Amazing and Deadly Hubris

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Beware those who would Rest on their Laurels… and man, our current pretenders sure are banking on our ‘supposed’ victories to keep the wheels on this lash-up.  The origins of that phrase lies in ancient Greece, where laurel wreaths were symbols of victory and status.  Resting on them was a sure sign of decline.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, but man, when it started to decline, it was like a greased ball bearing going down an 80 degree incline.

We, unfortunately/fortunately are in the same exact position.
It’s actually funny.  With all due respect to my Brothers and Sisters in the Armed Forces, we really ain’t won a war since Gulf One when we beat Saddam’s Army like a rented mule.  Before that?  World War Two.  The entire issue is the “wars” we’ve been in have been near-continually subverted for political means over the past 20 years… maybe even longer.  It’s not about the win anymore.. In fact I wonder if even since the Korean War it was about the “Big Win”.  Pretty much every. single. action. of international intervention we’ve participated in since the early 60’s (Nam) was predicated on financial gainzz for the corporate overlords and their political puppets.

Major General Smedley Butler had this to say:

Butler was a two time winner of the Medal of Honor.  Guy was purely balls-out the perfect Marine.  That being said, in 1933, a group of Industrialists tried to get Butler to overthrow Roosevelt as they felt that he’s gone full Socialist/Communist.  Instead he blew the whistle.  Now, interestingly one of the Industrialists was a Bush… as in THE Bush family.  And man, barely a mention of it in the historical record… revisionist history much?

Especially since they, the Ministry of Propaganda back then even went out of the way to discredit any and all talk about the “Industrialists Plot” as it was known as.  Like buried it.  Much like the TRUE Russian story, that Obama and his coterie of Red Diaper Corruptocrats tried to fuck over Trump (and did) and are still causing issues to this day.

We’ve been resting on our Laurels for far too long.

For some reason, the Current Crop of Oligarchic Corruptocrats appear to have (unfortunately) bought into their own ‘press releases’ … meaning all that fawning and knob-slobbering the Ministry of Propaganda did all over Obama’s crew for their “Stunning” and “Brave” and “Highly Intelligent” handling of all domestic and foreign policy as if they were all Metternich(es)… when in reality, they bolluxed up the whole fucking planet.  Case(s) are far too numerous to list.  Not here.  Maybe future generations will look back and be able to analyse just what the fuck went wrong and where we went sideways, but hey, it’s obvious that we had just started to recover from all the damage that the Self Declare d”Cool Kids” had wrought, and now?

In Ebonics: We’z be fukked.

Because the Russians are rolling in at least two heavy Divisions.  Tanks AND artillery.  Massing on the zone between the Ukraine and Crimea with an attitude of “Come at me bro!!!” which is not going to end well.  Consider also that we, the Untied States of ‘Murica are sitting back and actively encouraging this stupidity.  The Ukrainians, despite how hardcore crazy they are, and I know from first hand experience in Iraq in dealings with them, they’re gonna get curb-stomped by Vlad’s boys if they start to tussle.  The Ukrainians I knew and partied with in Iraq were some outrageously crazy bastards.  First time they showed up, with the exception of some BMPs and BTRs, they didn’t have too much as far as Armored Troop Carriers… now I know that the BMP and BTR ARE troop carriers, but the brass didn’t want IFVs rolling heavy into Baghdad.  And back then Up Armored HMMWVs were few and far between, to the point that “Confederate Uparmor” was the rule of the day.  “Confederate Uparmor” referred to the fact that armor back then was special steel sheeting, rough cut to be bolted onto a Regular M998 HMMVW, and with the giant assed bolts and whatnot, they started looking like Ironclads from the Civil War.

So the Ukes got old Deuce and a Halfs, that they half-assed Uparmored theyselves, and went hunting.  Problem was, and I got this straight from a Gate Guard at an outer checkpoint when they came back in, they had bagged a couple of Bad Guys… real life AQI Muj… and done kil’t ’em dead like Raid.  The issue was they brought back trophies…  When they came back, there were 3 ‘bundles’… bloody bundles tied to the Brush Guard over the marker lights of the Deuce.  Specifically the Marker Light Frames on the front bumpers.

Tied to these were 2 on one side, one on the other.  The cloth were bloody keffiyeh, or shemags as we call them in the West, leastways the surplus kids sell ’em as such.  Whelp, the Ukes came in pleased as all git oot about having a ‘good killing’ and the Captain (O-3) came out to do a quickie debrief, and asked “what was in the bags?”
The Uke apparently said something along the lines of “Proof of kill.”The Captain, now cautious as all hell, went over and looked closely, and realized the Ukrainians had cut the heads off the Haj and brought them back as proof of their Daring Do and Deeds.   

Needless to say, everyone fucking wigged.

Ensue mass hilarity to the tune of “Yakkity Sax” as the Captain ’rounded up a full patrol’ to include a medic with a LOT of  medical staples and rolled like madmen back to the shootout, where they unassed the trucks, grabbed the stiffs that were left behind, laoded back up (all in hostile territory) and ran back to the base, all the while with “Doc” stapling the heads back onto the (hopefully) correct carcasses.

But this’s sort of to give you (outside of High Comedic value) the fact that the Ukes don’t play themselves.  They’re hardcore everloving Bastards in Combat.  And them AGAINST the Russians?

Hoo Boy… THAT’ll be some killer combat footage.

And all the while, this’s being done and prodded into reality by the State Department Diplo-Dunk Assholes who’ve never humped a rifle or ever been even punched in the Face.  Like that traitorous Light Birdturd Colonel Vindman and his brother.  NEVER actually been in danger, and sure as fuck, judging by those pasty dough-boy faces, (that I personally would love to beat on) they’ve never had their asses properly kicked in the entirety of their worthless paste-eating lives.

