And They Wonder Why?

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

“We just can’t understand why people aren’t getting the vaccine!”
Truly a puzzler eh?
I think I -might- have a clue…

Not actually the vidya sorry… But demonstrative.

Fauci forgot which arm he got his shot in

They pretend to get one. 

Pence gets a ‘shot’ that doesn’t appear to break the skin
AOC and dozens of others get “The Shot” and it looks like bad theater
Netanyahu pretended to get the COVID vaccine, but by a ‘doctor’ who forgot to wear gloves, who held the tip in the needle in his ungloved fingers, and used a diabetic syringe from the look of it.
The one real shot we see get jabbed, and the poor chick falls the fuck out 5 minutes after
And word is she’s dead
No way of really telling
Her family is conspicuously MIA as she is as well
I think she is, because if she is alive, they’d have her ALL OVER the news on the reg
But no appearances on “The View”
Or “The Today Show”
Hard to deepfake that much animation
Tell ya what, I’m curious if Aesop is taking or has taken the shot?  He’s a healthcare worker
If he really isn’t and he’s been trumpeting the CoronaChan horn pretty loud
I’d say it’s going to be a hard pass on this particular vaccine.
I’m not anti-vax tho.  My kids got ALL of theirs as lil kids but spaced out individually
It was a pain in the ass.  Thankfully we had the World’s Best Pediatrician
I worked years ago as Hospital IT fixing the computers 
Doc Lev wanted to play music on his
We did a -deal-deal-  My kids got into his closed and packed practice, I hacked his PC to play his tunes and then, he did me a solid by getting each individual shot instead of the big Multis.  Took waaay more trips to the hospital to get it done, but each shot allowed my kids to ‘adjust’ and not get a giant-assed cocktail shot at once.  Hell, it actually wasn’t too bad… the X would bundle the kids up to have lunch with me, Lev’d hit them with a single shot, and all done.
But as to trust?
THAT’S the reason no one is getting the shot
Even if it was a gar-ron-damned-teed lifesaving shot
Fucking the Overlords have burned the societal trust capital to the ground

No One Trusts Them Anymore
It took a hundred years to build up ‘trust in Government’
It took a week to nuke that fucker from orbit.
And it’s getting worse
January 6 is going to be interesting
But I’m no longer smoking the Hopium
Too many bad dreams lately
Like very apocalyptic stuff
Used to happen in the bad old Days in Iraq
My dreams kind of ‘filled me in’ in a tangent sort of manner
Bad bad dreams usually meant bad juju coming
And this Joss coming down the pike?
I’m not happy with the way things are going
Only thing coming on the horizon is Blogshoot February
Borepatch put out the call
Have to see where we stand though 
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. As a former "Healthcare Worker" I am not taking the damn shot, nor any other fucking flu or pneumonia or shingles vacc. I like Aesop mostly and he has good info on his blog even when he rambles on about the beer virus and Ebola and who knows what other epidemics that we suffered in the past. I disagree on his patient censuses when he says they are inundated down in his AO. I know how to check area hospitals and know what to ask for as far as patient loads go and I have friends in the medical field down around there and have been in contact and they are not reporting the same things

    1. Calling bullshit.
      If you'd like, the next time I'm on I can cellphone screenshot the HEAR Network computer, which is the medical radio roll call for the whole SoCal area, and show you which ERs from Ventura to SD are closed at any given time.
      Care to put some actual money where your contentions are?

      Meanwhile, I leave you with hard data from L.A. County as of 12/26 (before it got even worse hereabouts), and the story from the CMO of the LAC-USC Med Ctr:

      TL;DR: Out of 2500 ICU beds in L.A. County, they had only 29 beds left for 10M people. That means for people who get shot, stabbed, get in a serious car crash, have a heart attack, a stroke, or a serious infection. That means out of 80 hospitals there, over 50 had zero ICU capacity, and another few hospitals had 1-2 beds@.

      That's here, in SoCal, right now. IDGAF if anybody likes me or anything else. That was the reality, and it's getting worse, not better.
      But anyone who thinks I'm making this up is stomping on his own dick, and talking out his ass.

      I wasn't telling people how it's going in Ohio, or Maine, or Denver, Honolulu, or BFE, just here, in my little patch, where about 15% of the population of the country lives.

      The two things this virus has underlined is the complete unpreparedness of the medical system to handle an infectious disease pandemic, and the absolutely dreadful low IQ and reasoning ability of the average public-schooled American, coupled with their total inability to process information beyond their grasp, or that doesn't accord with their own ignorant prejudices. I don't include you in that group, or I wouldn't have bothered to post the references. But the total IQ of this country is a constant, and the population is increasing.

  2. Hang in there big. I too am worn from all the hopium. Howecer I still believe the next couple weeks will be very interesting. Don't think angels will trumpet the old kings renewed 4 year lease, but something big this way comes. Its like that calm morning right before the hurricane hits.

