And Another Thing…Well Two or Three…

Third Time Today Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Third’s the charm mebbe?  Ye Olde Blogger of Fame Fortune and Fun is nervous.  Pre-mission jitters.  I get ’em like a racehorse –right- before the gate swings open and it’s “Go Time”… Used to get it a lot before the missions in Iraq…

A hunnerd years and hunnerd and fitty pounds ago…

Last Mission to a Special Forces camp that was under active fire.  They even told me to expect mad mortar fire.  Pretty fucking hairy.  Literally the MH-47 I rode in on had to keep rolling around the airfield as if it sat still, the bad guys mighta tagged it.  I was delivering critical satellite commo gear to replace the shit that the bad guys had blown the fuck up.  Essentially bringing them a new ET Phone Home to “bring the pain”.
So, besides me being wound like a clock
1) The Kyle Rittenhouse Legal Defense Fund HERE  GiveSendGo dot com.  Christian Version of those fucks who shut down Kenosha Kyle’s shit but gave over 2 Fuckin’ Million to that POS’s family… the black dude whateverthefuck his name was…  Fuck those guys.
2) A new Petition on WhiteHouse dot gov… Strip Celebrities of Citizenship  Again, fuck those guys.  Springsteen, Tommy Lee… Put up, or shut up.  Either way, if Trump gets re-elected, have them stripped of all their shit and exiled.
Preferably to Venezuela or Liberia.
Again, prolly More Later I’m The I.R.
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. You feel it, too? My wife brought it up earlier. She says it feels like the calm before the storm. I try and keep that stuff to myself, so as not to worry her. There is something in the air, for sure, and it isn't the WuFlu.

    1. That or it's the dogfarts I've had to deal with. Both Pootches know -something- is up and they're on a hair trigger, which, in turn makes both of them lay enough gas to power a small vehicle. Christ Help Me LOL

    1. Hey man… been busy busy setting up the punjii pits and concertina… can't be on here ALL the time LOL. Also, got the Flammenwerfer unlimbered and at the ready. THATS gonna be a hawt time in the night if needed…

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