Afternoon and Gettin’ some more Shit done

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes
Had me a sort of revelation when it came to Ye Olde Axe falling yesterday…

Between my VA Shrink (who I just so happened to have a scheduled appointment for today) and some more analysis, I’ve come to the conclusion that they done gone and fucked up by the numbers.

I’m waiting for Ye Olde Labor Lawyer to call back, tho I may not need one.  My ‘forced resignation’ that I did was predicated on the basis that my supe told me that a ‘long ugly investigation’ could be in the offing, and truthfully, I really didn’t want to go through any shit, and being caught off guard, and in a weak mental moment, I was like “OK.”

Well, according to my Shrink, and knowing both my diagnosis and personality, he said that shit was made under duress and said it wasn’t valid.  THEN he pointed out  I was a -full time employee- as opposed to the rest, who are all temps.  Coupled with, and what I had also forgotten, this was a Veterans Administration sponsored gig for a Disabled Vet.

Namely Moi.

And I think that they (my immediate superiors, soon to be unemployed themselves methinks) fucking forgot I was a untouchable class.  I told them at the beginning of this shindig I was under the protected auspices of the VA… but I don’t think that filtered down to -whomever- got bent out of shape for my calling them Fucktards.

I think the conversation was along the lines of:

Dude Monitoring BC IM’s: “OMG He called senior management a bunch of Assholes and Fucktards!  I better report this!”
>up the chain it goes that a new hire had the audacity to talk shit<
Boss Dude: “Fire his ass.. get him out of here!”
My Supe: (female scared of her own shadow, never mind High Up): “You either quit or we make life hell for you!”
Me:(yesterday) “Ok”
Me:(today) “Not so fast… Lawyer money guns and the VA said you done fucked up.”
Them: —radio silence—

No HR Rep present.  No record of disciplinary action.  Early every day.  Top performer.  Disabled Vet.  Lots of “Issues”.  Yeah… oughtta be interesting… esp. since I already talked to the VA… they tend to be pretty good here… I, at this point don’t want the job, but it’s fair to say I would have lasted at least 3 Years there before switching, so 3 Years salary, taxes paid by them would be a fair settlement.

Fuck You, Pay Me.
Just like my wallet sez:

The Mizzuz b-day gift to me LOL.
So, more later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing something "good" about the VA's efforts. I just had a "video" doctors appt. that ONLY took 3 months to arrange. Fancy new toys didn't work worth diddly squat, ended up on the land line. Doc totally unprepared, had my records @ her computer finger tips, but despite being a half hour late (@ 0900, so she got started late) had no idea why/what the appt was about, no clues about past visits, or things she had given referrals for. No Wonder the Phx. VAMC is a 1 star rated outfit. Frigging joke. Nice solar collectors over the parking spaces though.

  2. Sounds like someone is going to be hearing the footsteps of doom headed their way. LOL!
    So all you gotta do now is sit back and let the VA go after them?

  3. Oh…. Shiiiiiiiitttttt…. Sumwons in truuuubbbleeee……

    So you got this job because the VA got it for you, and then you got fired without them telling the VA? Or something like that?

    I think the blood and gore in Bruce Willis' "Death Wish" will look so Sesame Street in comparison to the ass reaming that will be coming your way.

    And to top it off, your ex-company… Hahahahahahahaha.. I can hear all the multicolor hair dye melting off right now.

    Please, please, please continue to advise us as you can of the machinations and obfuscations involved in this kerfluffle. It is tres amusing.

    And good luck with the tribes. Glad you were thinking of alternate methods of funmoney. Plus, being the toymaker for a bunch of SWCs sounds like an enjoyable time.

  4. Good on you with the VA backing you up. You should be able to make them squeal a bit.Just wondering where to get the Wallet?

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