  3. one of the first things we learned in basic training a long time ago, was don't trust the lying fuckers.
    hell after one 4 year hitch, i ended up with 3 full red cross shot record books full. and half way thru
    a fourth one. i don't do shot anymore, one i still do is the tetanus shot.other than that one, nope.
    as for the evil little asshole, there a special ring in hell for his ass. as there should be for all those
    people. soon, i do hope people will get really tired of this bullshit show. we seeing signs already of it. one person, they blow you off, a thousand, a million, not so much. looking forward to see how the 6th goes, the one law they need to bring back is allowing public duels again.

    1. I too, and so has every swinging dick that went overseas had hellious shot records. Tetanus is also the only one I do every 5 years, I keep the dates on the back of my driver's license, don't want no lock jaw or lock dick…

  4. For a flu you need a test to know if you have it that has a 99.7 percent survival rate, take a vaccine that is 95-80 percent effective and it does not keep you from getting the kung flu?

    I think not. No matter who gets it.

  5. Been in healthcare more than 40 years. BIG Believer in vaccines…..for diseases that kill and cripple. Things like smallpox, polio, tetanus…..but I refuse to get vaccinated for Influenza….which I have never had in all the years I've worked with patients. And I have no intentions of getting this vaccine. A vaccine requires YEARS of testing. This one hasn't had a single year of proper testing. Getting this vaccine is very much a form of medical russian roulette.

  6. I don’t trust a word that fucker Aesop says. He’s been wrong about almost everything, from Ebola to the Richmond rally. And what does he do when people call him out for being wrong, doubles down and starts hurling insults. He’s a piece of shit.

    1. Agreed. He's been a reverse indicator so when he says the sky is falling in SoCal I believe the truth is completely the opposite. Hell, I live in a county in Northern CA with a population of 1.2 million. We've had 39,000 cases (roughly 3% of the population) and 330 deaths (0.3% of the county population). In other words, 99.7% of the county has survived this "pandemic" for ten months.

  7. Right.
    Ebola never got herein 2014, like i told you it would, but the feds swore it wouldn't. It didn't double its spread in 21 days. The local Dallas hospital did everything according to plan, and didn't have to shut the entire 900+-bed hospital down for 8 months, and nearly go bankrupt. They didn't have to evacuate the two nurses (the ones who didn't get infected with Ebola because Fauci and the CDC's protocols worked flawlessly) to actual BL-IV level hospital beds (of which the entire US had only 11) and we only had 10 patients in them at the height if the outbreak, meaning the entire country was exactly 2 patients away from becoming West Africa in 2014.
    Ya got me there.

    And Richmond was an amazing success. The governor caved, repealed his earlier gun law plans, and VA has enacted no new gun control laws there, due to fear of the poeple after Richmond, and in fact is a bastion of 2A freedoms, which is why the whole state went yuuugely for Trump in 2020.

    Oh, wait,…none of that happened.

    And what's going on with COVID in NorCal isn't what's going on in SoCal.
    You Could Look It Up.

    Our ER was a solid 75% confirmed COVID+ patients this weekend, and all the beds are full. Every hospital in the county except 2 (out of 40) were closed to ambulance traffic. So when patients start getting shunted to bordering counties, and the dominoes all over the state start to go down, write back and tell us how you're doing.

    Meantime, since the bloghost asked, no way in hell I'm getting the Pfizer vaccine. Too much bad juju associated with its release. J&J's vaccine is supposed to be a single dose, so if/when it comes out, that may be my choice. My hospital went big for the Pfizer sub-zero vaxx, and it's not mandatory, so I'm not interested at this point.
    N95 and handwashing is working just fine for me, both on and off the job.

    If Pharma wants to beta-test this on people, start with the 65+ crowd.
    If it works, you take the death rate of Kung Flu to nothing, and turn it into a bad cold for everyone, and make all the draconian nonsense they've done completely unnecessary, going forward, forever.
    If it doesn't work out, the people you tried it on have already had a full run at life.

    And if you're under 40, there's not much point getting it unless you're a medical train wreck.
    Making it a later-life vaxx, like pneumonia, is the better option, especially once they have a few years' worth of side effects documented.

    That said, the virus is still killing people at 20-30X the rate guesstimated for annual flu, and the virus has only penetrated about 20% or so of the general population. So you figure out what happens when it spreads to the next 20%. BTW, the largest group of people hospitalized in LA County public hospitals are the 18-49 y.o.s.
    The second highest rate of hospitalization is the 50-64 y.o.s.
    Old pharts 65+ are a distant 3rd place, since ever.

    1. Interesting… thanks for the update. No vaxx… bingo. VERY bad JuJu there… I have NO idea about any of the real intel on it, but when the guys who -made- it say 'nuh-uh!' I pay attention

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