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Went down to Ye Olde Publix as they’re going to ‘tighten the screws’ starting tonight in Central Florida.  Amazingly, despite a LOT of shit missing, Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Fortune had the Luck today and not only got the shit that was on the list, but also some bonus round prizes that were unexpected but welcome.

One of those being Hot Dog rolls.  The bread isle is still raped and pillaged, but as I was maneuvering through the main rear drag in the Dairy area, I realized the tables that are part-traffic control part-display that lo and behold!

Ball Park Frank Hot dog rolls!  BOGO no less!!!  I’ll surmise that since they’re located in the middle of the rear main isle that people overlook said displays.  They had not a lot, but enough for me to grab the buy one get one free.  One of those’ll go in the deep freeze.

I also scored a pound of sugar.  There were only 5 lil ole bags on the entire shelf, so’s I only took one.  I’m not gonna be a dick like that but I am going to buy one, if available every time I go into the store.

Then onto the spices.  Now this’s a sorely overlooked prep item.  Yeah, you got food.  Great.  Even an MRE requires “something extra” to make it more palatable.  In fact, I LOVED and was a MAJOR FAN of whats considered by the Infantry to be a “War Crime in a Pouch”.  That meal being:

Good Ole Number 4, Omelet With Ham…
Some people say there’s no accounting for taste, HOWEVER!  IF and only IF you have the necessary ingredients, you can take that abomination and turn it into a VERY filling and complete meal.  I mean yeah, on its own… 

 UGH.  Guys used to call it “The Tire Patch”.  Pretty nasty on it’s own, but wait!  A Grunt Gourmet like myself –never– humped my ruck without some key stuff to improve the meals in General.  In my ruck I kept a gallon freezer bag that had the following:
1) A  Medium Bottle Hot Sauce, I started with Tabasco back in the day, and when hot sauces started getting more varied, I went with Texas Pete’s… much less vinegary.  The I.R. ain’t a big fan of vinegar.
2) Salt N Pepper Shakers.  Usually I stole ’em from McDonalds back in the day.  Plastic better n’the paper ones that they had in the commissary. 
3) Mrs. Dash Garlic and Pepper all spice.  ALL HAIL Mrs. Dash!!!! 
4) Trioxane Heating tabs.  Until they stopped issuing them, then I kept a 3 pack of Sterno.  Gotta have the heat to make it palatable.
5) A Cinnamon and Sugar shaker.  Never knew when that’d come in handy.  Used to improve the cereal they fed us, as well as field grits.

Then, of course, every spare area of the ruck I kept Ramen, Beef n Chicken.. no shrimp.  The ramen was a bit bulky, but its so lightweight if space became an issue, I used to unpackage it, smash it up and load it in a gallon freezer bag with a scoop to measure out how much I needed and when, with the flavor packs floating around inside on their own, to be used as needed.  The ramen was really a ‘filler’ to expand the amount of food I had.

The ubiquitous canteen cup rounded out my gear.  Even in the days of camel backs and shit I -still- keep one in my gear.  You literally can NEVER go wrong having a canteen cup.

My usual recipe was to start by adding a quarter canteen cup of ramen and water and bring it to a boil.  Then, spice it a bit (after adding a touch of the ramen-based flavor) with the Holy Mrs. Dash.  Once it was –also- done, THEN I’d add the main meal packet from the MRE… the Omelet and Ham being a personal fave.  Then, the cheese packet.  Mix it all up, season to taste and hey!

A piping hot foxhole meal that was filling AND, in the case of the Omelet w/Ham, I’d be able to do THIS:

 Nothin’ like mad omelet gas to annoy yer buds LOL!
OK, More later
Til then I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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