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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!The really are pushing the limits and boundaries with Putin ain’t they?
Seems the Lithuanians are goin to supply the ‘Kraines with fucking Stingers.

Now, for those with short memories, back during the Soviet-Afghan Kerfuffle, we supplied a LOT of these bad boys to the Muj.  And they cost Ivan a lot of aircraft and people.  Unlike the buglike 30 second memory of Boobus Americanus, the fucking Ivans haven’t forgotten… hell probably haven’t forgiven either.

Doesn’t matter that it’s the Lithuanians who’re supplying them, they originally came from the good ole retarded US of A.  In fact, who the fuck authorized the fucking Lithuanians to get Stingers?  I smell Clinton-State Department Stank alllllll over that shitshow.  Grift, Graft and Payoffs anyone?

See, Vlad is pissed off enough that we keep treating him like some wayward schoolkid, and blowing him off, ignoring him… generally acting like his MASSIVELY righteous concerns are bullshit.  The fucking Fredocons, and Fucktards behind the scene are in all probability being blackmailed into pushing this war.  I mean the ‘Krainians, by all reports of their troop concentrations are specifically being aimed at taking the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts back, collectively known as the Donbass.

They sure as hell ain’t lined up to stop Ivan in the North from any bullshit ‘invasion’
This’s literally one single “Black Swan’ event from firing off World War Fucking Tres 

And now thisThe Liths supplying the ‘Kraines with the missiles that kil’t soooo many of Mother Russia’s best and brightest? 

That’s another metaphoric slap across Vlad’s face, especially since the Liths?  Used to be subservient to the Ivans.  Now they’re handing out the very best in AA party favors?

This will not end well.
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  1. You perspective is interesting.

    After a Joosh-Commie Trotskyite Bolshie revolution birthed the Soviet Union, then Joosh oligarchs lute and pillage Russia after the wall came down, then the Joosh corruption of Western governments (Albert Bourla of Pfizer), Western culture (Milk, Ginsburg, Weinstein, etc.) Western legal system (Soros, Epstein), Western economies (Goldman, Sachs, etc.) America is Israel-controlled Woke. Putin is on solid ground this time.

    The pointy nose small hat gang has financed both sides of every war of the last hunnid years and is aching to foment another “brother war” to make money off dead goys.

    “We’re not going to believe the media about Wu-Flu, the economy, or the election, or anything else, but by God they’re right about Russia!”

  2. Don’t have your experience over there, but from having talked to a few folks from former Soviet satellites, they have no desire to be that closely bound to Mother Russia again. I can certainly see the Russian concerns re being surrounded. Not having Ukraine in NATO? Fine, but I’d wager that a lot of Ukrainians also don’t want to be a satrapy again. Javelins and Stingers won’t keep an invasion from happening – Vlad has a huge force assembled and it’s the Russian backyard – but they’d make it more expensive. So – perhaps a buffer state where the Great Game gets to be played again?
    What’s the shelf life of those things anyway? That may be a factor.

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