An Omen, Weirdness (what else is new?) and the Vax Passport

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, last night I get up to take Stella-the-Sausage-Princess out for her last download.  Open the front door and there was a -flash- of a shadow or something… no idea what it was, and it was momentary.  After a couple beers late at night, one tends to dismiss ‘optical weirdness’.  Leastways whatever this was didn’t trip any alarm bells.

Until I get back in, post-download.
Both cats are circling the light fixture in the middle of the room, via the floor.  The cats are sort-of-kind-of in a cold war/peace thing now… the dog doesn’t care as long as she gets fed.

New cat Nook, on the left, Bob-the-Cat on the right, and Sausage Princess looking for scraps that Sapper just threw down.  And yeah, NOT intentional, but all three animals match the couch, and each other.  New Cat Nook?  Three differences:  Female, Fuzzier, and has a Tail.  Bob?  Extreme short haired male, no tail.  Which in itself leads to some interesting interactions ‘cos Nook can’t read Bob’s body language what with no tail to use.  So, Anywhoo…

The dog’s hackles go right up when she gets in, and what do I see?  A itty-bitty bird of all things in the chandelier/fixture.  It’s not really a chandelier… more one of them decorative jobbies.  Seems the lil booger must have swooped -right in- when I opened the door.

Not. Cool.

I’m Irish.  Even more not cool?  T’was a Robin.  

Now, Irish Superstition:  From the blog “Caught in Southie”  I give you dis;


Remember learning that robins have red breasts because when Christ was crucified, a little robin tried to pry the thorns from his head and a drop of Christ’s blood got him?  Oh, you didn’t learn that?  Well, that’s why God loves working with robins and he uses them so often.  If a robin flies into your house, someone will die (don’t get mad at me, I don’t make the rules).  If you put a robin in a cage, all of heaven will be in a rage.  Last but not least, if you kill a robin you will lead of life of misery.  Be nice to, and also afraid of, robins.”

Yeah, normal and sane folks would be like “Meh.”  Problem is, I was raised by an extraordinarily superstitious Dr DeadDad.  AND, not for nothing, the first time we had a robin get in our house?  Back when I was a kid?  MomUnit’s Da cashed in like two days after.  I know, I know.  But still.  I’m on tenterhooks here… waiting for ye olde ‘nother shoe to drop Aye…

Wifey and I managed to wrangle the poor thing out without any injury to us nor ye olde birdie.  Poor thing was pooped from running from one side of the house to the other, and finally it just up and oot the slider out back.  Via Con Dios Birdie-Babe.  (Wifey told me it was a female, she’s good like that with certain things, like male versus females on aviary.)

Which then brings me to other things like the fact that I was poking around in my pile of books I had dragged out from the power outage the other day.  Mike from CF and I have been having some conversations aboot weirdness and whatnot, cycles of weirdness, co-inky-dinks and what, when I found meselves finding this:

That’s a 1952 original copy of Andre Norton’s “DayBreak 2250 A.D.”  OK post-apocalyptic sci-fi.  The usual Norton stuff.  Thing is, the how, when and why of this particular copy is where the weirdness kicks.  Dr. Dad had taken the promotion to “DeadDad” about 2 days before.  I was in Baghdad, and have been over those particulars before.  I was getting back in the groove, as I’m wont to do, and went over to the Liberty MWR (morale welfare and recreation tent, three lies for the price of one) where the ‘donated’ book that ALL the civvies gave to the troops went to die so to speak.  Mounds and piles of books.  I still have quite a number that I got as the kindle and whatnot hadn’t really ‘taken hold’ and lets face it. 

Books are book. 
Old Friends to be well-met, enjoyed and savored like a fine cognac. 

I was perusing the rows and rows… heaping stacks and boxes full of cast-offs shipped randomly from    the states… when I came on this copy.  Moments that take yer breathe away.  Reason?  DeadDad had this exact copy that he’d given me and that I read over and over back in the day.  I don’t know what happened to MY copy that he’d given to me, but some of the Sci-Fi I have are original early 1950s Heinlein’s and whatnot, Asimov, all original first round publications… Ace Paperbacks like this one… the cover price for Norton’s?  try $0.35 cents…  rare as fuck by todays standards.  I treasure them all, and the “Star Man’s Son” copy?  Beats the ever-loving-hell out of what happened to that book, as I’m normally anal-retentive as fuck aboot my library.

And here I am, in a shitty MWR tent, in Baghdad, 2009.  And I find the exact copy of one of the books I so enjoyed back in the day, in absolutely stunningly good condition?  Yeah, I may not have gotten along so good with DeadDad, but this was definitely some sort of freaky message-from-beyond.

I’m re-reading it this week.

Yeah, odd things.  That’s also why I’m worried about the Bird, ‘cos the Bird?  Hoping it’s not a message from ‘on high’… Rather dodge that particular memorandum for record, as do the majority of us Aye?

Now, MOR practical matters:
Now y’all know I got ‘muh COVID vax’
I got a card that sez I got it.  SO, I decided to get me one of them thar high falutin Vax Passports, using me card.  Saw this outfit on the newz… looks like they -might- be in line to be one of many groups that’re gonna be issuing the possibly, maybe, we shouldn’t-but-are-instituting a vaxx passport.

