Evening me Hearties!!!  All a-bored for some Droogish Thuggishness!
What the Hell… why not methinks I need to lighten the mood around here a bit.  But as the days roll on and I keep having to deal with morons, retards and the VA… well, lets just say its a bit on the stupid side.
So me Droogs n Droogettes, lets roll!

Seems the R0 or R-Naught, or as I like the Pirate-Style ARRR-NOT, well apparently the Love Boat raised the issue of “Just what IS the correct infection rate?”  To which -someone- at the CDC let slip that it’s about a 7.05.

Not good.  SARs was like a 2.3 R0, and was considered highly virulent and potentially fatal.  Which is, as I stated, is the reason they offloaded like everyone from the boat.  With evvabody scattered to the four-corners-of-da-Earth, they effectively can forget the whole unpleasant affair.  ESPECIALLY when the people on that fucker who’re infected start dying.  

Cold blooded?  Yah.  But we need good intel.

Hence my frustration at the Whither-Hither-and-Yon approach.  Boat should have been left to it’s own devices, to include letting motherfuckers die so we could see IRT whats going on with dis here bug.

Unfortunately –someone-somewhere- with a lot of ‘yank’ shut the whole process down.  Oh well… gonna be a lot more of that than anything else whilst the Overlords try and keep the Economy floating like the proverbial turd in a punchbowl…

OK so tonight’s numbers:
February 19, 2020 @ 22:30hrs
Infected: 75725
Dead/KIA’d: 2128

I’m getting to the point I’m only going to comment, and then move on. Jesus wept.

Til Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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