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It’s beginning more and more to appear that Xiden and the CCP (Cowardly Cunt Posse) now pulling ye Olde Puppet Strings of ye Olde Moldy Slo are keeping the 5K of troopies in situ for ‘preventative measures’… I.E. they’ve done enough damage, and are planning on doing even MOAR damage, so much that even Mom and Pop Sixpack are going to roll heavy into D.C. to string them all up by their collective intestines, preferably using gaff hooks attached to an industrial blender
Jes’ Sayin.'(Hell of an image ain’t it tho?)
Funniest thing about it?  They seem to think these guys are going to stop a horde of highly armed and highly pissed off malcontents.  In fact, now more than ever, the explanation of why our favorite nigger-impersonator, ‘Coonman’ Northam worked soooo hard at installing unconstitutional gun regulation in the State of Virginny.
He knew what was coming, and wanted to forestall any of his more ‘red-necky’ constituents from being able to roll hot n heavy to D.C…. I mean hell, it makes sense now.
Problem is, it’s sorta-kinda like when I was a “Anti-Terrorism Occifer” here.  I was paid $10 an hour.  No uplift despite being the only guy who’d ackchually saw/captured a Fedayeen during my time in Iraq.  To whit:  No bullshit.  Was working for a company that was running the LEP Cell… that was the Local Employment Screening Cell…. where Iraqis who wanted an on-base job came to get screened.  Biometrics, pictures, fingerprints… shit like that.
One of our interpreters, Badr, a Iraqi-Americanhad a guy with bandages on his hands… guy was giving a weird vibe. When asked about the bandages, guy told him he’d hurt his hands doing field work.  On a hunch, Badr leaned in, and tore the bandage off dude’s hand.


Now I found this out after

What I had, was a yelling, screaming, near-panicked Badr bursting into my office, telling me to get my gun because “Fedayeen Saddam!!!Fedayeen Saddam!!!”  So’s I grabbed my MP5 and a spare mag and hauled ass to the LEP cell.  The good news is nothing happened… seems as soon as Badr bolted, he was sure to lock the heavy steel door from the outside (as designed) to trap the fucker.  When we opened the door (our FORCEPRO was -no where- to be found…. a female who turned out to have more interest in the male anatomy than guarding the Cell…) so when we opened the door, dude was matter-of-factly just sitting there, calm as can be, knowing he was nabbed… so at gunpoint, we bagged and tagged him for pickup… turns out he’d just been sprung from the Detention Facility (DIF) in Balad and came to Baghdad to see if he could infiltrate to fuck things up for us there.
Yay Badr.
Anywho, long of the short, at $10 an hour?Dude.  “Let me get out of your way, here… do you have enough ammo?  I’ll be leaving now.”Queue that at a National Guard Checkpoint with one magazine between a 4 man squad, no belt feds, and sick of the politician scum running the show.  “Need some more rifles?  This one is select fire!”  Especially if given a choice, which I think is how it’d play out.

The clueless “Nurnburg Syndrome” is off the table, but our legislative branch, being utterly contempable, ruthlessly corrupt autcrats and oligarchs seem to have forgotten the basis of the military down the chain of commandThey’ve been surrounded by plutocratic climber chair warmers, AKA the Perfumed Princes of the Puzzle Palace on the Potomac so long, they don’t know, or have never know the true warrior ethos or values.  The “I will follow my orders no matter what?”  

Huh… tell that the the Federal Bureau of Incontinence when 100000 gunsels show up, looking for blood and guts.  Methinks the way it’ll happen is whatever major checkpoints there are, they’ll put a Feddie there to act as a “Political Commisar” like the KGB did back in the day… they’ll have gotten all the pertinent info on the troops who’re actually doing the guarding so’s they can threaten their families: “Do what we say or Grandpa’s gonna have a tough time getting that hospital appointment.”  Of course, the opposite will be true as well… Troops always find out the “who-where-why-names-dates-places”
Fuckin Spec-4 Mafia… we know all, we see all, and we sham like motherfuckers

Any bets that the first orders to “Stand Down” are given by a salty E-4 with a grudge and 9 years Active duty?Didn’t think so.So yeah, the Army is actually run by the E-4’s.  Not the Sergeants, but the E-4 mafia… ‘power behind the throne’ indeed.  The explanation is they actually get put in charge of all the shit-details.  The mission go/no-go usually relies on that one or two exceptionally talented but couldn’t be bothered E-4s

I Know of What I Speak

I was one of them.

Liked the Army, hated responsibility.

In the US Army, the dumbfucks have a “move up/move out” meaning no promotion, you get the boot.  I got medically retired just in time as I was hitting the then-ten year Rank Control Point.  The Brits have “Career Corporals” which would have suited me fine

But alas, the US Army ain’t so enlightened.
Now if I was a tranny?   
I’d prolly still be in, 30 years plus at this point, but you dig me.So, yeah

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. Best sailor I ever worked with should been a chief when I met him, but through judicious use of seamanship and truthfulness was a 2nd class petty officer. Made 1st class, hated it-ultimately wanted to work for a living. The USN, and as you say, the army, and, I safely asdume, all other branches are the same, it’s the “lesser” grades upon whom the the overwhelming majority of work gets done. Must be a pride thing, I dunno…

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