The website is

Dunno if’n they’re sharing the intel that gets dropped on them (they probably are)
BUT hey, if they do?
So much the better
Means that I’m ‘offishully jabbed’ and they might leave me the fuck alone.

‘Cos I got mine a lil while ago
I’m vaxx’d and passported now
Had to add a couple of holes to the band as my thick assed wrists are too big for that puny-human standard sized bullshit.  In fact, I actually have two bands by accident.  My first, well it disappeared.   Like NO clue what the hell happened to it, and since I started wearing it, I love the conversations I get into when I -am- wearing it… I’m sooooooo out-justicing the SJWs when I’m wearing it.  It does cost like $25 but I consider it $25 worth of well spent camouflage.  So, #1 grew legs, (turns out we found it, Bob apparently thought it was a great cat-toy)  and customer support was GREAT! 

Re-made it for me for $15 ‘cos they have to engrave your name AND the custom QR Code which matches up to MY personal file… yeah… they go that deep into it… the QR code is supposedly only readable IF you give the secret squirrel unlock code.  Go to the website, check it out, and if you have a vax card, I’d suggest a good idea to get the ‘acceptable early-on adoption’ of this passport.  Especially since it -on you- to provide the ‘accurate information to Immunaband regarding your vaccination status.’  Out-Virtue-ing the Virtue-less is soooooo satisfying.  That and the two-tiered society they seem to be hell bent on making?  Better to have perfect papers early on before the door slams shut.

Make of that what you will.

Before they get their collective shit together Aye?

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

By BigCountryExpat

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  1. I remember when you were going on about never taking the jab and making fake vax cards for folks…. my my how things change. Now look at you. Showing off your .gov approved mark of the beast and your traveling papers. Sad really. But hey it’s your life. Good luck with those spike proteins as you aren’t exactly the epitome of health as it was. Hopefully that robin was just a fluke.

    1. I will agree. I liked coming here and reading this blog, if even for a break from reality. But I also agree that this “may” be the mark or Daniel and Revelations. I have precious little free time and where I spend it matters a great deal to me, and not so much BCE.
      I will not be taking the jab. I will not associate, knowingly, with jab takers. You should all be mocked and ridiculed.
      Good luck to you and yours. And I’m glad I left Florida in 2004.

      1. Again, failure to read comprehensively shows a distinct lack of critical thinking.

    2. Whatever… if you can’t read for comprehension, nor between the lines, then be off with you.
      You’re obviously faaar too smaht to be here with us low-end bloggers.

  2. Fuck that, no flanking maneuvers, or hiding. I aint taking the killshot, not gonna act like I did and aint faking that I did. Its about how you live, not how you die. So, when we segregate from the killshot crew how do we know you didnt get it? I dont play into their bullshit, I meet it head on.

  3. My opinion, nothing more. NEVER EVER fall for “rules of engagement” or “fair fight” bullshit propaganda. If these corporate quisling fuckers could slip this poison shit in your food, water, or air It’d be done without a second thought (how many times has it already been done ). Everyone needs to think about and understand exactly what these sick fucks would do to you and absolutely anything you cared about given the opportunity. Get some old school tradecraft training in before you and yours really need it. I suspect quiet rifles and pistols will be all the rage soon…

    1. Faking a vax status is tradecraft? I think you dont know what this word means. Guile and feigns are tactics, but so is going right at the ambush with a balls out counter-assault, read your ranger handbook right side up for once. We’ve allowed this stupidity for 18 months because we all complied, and submitted. IMO, this situation calls for public, forceful rebuke of their efforts, not playing greyman when there isnt even restrictions for those unvaxed, nad maybe there never will be, just cause these commies say it doesnt mean it will happen, especially if we push back. A band isnt a databased verification. Eventually, the vaxed and non-vaxed will be in a unified database. Most who actually got vaxed, got put into somewhat universal medical databases. Got that figured out yet? Some already have. Maybe you can due some real tradecraft, get a fake id, dress up like Ethan Hunt does with a rubber mask and put a fake arm on and fake getting the shot. That would be some tradecraft shit right there.

      1. Faking “papers” to get where you need to be to plant evidence, collect intel, make a drop to friendlies, grab/execute some asset, or take an axe to a fiber optic trunk line to fuck up that medical record data transfer you speak of (that test run in AZ. Wasn’t me) might be easy if your ass ain’t swinging in the breeze at a jab/dwi checkpoint or called in by the local karen that recognized your face cause you made a scene at the supermarket. Nothing wrong with raising some shit and getting in the npc faces but that limits some options later. Don’t write off assets just find where they are effective with minimal exposure. My usefulness is limited due to past interaction/investigation… right until the wheels come off, after that I start my own little party, “with hookers and blackjack”.

  4. Having a fake vax card doesn’t mean you have to use it or flaunt it.
    However, having OPTIONS is never a bad thing. One may need such things.

    1. EXACTLY… muddling the waters of status is a -good- thing
      keep -everyone- guessing

  5. Man, love the ideas you give. I am so behind the 8 ball here. Gotta get my card and those bands do seem like a good option for walking amongst them. Thanks.

  6. I was thinking of taking a rabies/ID tag at Petco-the ones where you engrave your doggies info. Then putting gibberish on it & wearing it around my neck. I wonder if I would get more than a glance?

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