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Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes
Appy-Polly Loggies for the late start today.  Mixed N Matched my script for sleep from the VA… apparently the ‘same dose/same med’ does NOT mean the same effects.  The meds I get from the VA are generics for the most part, unless its a specific ‘flavor’ that no generic exists for.  In this case its a muscle relaxer called Tizanadine.  I call it a ‘fillet knife’ b/c it helps me sleep by removing ALL the bones in my carcass.

This is that I got 4-5 different types of pill.  I noticed a while back that different manufacturers were being used… I checked all the imprints cause at first I was like “D’fuq? Is this the right shit?” and turns out yeah, they were good.  Its never made that much of a difference to me, until I said “Fuck it” and threw the leftovers into one big jug.  Now I realize, and my guess is the ‘quality control’ between manufacturers is noticeable.

Taste the Rainbow
They’re all white round tabs, just in varying size and thickness.  Well, last night I found out if I take ‘small round fat tab’ with ‘large round flat tab with line on it’ that I was out from 11pm last night until 12pm today.

See, ‘small round fat tab’ by itself is like damned near worthless, 3-4 hours of solid ZZZ’s on 2x.  And ‘large round flat tab with line on it’ on its own is ok… 7 hours worth of sleep on 2x.  Apparently combining one of each?  Sayonnara Motherfucker.
Good info to know.
So!!!  Still can’t reply to comments in Ye Olde Commentary Section, so’s I’ll dedicate a section to replying to y’all.
Ced: appreciate the sentiment.  Got a feeling it’d suck if this ends up being “Last Blog Standing”  I’m too lazy for such responsibility!
Beans:  Damned good observations.  Gonna check out Kratman’s book… know the author, but haven’t had him on my ‘reading list’ (he is now thx)  Also, didn’t know the “Spanish” flu originated in China… yer points are spot on b/c I remember the hubbub over the USAMRIID kids finding ‘pristine and viable’ samples of it from slides… Story HERE..  and JESUS!!!  Also, Flamethrower:  I’m building my new one as the $$$ comes in.  I suggest y’all revisit my “How To”… might come in handy and if’n y’all use my links to buy the past, I get a ‘taste’ which helps.  Appreciate the kind thoughts.
Mountain Rat:  Bingo. 
Phil: Sorry bro.  Then again, yer too old and fucking mean to die.

So on to some points that I also wanted to make.  It’s not scaremongering.  I just think people aren’t looking at this the same as it should be looked at.  After my late night post, this AM… (well fuck… it’s almost 13:00… Jesus and I’m still groggy… that shit knocked my ass out)  So anywhoage… I looked up this morning for Shit N Giggles the actual numbers of regular flu casualties in a year…

Holy Shit.

12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

Thats a lot of carcasses for a ‘regular flavor’ flu.  And the Spanish Flu, which ran for TWO YEARS KIA’d 50 Million People.  Thats when the pre-flu WORLDWIDE population was 1 point 9 BILLION people.  Thats ONE FIFTH of the world population at the time.  Another -bothersome- thing about this flu is it’s acting just like the Spanish Flavor…  it’s going for the young folks… infection rates are waaay higher according to what few legit reports that are coming out.
Corona-Chan Will NOT be Denied
So yeah, this sucks.  Mainly because shit could significantly slow downI’m not seeing Mad Max here… I’m seeing a slow two-to-three year burn where IF one fifth of the current world population cashes it’s chips, then thats 1,560,000,000. (thats using the current high end pop number of 7.8 Billion folks on the Blue Marble).  ONE point FIVE SIX Billion folks.  Thats a LOT of carcasses.
Lord Knows we need a housecleaning tho.  And the naysayers who ‘poo-poo’ it, well, when North Korea shut off its border… like in the first 24 hours of word hitting the West?  THAT is what freaked me.  Joe Gook only keeps his head and his dictatorship thru the benevolence and support (and food and fuel and like everything) b/c Joe Chink sends it to him…  Article HERE  For Rokkit-Man to close off his shit, he must be freaking… especially since all reports are that the Average Nork is malnurished and puny…  I mean he’s probably wigged at the potential for complete and utter depopulation of the NK side of the peninsula.  If this’s goes global, and the Norks get hit?  Between their early 1960s Healthcare/Socialist Model, they’re fucking done.  Sez to me Rokkit-Man ain’t taking no chances.  Which is very telling as for the most part he doesn’t give a flying fuckwad about his people, only his power… however, No People = No Power, so there’s my POV on that… which I’m sure a lot of normies and even here a lot of us broadminded folk ain’t looked at THAT particular angle… which is why I’m bringing it up.
I realize I sound a bit bezoomny, but these are just my observations.  I hope I’m wrong to a point.  I don’t want to have my friends and fambly cash in… Myself?  Been resigned for a long time to the Big Sleep… and No, I ain’t rollin’ over… gonna fight that Grim Motherfucker all the way when he comes for me.
We’re overdue for a cleansing.  Have to see how it plays out.  More Later, I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Common, normal flu kills indirectly. Secondary infections, pneumonia being the top one, kills the weakened host.

    Look at who is dying and it tells you everything you want to know about how fucked up that version of flu is.

    Normal flu:

    Kills: Young kids with little resistance to normal bugs. Old people whose resistance to normal bugs has been depleted. People with compromised immune systems from other diseases (like, oh, say, AIDS or HepC) or from autoimmune disorders (like Type 1 Diabetes, or hypothyroidism.) A weak person can even die from the fevers of the flu killing gut bacteria and basically killing by pseudo-diphtheria. Yes, you can shit yourself to death (usually caused by either running out of fluids or by stressing the digestive tract so much it croaks or starts bleeding and Bob's yer undertaker.

    If one is reasonably healthy, one will get sick, go down for the count, end up coughing up a gallon of lung-butter and get over it. May ravage the body bad, but a reasonably healthy (including Type 2 Diabetes) person will survive. It's just gross. Sweats, mucus, goop, diarrhea, lung butter. Bleh. But one will survive.

    Super flu – like Spanish variety – kills either directly, by destroying critical tissues like der brain, or other critical organs, or by causing temps that cook the host, or kills with same attacks but aided by secondary infections. Total overload of one's immune system. Go to bed healthy and wake up dead.

    What do we get immunized against every year? Regular type kill old and sick people variety of flu – which usually come from…. Survey says…. Mainland China. Sometimes India. But mostly… China. China, China China.

    SARS, MARS (what SARS became when it hit the USA, Moderate Acute because even our fucked up healthcare system is worlds above everyone elses' systems. Swine Flu, normal bird flus. Alll… Frommmmmm…. Chinaaaaaaaaa.

    But occasionally a super-bug comes out. Spanish Flu. Various other flus unnamed. And they come from…. China.

    Dammit, it's almost like China has been a problem for a long time, isn't it?

  2. The timeline for a pandemic puts us at the 100 year mark where there has been one the past 6 centuries. I live less than a mile from Yerkes, the infectious disease research center of the CDC. I would bet they have infected some gibbons with the coronavirus to start testing possible cures.

    I am upping my vitamin intake and exercising more. I want to be as healthy as possible when this shit hits my area. I have a bad feeling about this. BTW: Listerine is an effective anti-bacterial cleaner and it is fairly cheap.

  3. I think they released this bitch on purpose. Things have not been going smoothly for the globalist lately. "Let's introduce a nice distraction and rid ourselves of a bunch of useless eaters at the same time" kinda thing.

    I have the exact same attitude about the "big sleep". Not in a hurry, but ready. I do think my resolve will be tested sooner rather than later

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