Amazing Huh?

Greetings and Salutations to All who are the New and Old I.R. Followers!

Just a quick one.

Because I’m -newly- ‘back on board’ with the blogosphere, I’ve been following my stats pretty closely.  I was to know just how many folks are following, what I need to do, and how I’m doing in general.

A little thing happened on thew way to checking my stats.

An interesting phenomenon is what happened.

After Wirecutter and Phil, and placed me on to their websites as a “hey go check out this fucker” I’d had MORE hits than I’ve ever had known before.  My Thanks to BOTH them ornery old Bastards.  I can’t wait to meet Kenny and Phil in person, and buy them MANY drinks b/c of it….

That being said, since I posted the “Deep State” post… my ‘hits’ have dropped to shit… like as in from 400 a day to like nothin’… as in 4 hits in a 6 hour timeframe.   I went from “OMG he’s awesome” to “Who the fuck is this guy?” levels in like one post.  I even started my “How to build a Flammenwerfer” guide, and ain’t got shit despite a TON of requests… enough to make a motherfucker paranoid…

It DOES makes a man wonder… it’s not like I’m boring to my thinking…  It’s just things that make you go “Hmmmn”.

I mean really?  How blatant can you be?  I explained (from my standpoint) the current fucktardedness that is our government, (or lack that thereof) and all of a sudden, my shit nosedives?

Please let me know in the comment the opinions plus or minus as to yer thoughts… me, I’m seeing some serious shadowbanning of saying whats going on here… which has to be some sort of record…4 days and my views go into the shitter?  Negro please….
Let  me know
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  1. You will be fine. I have the same thing happen to me all the time. It does make me scratch my head wondering why but I just shrug it off and keep posting.

    1. Roger that Phil… You have to unnastand that back when I was posting as the IR in Iraq I regularly had the Counter Intel Kids show up an have to warn me about OPSEC (which I -never- violated EVER) and generally be gestapo like dicks to me about what I was blogging… So when I post about my thoughts of our current sitrep, and see my numbers shit the bed, I'm righteously paranoid LOL

  2. I read your posts with an RSS reader on my phone and don’t visit the actual site unless the RSS feed is incomplete or I plan to comment or read comments. I don’t know how that shows up in your traffic.

  3. Ouch- hey, don't sweat the small stuff………….someone might be futzing your counter to get you to quit again. Johnny Gee

  4. You are part of my daily read now. I can relate to some of your military history as I have been there and done that, bought the t-shirt and wore it out.

  5. Me Likey & eye found your site prolly on wcrecutters. So now it's a mandatory thingy. Don't worry bout the decrease in counts after an opinion bout the deep state. Hey, ifn it weren't true nobody would give a shit. Sides it's pertected in the furst, listing five rights, religion, speech, press, assenmbly & petition. Your right to your opinion, however valid or invalid, is what's protected, and if someone doesn't like it, tough shit, their opinion is protected the same way. And as an old soldier you very well know that and served this country and gambled with your life for that very ideal. So if someone doesn't like what you say, tell em in one word….. Fuck Off…. ok so maybe its two. Poke the bear, it reminds em they are not above it all, they exist because of it all……….

  6. BC,

    I found you through Busted Knuckles' recommendation, and pretty much get a good chuckle from you each day as I visit. I guess you can count me as "one of the four" in the 6 hours guys. You're on my daily read list.

    It's taking me a minute to catch on to your style of writing (who the hell is "editor"?), but I'm getting there.

    I was Navy, but most of what you write crosses over pretty easy. The .gov likes its acronyms, doesn't it?!

    Blue Tile Spook

    1. Hey man… Many thanks! The 'editor' is my in-the-head Schizophrenic personality who occasionally reminds me that I have to explain myself… b/c 'normies' and such just. don't. get. IT. LOL! So by throwing in the interruption, it allows me to explain myself… truthfully I stole it from Richard Marcinko of SEAL Team 6 fame… he used it as a literary device in some of his books, and well fuckit… works for me as well. Thanks for the follow

  7. I also stop by daily to check out the latest rant(s). And, I send 'em along to the folks I send my daily Spams to. Funny, I send your stuff to Kenny. Keep up the good work, and congrats for not loosing containment when you had the bat attached to your face!

  8. New daily stop for me. I actually liked the deep state rundown, you made some interesting connections that I never thought about before.

    Knuckledraggin sent me here

    Thanks for the great entertainment, perspectives and effort to provide us lowlifes with some quality fresh air. Love your style, keep it up!

  9. I am a just a nobody here in southern colorado, and enjoy your style. Don't know about numbers. Try to read you everyday.

  10. You are now an everyday read (as long as I have a connection) keep up the writing, it is much enjoyed by lots of us Deplorables.

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