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Gonna just start with this:
Seems Seattle is gonna “shut the CHOP down.”
Do they really think  that a bag-o-dicks like “Warlord Raz” is going to willingly call it a day?
This over-hyped asshole is going to hold out.  I Hope.

Pleasepleaseplease let him decide he wants to go out in a blaze of glory.  I’d love to see it.  Mainly because every. single. body. that piles up in his last ditch defense against Orange Man Bad can be laid at the Democrats feet.
And those of you (if any of you think this way, getthefuckouttahere… dis blog is for woke motherfuckers… no soy allowed) who may think that profiting from the death of cops (b/c if he holds out, that’ll happen) and any ‘innocents’ who get in the way… let me tell you
The Left profits of every single dead shooting victim they can to frame angry white gun owners as the problem.  Even when it turns out its a psycho-serial-killing nigger run amok.  If they kill cops?  Great.  No skin offa my ass.  I’m no holster-sniffer.  I got cop friends, and I’ve been pushing them hard to quit because I want shit to go sideways.  The faster the shit goes bad, the sooner the untold numbers of ‘woke folks’, of ALL spectrum of flavors (black white hispanic… shit I’ll include the koreans, seeings they’re the top roof climbers) can rig the fuck up, and start killing these fucktards.

Until they throw the switch tho, we –have- to sit back and wait, lest the Leviathan comes after us.  
In fact I’m proud of how the “Woke Folk” have stayed cool ‘under fire.’  I don’t have the post, but an autist on the Chans posted pretty much the same thing, that we’re doing good, stay the course, stay quiet (run silent, run deep) and when shit goes kinetic, go nuts. (Take notes… know your enemy.)  
In fact, I might have a patch made that shows that for the whole concept.  Let me know if’n y’all would buy it.  I -always- need contributions to the “Bullet Beans and Boots” fund.  I’m thinking a submarine with that motto on it… no Navy stuff besides the sub… any suggestions, I’m open.
So work today……….

I still won’t dime out who I work for… can’t afford to.  HOWEVER:

And… my gut sez they’re nervous.
We’ve had price increases across the board… ones that don’t make sense.  Instituted a shit-ton of new fees… shit that generally makes the customers squirrelly, if not downright rebellious.  And they have been like “Nah, It’ll be fine.”
Then they announced they’re putting allllll the subsidiaries on the market.
“No worries, y’alls jobs are fine.  Now sooth the uneducated dolts so’s they keep putting shekels in our pockets!”  Which is the –exact- vibe I’m getting… it’s almost like, despite everything worldwide going to shit, no one having a job… I mean holy shit I spend the day on the phone living the meltdown in real-time… companies calling to cancel service, reduce service or that someone died so there ain’t no one to service.  I mean like real-time nationwide observations.  And then they boost our prices, institute “fuck you penalties” on top of shit?
The way I see it, it’s that the top dogs want to wring out the last amount of cashola from a dying world.  Get ALL the monies they can, and fuck you I’m rich.  Get all the ducats/shekels/greenbacks they can from a dying world… who gives a fuck if’n they’re fucking over granny.  They’re getting theirs.
And when they be done, fire everyone, declare bankruptcy due to incompetence, pay the golden parachutes, and retire to New Zealand or some other non-extraditionary country that doesn’t allow the locals to have assault rifles.
Of course, in these cases, I’d prefer a spear.  Anally inserted first.
I mean shit.  I spend each day in virtual “sales-driven” training to sell more product.  Even tho I have everyone calling me to tell me they’re fucking broke!  I mean who the fuck is in charge?  Lunatics have taken over the asylum….
I’m dead fucking on, they know the shit is sinking, and they’re trying to wring out the last few pathetic dollars from a soon-to-be-dead society.  As I said, they don’t give a fuck… “Fuck you, I’m rich.”
Let me know whatcha think.  More thoughts after talking while high with Sapper… he sends his regards BTW.
And the Old Lady’s B-Day was great… she’s pretty well preserved for 50 eh? (and no… the bags don’t sag thank God)
More later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Yeah, it's weird out there, both referring to CHAZ et al and to businesses. We got three calls today saying wife's medicare was going to be cancelled if she didn't talk to someone RIGHT THE FUCK NOW and when you actually stay on the phone, it goes to some boiler-room that sounds like local state prison. Hmmmm.

    As to your lady? A smile like that can keep a man warm for a year. You lucked out, dude.

  2. Pay attention to major manufacturing.
    In the past 6 months U.S. Steel has idled (shut down) a hand full of it's plants indefinitely.
    All the while for the last year and a half the CEO has issued memo after memo "celebrating" diversity and faggotry.
    The Automobile and Oilfield industries are likewise screwed.
    These aren't low paying waiter jobs that were essentially the so called first wave of job losses. This is the second. The third wave (smaller supporting industry) is going to hit by the end of the summer, say about September.
    Economically, shit is really about to go sideways.


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