A Well-Earned Weekend!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Another fun filled day of The Normal Stuff. A full day of work, then coupled with the ‘after work’ stuff.  Dinner is on deck, and GranBebe was returned to Other Rents after a week here.  She’s in non-stop growth mode, which was interesting.  No bullshit, last night at dinner, I was spent after a full day of training new people at work.. doing blocks of instruction remotely via Zoom?  Painful… especially when a few of your ‘students’ you absolutely know aren’t paying attention, and are there just to do the 90 days in order to get their unemployment bennies re-upped.  ANYwho… didn’t feel the urge to cook… I do 85-90% of the chow around here.  As I’ve said, Wifey may be hell-on-wheels as a Stylist and Hair Chick, but not so much in the kitchen.

So I got a deal, 2 Large Pizzas for $20 from a really good Mom and Pop joint.  New Yawk style pizza… Pepperoni and a Cheese for Wifey… figured GranBebe would help with that.

Boy, was I wrong…
Three… THREE entire adult slices of pepperoni.Gone… like in 10 minutes.  I swear to God, I have no idea where it went.  -I- had two and was stuffed to the gills.  She smashed three adult slices with ‘roni.  Leg pouches or something I swear.  Killer is that after she was full, an hour and a half later, she had 1/2 of another slice.  THEN she crashed hard.

This was the finale of the day mind you.  Breakfast: 1 English Muffin w/Jam, and a Banana.  THEN a bowl of cereal.  Lunch: a 6 inch cold cut Sub, Ham, Turkey and Bacon w/Lettuce… almost lost a finger trying to help her.  Then dinner was the pizza feeding frenzy.  And in there, there was non-stop snacking with the lil cheddar Fish crackers… Pepperidge Farm I think… I know she’s outgrown, well like everything.  Wifey after her last gig spent $100 on a pile of low-cost Fruit of the Loom basic colored T-Shirts and Shorts… like a 12 pack of each in multiple colors.  To make ’em less generic, she found a bag o’patches on the Zon…$12 for 100 iron-on patches… all girlie patches… Lil Girl stuff… Embroidered Unicorns, rainbows.. sparkly shytte like that.  She spent two nights going to town “Kickin’ Up” the plain outfits, and now?  They look like high(er) end fashion than the basic $2 tee and shorts.  She even matched up a lot to make ‘themed’ stuff… the Aqua Colored shirt n shorts is my fave… she put mermaids and fish and whales and hearts… makes GranBebe cuter than ever.

So… that was my day.  My evening, before hitting this was to get the New Rifle put a bit more together as I got MOR parts in today.  Still waiting on the barrel nut, but I think I have everything now.  I ‘mocked it up’ to see what it’ll look like when done… the results?

The book is holding the barrel in place so as to not put pressure on the mounting point.  The foregrip is in place the same way.  The upper now has the ejection port and forward assist installed as well.  For the front end, I went with the JComp Type 89 Muzzle Brake…

I think it looks bad ass.
The guy I’m building it for hasn’t replied to me emails yet since I started with full on building… Have to see what happens.  Either ways, this’s looking like a killer rifle.  I really like that the CeraKote is perfectly matched all around.  It’s always a possible problem as various ‘shades’ can differ ever so slightly to make something ‘off.’  In this case though, everything is a perfect match.

Other things… I managed amazingly to get through to a live Hoo-Mon at the Infernal Revenue Service.  I found out what happened too.  Seems that when I filed, I hadn’t gotten (due to bureaucratic issues) my $600 stimmy payment.  Apparently, I had forgotten I had ‘checked the box’ sayin’ “Yo… I ain’t been paid!” to which I got the credit for it… forgot ALL about it too.  So as we went over the return and stimmy issue, (and yeah I did eventually get it), It WAS paid to me eventually, so the credit got removed, and therefore, I was in the hole.  Only $78 bux thank GOD but still, I can deal with that.

Also, I greatly appreciate everyone who’s hit the Tip Jar as of late.  I couldn’t do it without y’all.  I’ve sent out some ‘thank yous’ to y’all personally, and know I appreciate you guys and gals, even if I don’t mention you by name (which is the normal request anyways).  Anyone who needs to get ahold of me tho, my secure email is rakkasan101st@protonmail… I check that every day IF I can.  The other is theintrepidreporter2019 at gmail.
So, as it is, tomorrow is range morning.  I have to get up and git to get some trigger time in…  The Space Blaster 10 hasn’t been tried yet, and the M1A needs a break in as well.  Have to get some pictures so y’all can see.

OH Which also, I forgot.  Mine and Wifey’s thanks for all the support in her attempts to win that contest.  She got pushed out literally in the last minute from first (which she would have made the quarter finals) to second, and I couldn’t bring myself to spend any $$$ for more votes.  My ‘umble thanks to everyone who did vote and or contribute.  It would have been cool, but eh… it is what it is… The ONLY issue I have is the slampig who DID win?  Fucking talentless hack compared to Wifey… It kinda gives me a case of the ass yannow?
So, as it is.  More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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