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The Daily Fail has the details here:

Six times the national rate

‘Normal’ cop-suicide is 17 out of 100000

The Fail states: “The four Capitol officers’ deaths represents a suicide rate of 0.06 – six times as many.
It leads to fears of the long-term psychological effects the riot might have had on them and questions of whether or not any other factors may have been at play.” (bold/italics mine)

Any. Other. Factors.
Dunno… can’t say, but is suuuuuuuure looks like moider to me.
Moider most foul
Look, I am -not- by any means a cop-cheerleader.  I tend to think of them as the enforcement arm of the New Elites, and too stupid to know that.  The majority of them -try- to do a good job, and -some- of them may have a moral center.  Far too many of them however ARE the ‘lowest common denominator’ who get off on being bullies and whatnot

In fact, unfortunately IF I’m right, it means these guys might have been those ‘good guys with a badge’ who didn’t want to play whatever evil schemes that gin-soaked Hag in the House has going on, and unfortunately, they’re casualties, just as the January 6th Show Trial Victims are soon to follow.

Hard to say, but man….This many dead mo’fos?
Dere’s -sumt’ing- not right ‘ere mon.
More Later as we got to go get GranBebe
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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. This MO becomes clearer and clearer with each passing death. Notice how the “perps” in mosta the staged false-flag Ops wind up at room temp? Or, is it jess me thinking somethins’ up here that stinks to High heaven?

    So–you get “nominated” by TPTB to so something–anything–take your pick. Goodies galore promised (mebbe even delivered) extra stripe on the sleeve, promotion, gelt, drugs, good lookin’ ho–whatever. And you perform your part of “da deal.” And–like clockwork–things go down as planned by TPTB.

    NOWZA–you ain’t needed no mo–you’re the proverbial tits on the bull–and performin’ bulls in the ring before a big crowd GET SLAUGHTERED.

    Er…strike that–you get “suicided.”

    “Gosh, Toto–I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore–prolly Clintons’ Arkansas. Pay no mind to those dudes behind the curtains….”

    Man–these people behind the curtains–y’all better come up with some better sheet. Even a dumb-ass like me can see thru all this.

    1. How many young vets join an alphabet agency, thinking of the good pay and bennies, and then realize one day they got in over their head?
      Anyone with half a moral compass won’t go there, but some folks don’t see the light until they’ve done something wrong too many times. Then it’s “oh shit, how do I get out of here?” And god help you if you open your mouth at work.
      And it still begs the question; why are so many vets killing themselves every single day?, not just the young ones, but the older ones too. Part of it may be guilt, but there’s also my issue, constantly being denied help/bennies while they throw money at the illegals, and way more than a vet gets. People give up fighting a crooked system.

      1. I did a poast a while back where a 3 letter tried to recruit me… was old enough and wise enough to tell ’em to get bent. Thank GOD I did.

  2. Finished my military time & went into a .gov job. Left that & tried a second .gov job. Left that with a quickness after taking a good look around at the >10k completely useless motherfuckers that showed there every day just to collect a check. And I ain’t talking about run-of-the-mill or ex-con level useless, I mean “step out in front of moving traffic multiple times a day” levels of stupid. As in the fart gas of a single cell organism has a higher IQ than >10k of these useless dipshits. The “Fraud, Waste, & Abuse hotline” in any .gov agency is a fucking joke. Bureaucracy exists only to enrich itself.

    1. The true meaning of gov’t is to serve itself off the backs of it’s constituents.
      The masses refuse to see that.

      The masses are ignorant scared children, looking for a babystitter and don’t care how many times they get raped, as long as someone is doing their thinking for them.

    2. It’s always entertaining to have legitimate fears of tyrannical, overzealous, overreaching, all encompassing government…

      Then you work there, for 15 minutes and realize… we ‘good… lol.

      Avoid the eye of sauron, and live a long happy fruitful life.

  3. Will we the sheeple ever see the vids that just might show what these erstwhile individuals were doing during the events of the 6th?

    What the hell am I thinking, gimme another beer.

    1. There’s a few of us who get it, that’s why we’re here, but 90% of the masses are blind stupid sheep who won’t wake up no matter what happens. We shouldn’t really care what happens to them, we small few can’t carry the load of the ignorant masses.
      It really is about taking care of yourself and your group. It’s always been that way. Ein Volk.

      1. Will Roger’s said, “Out of every one hundred men, one or two will learn about it by reading, another handful will learn by watching others. The rest of you will have to learn not to pee on the electric fence the hard way.”

  4. Capitol Police (with a force of 2300) are killing themselves at a rate 6 x greater than the US Military after a 1-day protest of mostly overweight Americans…and they didn’t have to do house to house raids overseas for months on end or watch their friends get mangled by IEDs or sleep in a tent in the dirt away from family for months and didn’t have to actually go outside ANY wire for patrol and hope the last email or phone call to family was a good one (ya know…just in case). These guys go home every night to their families and are widely supported in the media. How is it that their suicide rate far excels the MIL? After ONE DAY of interacting with fellow-citizens? Something smells.

    1. Yeah, ask Seth Rich.

      FedGov is eating it’s own, and I’ll bet it’s the same top people calling the ‘shots’.
      Hopefully we’ll see the day when there’s some huge firing squads for these folks. But there I go again with all that notzee talk again.

  5. Ah yes, the good ol’ semi-automatic retirement program. I wonder how many of these 4 managed to double-click on that form submission button.

  6. BC with respect loose the national rate model, we need to be thinking about this from the event aspect rather than the whole dept numbers, X number of cops on scene divided by “suicides” big difference, I suspect it may beat world trade center #s. All over the unspeakable, unbearable horror of one civilian executed by another leo? Absolute BS while bodycam, surveillance cam, phone data et all gets scrubed, lost, and corrupted. Your more right than you realize. You are appreciated, particularly the sense of humor.

  7. Anyone else’s Bullshit meter spike? Coz I just don’t see 4 dudes sitting around thinking to themselves, ” geez, If only I’d have been able to stop those people, Well, I guess I can just kill myself as a way to help the case against them”..
    DC seems to have perfected suicides.

  8. Semper Fi, you’re on a roll. My wrinkle is that these guys were fingered by their own buddies, as possible whistle blowers or turncoats. It’s been done before, lots. And then, you know. Look for El Regime to pull a fast and bad one during some night, this month or next. Cockroaches hate the sunlight. Tempus fugit for the communists, and they’d like to have everybody tucked in for Christmas.

  9. Yep. They got suicided. Remember, it was only a week ago that their leadership got up in front of Congress and LIED, perjured themselves, about the riot/insurrection/terrorism of January 6th.

    My thought is that every capitol cop who attempts to use his chain of command to attempt to throw a bullshit flag, or perhaps sends an email or letter to his Congresscritter, is sen as a “threat” and is eliminated. This sends a strong message to the weak minded… no?

    We can’t have anyone polluting the narrative with unadulterated truth.

  10. President Pelosi (one of many) is keeping some Capitol-SS Polizei from testifying.
    These protect and serve their paymasters comrades knew that one day they may have to testify under oath?
    What if the Satanic slime put the pedal to metal regarding Great Reset (Agenda 2030), Plandemic, Big Steal, because of Epstein?

  11. The capitol police are only one step up from FPS rentacops! That they were suicided so quickly, says that the corrupt power grubbers (no politician is an elite, by any stretch of the imagination) saw this coming, and put the auto-retire system in place at the same time they planned the fake insurrection. The power grubbers watch too many tv police dramas. Hopefully, the suicided’s friends will wake up, and do the right thing (no- not auto-retire), but retire those who set the deal up from pee-lousy’s office on up!

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