All You Wannabe Pyromaniacs

All You Wannabe Pyromaniacs
Steps for the Build. 
Now mind you:

(You, yeah you…
not so much…)

For the sake of clarity, Parts will be in BOLD BLACK
Tools will be shown in BOLD RED

So Step One:
I started off by doing accountability
of ALL the parts.  Once I had them
together, I literally started from the top down.  First thing, Take the Main tank, the 20LB Large
, and using the 1 ¼ INCH WRENCH remove the Tank Fill Valve.  Depending on which model you bought, there
may be a spinning black plastic guard. 
This does NOT need to be removed. 
In fact, I suggest leaving it on there to assist in protecting the Tank
Fill Valve

Step Two:
Using the Yellow Teflon
wrap the threads of the Tank Fill Valve on the upper part of
the valve.  DO NOT WRAP THE BASE OF THE VALVE.  This’s because it’ll make it impossible to
remove it from the tank when you are trying to refill the Main Tank.
the following parts:                                                 

1/8” Male NPT To 1/8” Male NPT X 4.5” Length
1/8” Male NPT To 1/8” Male NPT X 3” Length
1/4” Male NPT x 1/8” Female NPT Reducer
Female Quick Disconnect x 3/8”
Male Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Male NPT
And do the same. 
Wrap all of the threaded sections of the gathered parts with between 2 ½
to 3 turns on the threads.  Make sure its
neat and tight and that you cut it away -cleanly-.  Put these aside for now, but have them ready

Step Three: 
Parts Needed:

320 cga Female To 1/8″
Female NPT
This is made up of 3
individual sub-parts including a Large Brass Nut, a Small Brass Nut, and
a Plastic White Washer

From the set aside parts, get the 1/8” Male NPT To 1/8”
Male NPT X 4.5” Length 
Paintball Universal Fill Adapter

Take the small brass nut from the 320 cga
female to 1/8″ female NPT
thread it onto the 1/8” male NPT to 1/8” male NPT x 4.5” length  Tighten as much as you can by hand.

Take this assembly, and insert the tube into the Large
Brass Nut like so:

Once you have this ready, the Large Brass Nut should
be hanging relatively loose.  Get The
Universal Paint Ball Fill Adapter,
 and insert the other end of the 1/8” male
NPT to 1/8” male NPT x 4.5” length
Into the 1/8th hole in the side of the Fill
Once its hand tight, get
the 11/16” Deep Socket ½” Drive and
the 1/2inch drive socket.  Slide the Large Brass Nut off of
the Small Brass Nut and insert the Small Brass Nut into the 11/16” Deep Socket ½” Drive and -FIRMLY-
crank the 1/8” male all the way into the Paint Ball Fill Adapter.  Make sure its nice n’ tight, as this is a
potential leak area where the propellant gasses are going to be feeding the Flammenwerfer.  Once its good, slide the small nut
back into the Large nut, insert the Plastic White Washer into the
Large Bass Nut to secure the small nut inside.  Click it in place so the tube is locked in

Once this’s completed, you should have an assembly that
looks like this:

The next step is a Pressure test.  I suggest doing this first so that you know you
ain’t got no leaks.  Especially before you
start drilling on the tank itself, because once that’s done, chasing itty-bitty
air leaks is a stone bitch (as I found out the hard way.)

Step Four: Air Pressure Assembly

Reassemble the Tank Fill
onto the tankBe careful
re-threading it on the tank.  The tank is
aluminum, and if you cross thread it, say goodbye to about $100.  Once you have it on, (being careful of the plastic
guard, give the Fill Valve a slightly more-than-hand-tight spin.  You -don’t- want to crank down on it.  Just enough for the rubber gasket to fully engage.

What You DO need to get ready
is the 1-1/8” wrench.  You’ll be utilizing this on the Large Brass Nut to crank the assembly nice n’tight. 
The Universal Filler Valve needs to be vertical with it’s valve
on top.

Once thats
locked in and EVERYTHING is tight, grab a 24oz CO2 Tank
And take it down to the local paintball store to get it
filled.  Should be about 5 bux to get it
filled.  This’s why I like to have a few
extra (2X for a total of 3) on hand. 
Once it’s filled, bring it home and get s dish with some soapy water for
a leak test.  2:1 ratio dawn detergent so
it’ll blow nice bubbles if/when it leaks. 
Install it into the Universal Filler Valve.  Make sure that you have both valve(s)
closed BEFORE you install the CO2 tank.

Insert the CO2 tank into the Universal Filler
first.  Look and listen to see
if it is holding pressure.  If so, Open
the Valve.  Watch the seams on the
junction points.  Dribble some soapy water
on it.  Observe.  No bubbles = good.  Open the Main Tank Valve.  You should hear the tank fill with CO2
and become pressurized.  Be VERY CAREFUL
while doing this.  I recommend Eye
Protection and leather gloves in case -something- ruptures.

If there are no apparent leaks,
Turn off the Valves in reverse order. 
Remove the CO2 Tank SLOWLY. 
Bleed off the CO2 CAREFULLY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.  Fuck around, and you’ll find out the hard

OK Enough for now.  Watch for the next steps after a while.

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