Another Angle: Biden Dies?

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Well, things seem to be quieting down ’round here.  Seems to be the ‘usual suspects’ coming around.  So with that being said, Me N Sapper been wargaming again on the whole Debate on Tuesday ‘you know… the thing… c’mon man!’

I just don’t see it happening.

Go with me a second…
If’n y’all remember, or mebbe y’all don’t, as the media was Oh so co-operative by ‘memory holing’ it, but “Slow Joe” a.k.a. Grandpa Badfinger had an ‘oopsie’ during one of the Town Halls…  His Left eye fucking burst or something and the whole thing went and filled with blood:

Even Drudge couldn’t ignore it… and he’s so in the tank for the Dems, you’d thing that the DNC was ordering up fresh 12 year old Philippino Boys to sate whatever perverted lust he has…

So it was blatant that Joe had -something- wrong… how serious?  No one knew because lets face it, they weren’t gonna tell us.  In my own –personal- experience, In college during my totally dissolute party days, I got alcohol poisoning… puked so hard I detonated the eyeballs much like Ole Gropy had happen… my room mates, when they found me the next morning hanging half in/half out of the shitter, when I opened my Eyes-Of-Sauron, one of them puked ’cause it looked so bad… and brother, he shoulda seen them from MY fuckin’ end.
MASSIVE skull overpressure from puking that hard.  Blew out all the capillaries and mebbe a vein… been too long since it happened and truthfully, when I talked to the Doc, I wasn’t zigzactly up to snuff so to speak.
Now… RoboBiden…  The Candidate who keeps needing to be ‘wound’ like a clockwork toy daily.. forget to wind him and it’s noticeable.  Joe, on the record we know of has had two major brain surgeries.

Now.. this upcoming Debate… despite ALL of his people, Nancy Pelooser and all the rest who have stated NOT to do it… well Joe’s said he’s doing it hell or high water.  Which now that I think about it, might be the plan.
See, Trump has the ability to literally verbally abuse Ole Joe to death.  If Grandpa Badfinger goes out and gets hammered to stroke-levels, not hard to do from how we’ve seen him get all testy and angry at random fuckers, what if the plan is to have Joe die on stage during the debate?

Farfetched?  Yep.  But… this’s the highest office in the land, with a candidate who’s obviously literally falling apart like a worn out Mazda with a smoking clutch, bad brakes and a leaking headgasket… oil burning off like a motherfucker… no way can they get that thing to ‘race over the line’…
But what if… what if Joe fucking strokes the fuck out during a back-and-forth with Orange man Bad?
The Optics would be that Trump killed Biden literally.  It’s a good play when you think about it… the Pity Vote, The REALLY Angry Vote, The Old People Vote, The “In Memorium” Vote… Hell, they’d have almost 38+/- day to spin up “Joe’s Last, Best, Choice for America, Kamala Harris” who then either picks Wineskin Hillary or Joe’s Wife Dr. Jill goes for the VP… that’s a good possibility too… no need to change the signage/bumper stickers.

I think it’ll be Hilliary.

Anyone wanna bet a dollar?  It makes waaaay too much sense and the ease in which it could be put into play is effortless…  Biden might even be down for doing it… it gets rid of ALL the luggage of his Corrupt Ukrainian Dealings (if he loses) Buries his son’s dealings as well… perfect cover all around.
Let me know what you think
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I think Felonious von Pantsuit is viewed as poison by her own party. I don't really have a good idea on who Kameltoe (Heels High) Harris would choose, but the klown kar is full of choices.
    I'll see your dollar…..

  2. Interesting idea. I'd been expecting that he'd just drop out "for health reasons" and the DNC would replace him with Hillary or Mooch. But the sympathy from a public stroke-out could be interesting.

    But I have to say that I don't see a Harris-Clinton ticket working. Hillary ain't gonna play second fiddle to Heels-Up. But if she did agree to it, and they won, I bet that Harris has an "accident" in the first 90 days and BAM Hillary is President… Chilling thought, no?

  3. Very possible. Or he's going to be found to be too ill to continue, or they'll set him up to be slaughtered like the incompetent ass he is, just so they can make a big deal over how mean Trump is.

    He'll be replaced almost immediately, but it won't be Hillary.

    Hear me out.

    Go to the check-out line of your favorite supermarket. Who's face is on at least 2 magazines at all times?

    Not Hillary.

    Not Kamala.

    Not anybody but….

    THE FUCKING MOOCH Himself/Herself/Itself.

    That's right. Michelle Obama. Who will step in for the good of the party and the nation and her pocketbook.

    She's on the mags. LIFE magazine has a 100 page mag on her. She's reported to have threatened to push Barky out of the window.

    She's still doing the talk-show circuit.

    She's Black and Corrupt-as-Fuck-from-Chicago.

    And she's not Hillary. Or Kamala. Or even Jill Biden. She's…. THE MOOCH!

    It's been written since last year. Her 'autobiography' is still 'selling' like hotcakes. She is still considered by those in power to be 'the most beautiful First Lady EVAH!!!' And yada yada blah blah blah.

    The Mooch. It's what's for… whatever.

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