it a try.

  9. I would love to sit and have a beer with you. I'm posting some little essays over on AmericanPartisan about this lovely little insurrection. The truly sad thing is, you are so right. Could you imagine the fear we could put DC in if WE could be so organized? I don't mean fear of death, initially, but many thousands of armed men women standing in front of the Capitol, silently waiting as a list of demands is met would be rather terrifying.

    But then there's the catch, there always is. Marxists get a free pass. Let one rancher that wishes to graze his cattle on the same land his family has for generations and they will send every Federal officer with a gun to squash that shit. And yet, in the end, when dozens of fellow Americans showed up with all their party favors as well, the Feds backed down. They govern at the consent of the governed. Withdrawing it isn't all that hard. Nancy had it right, just say no.

    We are fighting a very organized and well funded insurgency. We need to get organized and I'm sure we can come up with funding. If not, I've still got my Poor Man's James Bond on a bookshelf somewhere. Along with a few other Popular Science "hot to" manuals. It really would only take one armed group to walk into one of their protests and bring it all to end. While yes, they will cry over their martyrs, they will not be so willing to take to the streets again after watching Rainbow Bear's head turn to pink mist.

    I'm not saying this is what needs done. In my opinion it will happen naturally, organically, one day in the not too distant future.

  10. There has been a dance with freedom and corruption in DC long before any of us were born. The seeds of the current circumstances were planted back with fdr. The economy was crashed and he started the socialist gravy train that corrupted millions. Throw in 2 world wars and a police action to centralize power and you end up here. The state does what they want and is not accountable. The population is polarized again and the economy is set up for failure again just like the last century. It would also seem like we have another global conflict simmering on the stove after the economy tanks. Know your area, only concern yourself if it directly effects your family or close associates. Follow the articles advice and don't be a nail.

  11. oh i don't know, in va. the gov wanted a gun and hicap ban but he didn't get it thanks to that little rally. now he's pissed off the only folks standing between him and us so next time around might be a little more fun. and a few years ago obozo closed the ww2 memorial and 700k vets showed up to open it back up, which was unopposed by the rentacops on station. and rolling thunder, Sturgis? just a inkling of what could happen if shit goes sideways. how about ol hag Pelosi finds a friendly gay general to try n pull a .mil coup the day after they lose the election. now suppose the .mil is too busy fighting among itself to help either way. now suppose a call goes out to all available to save the president. of course the market will crash, the dollar will be busted and you have your basic nothing left to lose situation so dopes like you and i cry HAVOK! and loose the dogs of war and die like good soldiers are meant to instead of withering away. keep the faith bro, til Valhalla.

  12. About 8 years ago I came to the same conclusion. The USA is dead and has been replaced by a zombie that doesn't know its dead. All these fake patriots talking about how they are going to go down with their hot gun pried out of their cold dead hands have never been in a fist fight in their lives. Cheap talk. And as you pointed out we are leaderless. Our country is under attack, there is a Marxist revolution going on in half of the major cities, and no one is doing anything other than complaining. And waiting for The Donald to save them. I hope he does.

    I setup this website and left the country. I gave up waiting on the American Sheeple to defend themselves. Its easier said than done, and without leadership really just pointless.


  13. There will never be a great rising up of patriots to counter the malcontents. Why? because the same people we have given our enforcement and consequences too are the same people we fear. We fear the police, we fear the courts,we fear the consequences of trying to sidestep the same people we gave the power to keep shit civil.

    It's like buying a mean dog to protect your assets, but the dog turns out to not be as effective as you would like, but you are too afraid get rid of the dog, so you tolerate his ineffectiveness.
    The only thing stopping patriots from rolling in and shooting every son of a bitch in a black hoodie, and a backpack is the cops that will roll up and either arrest him or shoot him.

    To hell with the commie DA and to hell with the Chinese loving media and the democrats..you take out their useful idiots and all thats left is hand wringing and phony outrage. They will burn this shit right down to the ground, and we will stand by and watch it, all while slapping ourselves on the backs for claiming that moral high ground. Yes, we will watch these fuckers burn our lives down, but at least we didnt take up that abhorrent unrighteous, and ungodly violence to stop it. backslapping, handshakes and attaboys for everyone.

  14. I see this,"It's all going to hell, and everyone of our friendlies are a bunch of worthless assholes", attitude a lot. Some of you sound like you're on your way to eating a lead lunch. What ever. The point I'll make is that it may not look good, and leadership is scarce, and the bad guys are many, it's time to tighten your garters and do your fucking best. Not carry on about how bad it is. You think you'll even have a CHANCE of winning with that fucked up attitude? No, you won't. In the face of adversity is how you make your bones and your money. Get up, get hard, and get fucking to it.

  15. If you look all around and can’t find any leaders, there is one more place to look – the mirror. If you look all around and all the people you can find on our side have never been in a fist fight, obtain some pugil sticks and make fighters out of them. The ones that stay will be your unit. Start getting them in shape.

    Now teach them how to fight in a (dirty) street fight. Teach them to use weapons that aren’t, such as axe handles, skate boards, wrist rockets, wasp spray, spray paint, umbrellas, garbage can lids, etc., etc. Teach them how to avoid being surrounded by a group of 5-10, how to defend against the group, and how to break out and escape.

    Teach them group maneuvers, such as an outfacing circle for defense, if penetrated how to have ½ turn inside while the rest continue facing out, how to flank a group, how to use a wedge to penetrate a group, how to separate artillery (brick throwers) from their frontal protection (useful idiots, screamers, sign bearers) and deal with them, how to identify their leadership for targeting (an old American tradition).

    Teach them how to take, protect, and distribute videos for propaganda, intelligence and training reasons. Get high resolution close ups of as many faces as you can. We'll need a database of those faces to identify those who show up at multiple riots and also those travel around the country causing them.

    Avoid using firearms unless there is no alternative. It just isn’t time yet. Any use of firearms will be seen as a Ft. Sumpter, and expose us to bad propaganda, as well as prosecution, no matter how justified.

    If one group succeeds, it may lead to others forming, training, engaging, and being successful. It will lead to police letting us through their lines (a lot of them will allow us to do what they aren’t allowed to).

    We have been preparing for the wrong war. We have to fight and win this one. If we do, that may be the end of it. They really don’t want to fight us on our terms. If they try anyway, they’ll have the war we have been preparing for.

    Don’t give up just yet.

    A Western Freeman

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