American Swine

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes

Swine… the Lot O ‘Em.
I swear on me eyes, these people… What. The. Fuck.
Is it me, or does it seem this lockdown has brought out the inner stasi/stool pigeon in the average scumbag swine ‘Murican?  Is it the little rush of fucking over your neighbor?  Do they not understand that they ain’t helping anyone?  

I mean c’mon man…Payback is a bitch

And these bitch-assed motherfucking snitch-bitches are gonna find theyselves with a reckoning 
I mean Sheeeeeeeeeeeit.
Ifn I went to all the trouble to have a HUGE meal done, and have my family over, and some fucktard snitched me out and the Fuzz showed up?  Hit me with some bullshit fine and fuck with me and mine on a holiday?
That’s a Flammenwerfer’n.
Unfortunately, it appears that common sense and lack of physicality (meaning getting ones ass kicked) has created an almost perfect storm of limp wristed tattletale fuckwits running around looking for approval from “Big Daddy Goobermint”.  The kind of fuckwits who never got enuff love from ‘real daddy’.  They want validation and shytte from people, so to do this, they Narc.
I hate narcs.
Fuckin’ Crapweasels.
And even worse?  The type of Swine we got now are wannabe STASI members, and are too stupid to even unnastand what a STASI is. Stasi was the official name of the Ministerium für Staatsicherheit translated from Kraut: the “Ministry for State Security” 
Which means the secret police.  The Stasi was one of the most hated and feared institutions of the East German communist government.  The worst part though after the fall of the Berlin Wall?
Turns out the STASI had compromised…well… like everyone in the country.
Wives spying on and actively narc’ing on Husbands
Kids diming out their own parents
Horrible back-stabby shit
Caused a lot of heartache and grief
Seems the spy-guys annotated everything

ALL interactions.  In fact, my understanding was that the head of the STASI ‘assisted’ with helping build our oh-so-great current surveillance state here in the Untied States.  The krauts found miles and miles of fucked up paper trails detailing any and all movement, conversations, you name it.  And all done on a consistent basis.
And Now?  Swineus Americanus Narcamus?  Yeah.  In full effect.
This is a natural outcome of the keyboard warrior culture and trolls never paying any -real- cost for their collective shitheelery.  Add on the rush of “Ha Ha! I have the power!” of being even the slightest bit ‘in charge’.  We’ve been so emasculated and beat down and without challenge that the weak assed punk bitches of this world get off on the tiniest hit of power-dopamine.  It’s a shame.  Not enough understanding that “NunYa” means None ya damned biddness!!!
Which means for the upcoming “Spicytime” things are going to go badly initially.
My -only- hope is that Florida becomes the “President-in-Exiles” choice to retreat to.
More’n likely is my guess.
Leastways I -hope so-
Because if not?
Ain’t no hiding from Big Brother nor his Merry Minions of Scummitude.  
OPSEC, while in practice is a -good thing-
BUT beware the people who don’t know you and have never been punched in the face.
You know the type.
They’re the ones who give you the ‘badass’ stare in the Supermarket when yer not wearing the Dipshit Diaper.  The one who stares at you, and then has to evaluate “Will this guy curbstomp me into my next life if I say something?”
Ask me how I know this.
Invariably, with me, they look, realize “Always let the Wookie win.” and run away.
Literally in one case.
Now, granted I saw this fuckwit staring at me all hardass wannabe, so I started grinning and asking Wifey if “Can I killz and fucks it?” in a loud voice while slightly drooling.
Never knew a dude could move so quick…
Like left a man-shaped smoke cloud in the cartoons…
So yeah, OPSEC and INTEL
Head on A Swivel
Be the Gray Man
Mind yer own fuckin’ biddness Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. If it comes to it and Biden "wins" Trump needs to either move to Florida or over seas, if they try to arrest him in Florida they better expect a fight, one call to arms and the citizen militia will guard against the Democrats coming for him

  2. (With the spelling/grammar errors corrected.)

    That is what most people don't understand about the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nobody ever saw anything. Ever. We would clear a town and speak to the elders, who would tell us Taliban come in the night. The village feared them. We would nod and feel bad. Made them promises we couldn't keep. Then about a klick after exfil we would start taking fire from that village. We would fight back to the village only to be told by those same elders that we just missed the Taliban and this time they went that way (opposite direction). Well, no further would we get than 500 meters from the village when their AKs would open up. Again. So, we would fight back, taking a casualty or two only to be told we had just missed the Taliban again. Well, even us, being dumb infantryman, would figure out eventually that it was that village/tribe who was the Taliban. Along with every other village or tribe in our AO. Everyone was Taliban and no one was Taliban and no one fucking talked. The first rule against outsiders in an insurgency is you don't talk about the insurgency. Just like fight club it was the second rule as well.
    That is the difference between us and them. It is why we are losing in our own country. We have sold our soul. One of the reasons why they Iraqis and Afghanis were able to survive the war was because they banded together. God, family, and community. In that order. I even saw this last year in Iraq as a contractor. They maintained their soul despite a devastating war. If everybody knows everybody. The outsider is immediately obvious. If I were to move to Iraq tomorrow, in 500 years I would still be the new guy. America doesn’t have that anymore. We are lucky if we know our neighbor. Religion has been outlawed. Families are spread across the country, and there is zero community. I go home to my town (Leominster, MA) where I grew up and find only immigrants now. God help us in the coming days because when no one trusts no one, well, then you get Shia Death squads. Keep telling the truth, brother and remember, don’t make yourself a target. Rakkasan!

  3. What I don't think they realize is it is not just about all the guns. It is, at least for me, the intellectual shift away from "We are all Americans" to "There are a lot of people living here that really need to go". Hard hearts will be at least as important as tacticool gear.

  4. Dood. I LOL'ed SO fucking hard at this. I wish I had a recording of it… perfect demonstration of "fight or flight" in human dominance contests!

    "Now, granted I saw this fuckwit staring at me all hardass wannabe, so I started grinning and asking Wifey if "Can I killz and fucks it?" in a loud voice while slightly drooling. Never knew a dude could move so quick… Like left a man-shaped smoke cloud in the cartoons…"

    Reminded me of a favorite quote – "It is the cold glitter of the attacker's eye not the point of the questing bayonet that breaks the line." ~ Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

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