Another Weekend Gone By

AFternoon me Droogs N Droogettes!

I need a weekend from the weekend.  Chasing a 2 point 5 Year old around AND doing a big assed combo Fathers Day and Fiftieth Birthday for the Mizzuz… I’mabout spent like a shell casing.
Yeah… just like dat.
Made mad food.  Cooked my ass off.  One of the things I’ve gotten really good at is the Outback Steakhouse deep fried Blooming Onion.

Came out pretty damned good if’n I do say so meselves.
Tasted even better than it looks.  Wifey picked up a “Bloomin’ Onion” cutter as seen on TV for $.50 at an estate sale.  New in the box no less.  Works like a charm once I watched the vidya of how-to as there is a bit of a trick to making it so’s it don’t blow up into millions of onion shards.
And then… it’s an MRE sort of night.  I ain’t cooking sheeeeit.  Adding hot water to a mountain house Stroganoff is about my speed right now.  Hell… I mean I’ve been playing the whole following the news a bit less, much to a breather for myself if that makes any sense?
The constant inundation of the negative and constant barrage of “Whitey = Bad” is enough to make anyone tired.  Especially those of the “Post Civil War Immigration” timeframe… namely Irish and Other Euros who came here after the fact and had nothing to do with slavery and/or the Civil war.  I, and my Irish Brethren are getting fucking fed up with being blamed for all the shit that is the shit that this country is becoming.
Bad enough that we have Oligarchs running the show.  Political players whos spawn are taking over for them when they get too old and decrepit to run the show.  Case in point Biden.  Worthless 40 plus years manipulating, stealing, robbing, back door dealing and what do we have to show for it?  Not fuck-all.  The only reason we’re not seeing “Biden 2.0” is that the chosen successor had the good graces to die of Brain Cancer early on, before dear old Dad could anoint him.  Lord knows they tried with “Blow-Man” Hunter Biden… but, just like the Kennedys, the secondary pick was a worthless whoremonger coke fiend.  I mean how bad is it that you start getting groomed for one of the top slots in the “Corporation” that our supposed ‘representative government’ has become that the good son died, leaving a fucking scumbag soooo  dissolute that they couldn’t even salvage his 90 day wonder Navy ass?  I mean he popped hot on a piss test for cocaineThat takes effort… and a lot of blow.  The metabolites for cocaine, if take recreationally, wash out in 2-3 days max.  In order for him to piss hot, he must have been hitting the pipe (a crack pipe was found in a rental he used, along with a Federal Marshal’s badge… what happened there?  If you or I had a falsified fed-cred found like that, we’d be freeze dried and buried under the jail)… anywho… thankfully Biden 2.0 got derailed and we’re still stuck with Gropy Sockpuppet Joe…  Rapey McStinkyfingers from what we’ve heard, and yet people will still vote for him because Orange Man Bad.

At which point, the only thing to do is “Silent Service Mode.”  “Run silent, run deep, and take notes.”
There ain’t no ‘voting our way’ outta this fucked mess.  The votes will be, and my prediction is a complete theft of the election.  The senate and congresscritters will scream from the mountaintops when Trump claims the election is illegitimate, and it’ll be on like Donkey Kong. 
Full Blown Sarajevo.
To the point that I just finished a quality build for the Serbian War Criminal.  Dude is seriously pleased to upgrade to an AR platform.  He was a bit upset that I couldn’t do an AK… but I explained I could, but it’d cost him a brick of cash as I don’t have the tooling to do a full AK build.  If he wanted an AK, I -can- ostensibly- do it (I can build ANYTHING) I suggested an AR in Russian 7.62X39mm but when he saw the prices of the add ons, he went with the AR, and as he said <queue thick eastern euro accent> “You reload and make 5.56mm… Much supply locally if shit hit fan,  I will live with puny imperialist cartridge til I take AK from dead recidivists.”  Yeah… the guy is a walking eastern European anachronism.  I love it. He’s also lining up a pile of fellow SWCs that want to get heeled.  Told him ‘no problemo’ if they buy the lower… I’m not getting tagged with that many ARs in my name LOL.  No need for the 4473s to have my name allllll over them amiright?
Yeah, even the Serbian War Criminals are fed the fuck up… they’ve been here 10/15+ years, and fled this shit, and it’s coming back full force again.  Just different names and faces, but the complaints are the same, as well as the demands for “justice” (whatever the fuck that means).  
One last case in point:
If this fucking sign was ever reading “to educate black people” about anything the howls, teeth gnashing, wailing and calls for the subsequent murder of all involved would be deafening.  But nowadays?
White Men/Wimmens are the new Jews.
Never Give Up Your Guns.
Never Get On The Boxcar/Bus.
Point. Fucking. Period. Fucking. Dot. Period.
Kill all who would try to put you on there.  The politicians, media, and especially their families.  Use the North Korean model of “Three Generations of Guilt” in assessing your targets.  Eliminate that much so as to erase the Stain on our Republic.
Anything else would be foolish.
Til later I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country.


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