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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp… seems that Black Rifle Cawfee (as we call it up in Bawston) has gone and joined the “Go Broke” for social justice points. 

Now, it -doesn’t help- that Evan Hafer is a member of the (((tribe))) as well as many of the other people on the high side of the company.  I’m just going to leave it at that… just the very fact of that alone is enough.

Jes’ Sayin’.

Point is, BRC?  OK… at first a great selling idea.  Former Spec-Ops kids, selling what appeared to be an answer to the extremely hardcore leftist Starbucks coffee.  Both are very similar in taste (burned dogshit, IMO) and had the corner on niche marketing.  In fact both of them taste like shit to me, and I’m a bit of a coffee snob.  How snob?  Try I used to buy my beans, from Costa Rica green.  I lern’t to roast them in the toaster oven.  Then grind it meselves.  The best brew you’ve ever had.  In fact, point of interest:  Starbucks gets a HUGE amount of their beans from Costa Rica.  

Problem is, they waaay overroast them fuckers. 
Like burned them the fuck up.

TRUE medium to light roasted fresh Costa Beans?  You have literally -never- had a better cuppa Joe.  Problem is 95% of ALL major manufacturers out there of the niche coffee, well Darker Roast lasts longer.  Stays fresher.  Ships better IMO.  Tastes like absolute dogshytte Aye.  So, I used to get a thing from Future Essentials… canned Costa green coffee beans… survivalist coffee if you would.  $12-15 bux a can, BUT… for the ‘special occasion’?  Hell to the yeppers.  Especially when I was contracting.  

Nowadays?  Not so mucho.

So, yeah, Hafer came out and essentially raged and went ‘all in’ on the stupid.  Bad enough that he threw Kyle Rittenhouse under the bus after the shootings, Rittenhouse was wearing a Black Rifle Coffee T-Shirt, and a lot of people asked Hafer and BRC to pony up towards the defense of what was -obviously- self defense.  Instead, Hafer pretty much called the kid a murderer and told everyone to get fucked LOLZ.

That hurt the pocketbook  a bit from all reports.  Guess taking the side of the dead pedo-Jew was more important to him than reality of a 16 year old kid, defending himself against a fucking mob, shooting better than he (Hafer) ever did in his career as a desk bound SF Kid Aye?  Jealous Much Hafer me laddie?

So… not content to do -some- damage, and eager to go broker faster and better, he replied to the following question:  “How do you build a cool, kind of irreverent, pro-Second Amendment, pro-America brand in the MAGA era without doubling down on the MAGA movement and also not being called a goddamned RINO by the MAGA guys?” Evan Hafer, one of Black Rifle’s founders, asked the Times.

“I would never want my brand to be represented in that way, shape or form,” Hafer added, “because that’s not me.”

In particular, Hafer used the interview to denounce the Proud Boys and other violent white nationalist groups that he says “hijacked” the brand’s imagery.

“The racism shit really pisses me off,” Hafer said. “I hate racist, Proud Boy-ish people. Like, I’ll pay them to leave my customer base. I would gladly chop all of those people out of my fucking customer database and pay them to get the fuck out.”

Challenge: Accepted

Threw out my 1/2 bag I had laying around here that MomUnit got me for Christmas… like I said, burnt dogshit… didn’t tell her that, but hey… Threw away the one BRC T-Shirt I had.  THAT was HUGE for me, ‘cos dunno ’bout the rest of you, I -never- throw away a perfectly good tee unless it hits ‘old rag stage’.  Drives Wifey positively cray-cray.  Moreso than normal as I have a closet FULL of old concert tees and combat-related tees.

Even some dude named Raheem Kassam jumped in:

Now, didn’t know who he is… apparently on the list of badthinkers like ourselves, in England by dint of being a hardcore right wing conservative, but sorta-kinda protected by the fact that he was raise Muj, and is of Indian extraction, which really puts the spin on shytte for Jolly Ole as he’s not exactly the poasterboi for Whypeepo Superpreemiercee.  Hard to cast aspersions on a brown skinned former Muj eh wot?  Especially in Jolly Ole Cuckland these days.

You know when the street shitter brigade comes out and points out that yer aboot to Go Broke, you done fucked up by the numbers Aye?

So yeah, Fuck Those Guys.
Him and all the fuckers connected to them.
Tell you what… as a vet, and as a contractor, I have to say, they talk a good game
Until now.  Never seen any -real- veteran support from them
Not me personally, nor on the web
And now, they just told me and mine to get fucked?
Hey guys!  Your coffee sucks and yer globohomo eroticism in yer commercials suck too

Game Over Man.

And sorry for the late Poasting… Me and Sapper spent the day, and 4 total trips to Home Depot AND Lowes to get, remove and install the new Hot Water Heater.  Wifey is so happy, there may be ‘bonus skull’ in it for the BC tonight!!!  So, yeah, didn’t get to finish this til now.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. The Proud Boys aren’t White Nationalists. In fact many of them are non-racist but the marxists have branded them Nazis because they refuse to buy into any of that White Guilt bullshit.

  2. If their coffee is comparable in taste to Charfucks then I’m glad I missed that particular boat. Makes no difference to me if Hafer et al find success in selling shit-tastic overpriced coffee or working at pornhub felching soyboi jizz out of each other’s greasy assholes. I may not know much of anything about running a company but it seems to me that shitting all over your customers makes career path #2 more likely.

  3. Good friend was a missionary in one of the more “Interesting” parts of Costa Rica to the point that his mission and its work (computers for the kids and adults, cooking as a business, etc) was **AHEM** “Let’s say protected” because the daughters of the local drug and etc Jeffe were there getting their teaching and Christian education.

    He brought back beans whenever he came back and OH MY LORD these were NOT the std export Costa Rico beans. HEAVEN in medium brown. NO sweetening, no whitening, straight black. almost no acid, just coffee heaven.

    He was among the [precarios] of La Tablas…

  4. A former Major now LTC was friends with said fucktards and handed out bags of their garbage a few years back. That Major was a liberal POS, so go figure. Anyone that uses their service to sell whatever imo is a tool and likely a fraud. BRCC has been woke for a while. move on.

  5. “…taking the side of the dead pedo-Jew was more important to him …”
    The House of Jacob sticks together.

  6. Been using Chase and Sanbo for the better part of a half a century, ni complaints about the coffee and no concerns about whether them two long dead opd white guys are woke.

  7. What a sad piece of stank BRCC is. All the “military” goodness, trading on inclusion in SF, etc. well-screw the imposters. I tried BRCC once-that was enough. It proves that The Tribe is really a group of soibois. Ick!

  8. Raheem Kassam is a writer and editor for Breitbart. He also worked with Nigel Farage on the Brexit movement. Now he ives in DC and is cohost of the AWSOME War
    room Pandemic show with Steve Bannon. The show is a must see on Rumble or Pluto. Raheem also has a great blog called The National Pulse. He is 100% MAGA.

  9. Starbucks had a good light roast. Quit buying it because of the lefty crap they pushed. BRCC has a good light roast (Silencer Smooth) that I like and now have to stop buying because the fukstik had to go woke. Now going to have to experiment with other brands till I find another acceptable coffee that will hot or cold brew equally well.

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