And all the time, the “Master Manipulators” seem to think they can “control” the “dynamic” utilizing “Defenestration and synergy to alleviate potential threat vectors” politically.  In other words,  They’re thinking that they can blow off Putin again, utilizing the threat of further sanctions, and that he’ll back down like a good little Rooskie.

Got a hunch that ain’t how it’s gonna play in Peoria this time man.  Got a hunch Vlad smells weakness, wokeness and blood.  “Go Woke, Go Broke” and the current crop of ree-rees in the White House and the Politically Appointed Perfumed Princes and Ponces on the Potomac are NOT living in the same reality that the rest of us are.
They’re fittin’ to start some shit that the rest of us are gonna have to pay the bill on.  Hubris is a bad thing.  In Greek tragedy, excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, or in this case absolute reality, will lead to Nemesis.  

And in Ancient Greek In ancient Greek mythology, Nemesis, also called Rhamnousia or Rhamnusia (Ancient Greek: Ῥαμνουσία; “the goddess of Rhamnous”), is the goddess who enacts retribution against those who succumb to hubris, arrogance before the gods.
At the rate these people are going, I got a feeling they’re inviting a whole lot of retribution down on us. 

Brace yourselves, we’re in for a bit of Turbulence ahead methinks.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Pretty sure you and I were at Leatherneck together. I was a Marine MSgt then. Your post remind me of the way real men talk and look at things. Thanks for that!

  2. Thanks for throwing some truth out here.
    Go back even further, to when Bismarck threw the Bolsheviks out of Germany in the 1870’s, then the fact all three of the great rulers in Europe were cousins (before the Bolshies killed one and turned it all into a world class shit show in the 19teens) and who’s controlled every war since then. Smedley Butler tried to tell the world the truth about what was really going on, just as WW2 was winding up and the next victim of Bolshevism was ground into the dirt. In the last 75+ yrs they’ve neutered Europe and America and are starting another world war to finish off the last vestiges of white European Christian culture. The same people who they’ve been sucking the lifeblood out of for centuries.
    Anyone want to venture a guess who the evil ones are? Careful, you might be accused of racism. That would really hurt.

  3. Are Zhou Bi Den’s handlers stupid and arrogant enough to think that the new diversity is our mission military can defeat the Russian military the same way that the post Reagan 1990 military defeated Iraq?
    They just may. The Russians may not fire the first shot, but if they do is an EMP popped off over Iowa an out of the question scenario? Not really.
    Considering that while the US hypersonic missile program is flailing, the Russians are putting 3M22 anti ship hypersonic missiles in their Yasen-M submarines; if US carrier based air power attacks Russian assets is the possibility of a hypersonic missile attack on that carrier so unrealistic? Especially with that doddering fool being regarded as the commander in chief?

  4. What an awesome rant. Thank you. I tend to think this is all sabre rattling and the idiots are playing chicken. Vlad won’t blink and they’ll swerve. And suck up a lot of public moneys in the process.

    I wonder though… the real fighters still in the military, what are they thinking now? I mean, it must be far more painful for them to behold than it is us hapless onlookers. Some people still hope for a rebellion in the ranks…

  5. I see more videos put up by guys like Bracken across the net are being restricted. So what’s to be done. If this is allowed to be an ongoing attack on freedom of speech then there will be no speech but that submitted to and approved by the Lord’s of the internet. And then eventually all comms by the Right will be shut down just as it would be in a war if possible. They see weakness and the real possibility of total control. If this is allowed to continue and without personal consequences. Then it will morph into even greater control, e. a., “Your papers please” and then a train ride for our own good.

    In the concept of “Just War” there is the principle of a preeminent strike not to be equated with a war crime when to not strike is to submit to conquest and subjugation or death itself.

    Several times in my experience as an opinion writer I have been politically censored for my views. The last time they made it permanent because I dared question the morality of the local dogooders grooming sexually confused children to–of course–choose the lifestyle of a sodomite instead of that of a heterosexual.

  6. Ralph Wiggum for secretary of defense.
    Yes we can, I am helping, comrade.
    Get your vaccine so that I can be super duper safe in my face panty.
    Forward! Si se puede!

  7. The real warriors have left the building……
    Logistics wins wars. IMHO Taiwan is a lost cause and the key to the Pacific for the PRC- who practically own the South China Sea. I believe that Taiwan will capitulate without a shot being fired and a massive butt-hurt of betrayal. I read about US counter with Japan and ROK, maybe AFP. Closest US FOB are Guam and Okinawa. Are we ready, able and willing ? I think not.
    What if (!?) – at the same time – Russia decides to start exchanging pleasantries with the Ukraine ? (IMHO both those sides have more and tougher SOBs than we do). Will NATO intervene ? I don’t think so.
    Politically this will expose how incompetent the US is and worse if we suffer military loses. Of course the media will spin this into unicorns and rainbows, when in reality the rest of the world will know that the FUSA has it’s rear end in the breeze.
    Enough of my mental masturbation. Color me wrong. Time will tell.

    1. Should Taiwan have intermediate-range missiles, one good strike on the Three Gorges Dam will keep the Chinese busy.

    2. Those in Taiwan know if they lose they are in for a trip to work to death camps or out right execution, so they will fight to the death and make the red chinks pay dearly for every inch. The Japs have zero faith in the US at the moment and are going it alone arming up like before WW2 with the same bushido code being infused in every soldier,sailor and airman. The S Koreans are ready as well, armed up to the teeth and the minute little Kim goes south the South will go north to the Yalu River. As for this country? The weak in our armed forces will perish as combat isn’t for women and men who think they are women and the soy boys. Let nature take it’s course.

  8. The *powers that be* would love to see another brother war. Looks like it is about to happen.

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