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Time to take some time off from the come Race War ™ and Inevitable Societal Collapse, A.K.A. “Da Purge: Time to Take Out The Trash”.  So, in keeping with my usual, I’m doing a fave post about guns…
Leastways gun repairs.
The Wifey has a client who told me she had a handgun of unknown make/model.  She got it during the cleaning out of a house of a relative who died, who also happened to be a hoarder apparently.  The relatives and such who showed up at Uncle Frim’s “Castle Filled with Shytte” got to keep any and all stuff that may/may not be of value.  Essentially, it was a scavenger hunt with the prize being finding anything not moldy, mildewed or destroyed in the chaos that a hoarder may have.  So she found a piece in the layers of bullshit, to whit one of her other relatives told her that it was broken, and dangerous to fire.  Undeterred, she took it home, threw it in a sock drawer and promptly forgot about it until I showed up w/Wifey during one of her jobs.  The conversation went to weapons and such, and Barbie (Wifey’s friend who looks just like a living Barbie Doll, and w/as much plastic/silicone as one LOL) brought out this:
A relatively pristine Post 84 Smith and Wesson Model 39-2.
The iPhone couldn’t do it justice so’s I busted out the Nikon D3000 and I hope I did a good job on the pics.  I mean damn this thing is mint.  A favorite series of mine, being a Kid in the 80’s… One of my favorite T.V. characters carried all the time:
Col Hannibal Smith, late of “The A Team”.  Slinging lead with the aforementioned Model 39.
The only damage I found to this thing was some water staining on the wood grips… otherwise pristine as stated before.  It did need the firing pin removed/replaced, but that was minor… mostly b/c it was frozen from being left with zero lube and in a sock drawer for 20 something years.
The Model 39 has been around for a long while.
It was the first DA (double action) American Made Pistol, with most of the design lifted from the German P-38.  Came out in 1955, and was pretty much S&W first generation semi-automatic pistols.
It has a hammer drop, to put in in DA mode, but unlike later models, the decocker is not ambidextrous.  
The tear down is very similar to a M1911, in that the barrel is secured via a barrel locking lug.
One interesting thing about it tho, is the single stack 8 round magazine.  
Talk about old school eh?
Apparently they DID make one model for the Navy SEALs during ‘The Nam’ called the Mark 22, which had a double stacked mag, wider grip, and threaded barrel to facilitate a Suppressor.  The SEALs called it “The Hush Puppy” as they liked it for taking out sentries, and the dogs the aforementioned sentries had with ’em.
I’m waiting to hear back from Barbie, but she’s been M.I.A. for about 6 weeks now…
She’s a plastic surgeon (go figure right?) by trade, and she ain’t been around much lately.
See what happens there.  I’m actually scheduled to go to the range with Spawn on Saturday, and I might take this ‘un along to give it some well needed workout time.
Bonuses of needing to test fire it further eh?
OK, more later then, hope y’all enjoyed!
Feel Free to tip the jar in the right side if’n you can… unemployment is arguing with me over my status… 
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