Allergies Dammit

Greetings me Droogs N Droogettes!

Gottverdammit Allergies… I look like I hit the bong for 3 to 4 hours…
And the Sneezing and Boogies?
Of course I have –no idea– what the fuck that graphic is from… apparently some ‘Adult Swim’ show… I just know it looks like one of my Ex-Demon-In-Law Dagos.
Love the Italians… hate the ex-demon-in-laws with a fuckin’ passion of a million burning suns….
Jest Sayin’…
Talk about needin’ a good killin’…
BTW… when the fuck are we allowed off the fuckin’ porch?
Us porch monkeys (heh) are gettin’ tired of waitin’ dammit.
I mean for reely-reelz.
I mean lets go over a few aspects that I’m not sure have been covered before.
“Not Covered” is newspeak for “can’t say that” IRL.
Well, I’m fuckin’ over that shit.
Targeting Data:
ANYONE who is a mass media producer.
I know… sorry to disappoint, but the ‘talking heads’ are just that…fucking Muppets with a hand up their ass.  I know, I know… satisfying to envision shooting Rachel “Dykefestivus” Maddow thru the head… but hey.. give it time.  Give it time.  The producers are the ones who decide what is or what is not news.  Gar-ron-damned-tee after the first 4-5 of their heads get ‘remotely detonated’ they’ll start being ‘fair and balanced’ LOL.
ALL Newspaper Editors/Columnists.
Got nothing to add… kill them, kill them all.
ANY (((asshole))) who claimed ‘white privilege’ and railed against it, and then talked about being a (((jew))) on Twitter?  Yeah… stuff ’em in the oven with the pizza.  Nuff said there.
Bezos, Teh Faceborg… all of them.  Open season.  Extra points for creative assassination. Total bonus points to anyone who has “Zuckerberg dies of rats eating his testicles from the inside out” (Just a suggestion).
ANY AND ALL SOCIALIST/MARXISTS: Bonus points if you kill them at Thanksgiving, in from of Grammie, and she sez “Good… Commie Prick deserved it.”
See… I’ma gettin’ impatient…  
I want the shit to kick off so we can go back to normal.
NOT ‘Globalist according to NaziSoros Normal,’ but the “Leave me the fuck alone, don’t overtax me, don’t fuck with me, and fuck, leave my rights alone” mode.
UNfor-fuckin’naturally, we’re Not Ever Going Back.
Gonna have a lot of blood on my hands before thi’s over.
Like gallons
‘Cause I done did it before, and I’ll do it agin’…
‘Ceptin’ this time… t’aint “The King’s Crown” meselves be fightin’ for…
But Me Grandbebe.
Lock N Load…
Time to party fuckers.
Til Later, I’m the eagerly awaiting go time Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. And no fucking rules of engagement… aim, shoot, aim again. Don't have a gun in their mitts? Fuck them, ain't shooting at you first? Fuck 'em, let their gods sort them out.

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