Afternoon and Companys are Scum…

Afternoon Me Droogs.  A bit of a late start for the ole Intrepid Reporter.  Had a lot of admin work to bang out today.  Specifically an interview for a new gig.

Which leads me to the realization that the entirety of the country is hopelessly and completely corrupt. 

Yeah… so to explain:  I got a call on an application I submitted the other day.  Rather pleased to have actually heard from -someone- as I’d have to venture that almost 90% of job applications go down into some insanely dark bottomless pit and fade away.

I mean whats the fucking point other than provide a bunch of cock carousel riding H.R. sluts busywork?  I can count on one hand the number of useful H.R. people I’ve even known in my life.  And thats even being generous.  For the most part H.R. is some zombie-brain dead department that occasionally provides entertainment when some poor shlub gets fucked over by them, and said-shlub rolls in with an AK and slaughters the whole department. Mucko goes to town…

Good Times… Good Times…

That -particular- massacre had some dubious impact on me… It happened when I was just out of the Army, and didn’t have a grasp of just how fucked up H.R. was and just how paranoid a company could be.  A twisted sense of humor was not a welcome addition to the break room chatter.  ESPECIALLY since my manager at the time was an anti-military Battleaxe Feminazi… needless to say we didn’t get along.

Thats about right…

After Mucko went apeshit, I ended up being ordered to see Company Provided p-shrink.  Seems the Battleaxe reported me to H.R. as a possible mass shooter.  Her view was -anything- she could pull to get me fired was a good thing.  In the end, I won, the Battleaxe left, and either way, I ended up laid off with a very generous severance package in exchange for NOT suing the living fuckballs out of them.  Win-Win in my book.  I didn’t like them fuckers anyways.

So, today I hadda go across town and show up and be professional.  The job was described as a Training Manager’s job.  No prob Bob… right in my comfort zone.  I get in, and I’m all spit-and-polished in my suit, properly attired for success, and then the interview started.

Yeeeeeeah.  O.K.  Motherfuckers.  Dunno if’n any of y’all have run across the whole “Windscreen Replacement” scam they got going on here in Florida?  Well, let me enlighten you.  Couple o’years back, the Windshield Companies got together, bribed a bunch of Politicians, who made a law that if you have comprehensive car insurance, then the insurance companies have to pay in full for the replacement.  No deductible, no strings.  So, somehow, they musta bribed the right motherfuckers, because now alllll over the state the Windscreen companies have taken a rather aggressive approach to marketing… to the point that they actually advertise that they’ll pay YOU the car owner $100 cash on the spot if you agree to have your windscreen replaced, no matter how specious the damage.

Yep.  a fucking open-kickback.  Corrupt as fuck.  Also bothersome as fuck.  In my neighborhood, we have HUGE signs stating “No Solicitation!” and yet they come.  At all hours.  At least once every two weeks.  A different company each time.  Asking if I want/need a new windshield.  VERY fucking annoying.

Whelp, apparently thats what the real job was.  Being hired to be one of those annoying door-to-door fucks.  The guy tried to dress up the “Training Manager” shit with the whole “Well you’d be promoted rather quickly and get your own team here in short order…”  Maaaan I did not fall off the Tater Truck last week.  This is, no bullshit, the third fucking time I got conned into coming in for an interview for the same exact bullshit.  I should end an interview like that like right-then-and-there and invoice them for my gas, wasted time and dry cleaning bills.

Fuck you, pay me.

This is why I say it’s all corrupt.  It reeks of the stank of corruption.  They lied to get me in to get interviewed to do a door-to-door shakedown job, which allows motherfuckers to pork the insurance industry (not that I mind that… fuckers), but in retrospect causes the cost of all the insurance to explode up through the roof, and in the meantime, has a dood like me, who’s actually intelligent and talented, left sorry, sore and pissed off and pissed on again.

Ben Franklin once said: “A fish rots from the head down.”  Never more true is that than now.  The reeking of the body politic, now long dead and zombified, as well as completely fucking clueless as to the nature of it’s lifespan (which is now in the negative) has infected like every single aspect of the country.  Nothing is as it seems.  It’s all a hustle, a scam, a frame job.  Fuck… I can go all night.

A ‘for instance.’  On the last gig, we did a mold inspection on this insanely expensive house.  Mold inspection.  Brand new crib, right on the water.  Apparently its now in the news as the people who built it spent 8 million smackers to build it, and the Contractors actually used about $50 bux worth of paper and tinfoil to build it.  Shoddy don’t even scratch the surface.  Yeah, the place was infested with mold.  Like OMG ‘wouldn’t let my kids live there’ levels.  And surprise surprise, the contractor, after issuing the ‘standard denial’ and “We are extremely concerned about these allegations and will investigate further” boilerplate, the fucker’s done gone and disappeared.  With the money.

Wonder if he’s related to the Clintons?

It’s going to end badly.  Shit like this is like so much the norm, I’m betting that almost all y’all fuckers reading this are like “Yep… No surprise!”.  That and y’all must be some jaded motherfuckers to be hanging out herebouts anyways.  It’s unfortunate.


More Later if I can generate the interest.  I’m a bit wiped out from todays bullshit, so’s I’ll look atcha all later.  Until then, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Brother, here in Tejas the Professional Engineering community has policed itself admirably, until now. Having a PE from the state of Texas was gold, anywhere Engineers were hired in the US. So, here in central Tejas we have what we call Brazos Valley Gumbo for dirt. This awful black clay shit expands 30% or more wet to dry, and will fuck your foundation to the moon & back in just a few years. We KNOW how to build concrete foundations to beat this horrid shit, and up until recently, putting your seal on a plan meant you guarantied that sumbitch for life. Even in the gumbo. So last week I got a design for a family members' house back from a large Structural Engineering firm in the metroplex… and it was basically a 4" sidewalk. The soil report recommended 72 (!) piers 18' deep, and these dicksacks had the house on a sidewalk??!? WTF! I call around, and every. single. one. of the engineering firms I could find advertised that they did foundation repair, and, oh yeah, design, too. Talk about a racket! I bet I called 20 different firms, and they all agreed that post tension design would fix it, fix it all! No problem! This shit is not gonna hit bottom in 10 years, or 5, or even 2… some of these won't even be completed before the concrete starts dancin' and the septic system crunches. This ain't a "oh well, the house is good, just worth less" this is "oh fuck, time to dodge the falling bricks & start over." This is gonna be 10's of thousands of houses just in central Tejas, the fastest growing county in the nation. Are we in a race to the bottom in all categories? Openly cheating engineers advertising their crooked scams like the rule of law is dead? Oh, wait….

  2. I enjoy the merry hell out of reading your sorry rants. Reminds me of me after my second tour in the RVN. Maybe with extra attitude….

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