Anti-Armor “Things”

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I did a “thing”
I received an honest to God panzerfaust in the mail.  Not saying from who, but holy shit.  Now… mind you, as far as I could tell when it showed, it’s a “museum quality faithful reproduction.”  Meaning non-functional, and as close as you could get to the “real deal.”… and BTW dude… you shouldn’t’ve.

Cool, but not cool enough.I tend to go “full retard”

What good is a paperweight when the S.W.A.T. team MRAP is showing up outside the door?

So, to keep it within “legal” limits, I went about refurbing the ideal/conceptual idea.  In the end, the actual tube IS demilled.  Came like that.  Extra hole and all that.  Can’t fire, won’t fire.  Safely that is.

Unless LOL.

Of course like any demilled weapon, those who want to re-mil them are going to, so let’s just get that out of the way.  In my case, not until we hit the “Lord Humungus” zone am I going to go “Full Covenant”, at which point, those in charge best head deep into the bunkers, as a guy like me?  Well, considering I ‘skirt’ the line, and don’t cross it, whomever decides to be the “Lord of Tampa Bay” is going to desperately want me as I don’t see meselves as a leader.  Need homegrown weapons and shytte?  I’m your man… for a price.

Too much hassle otherwise.  Let me build weapons of mass destruction in peace Aye?

So, The issue(s): 
1)  Trigger assembly, properly designed, but out of spec.
2)  Targeting Assembly/Safety, out of spec.
3)  Lots of un-needed, extraneous bullshit in the trigger assembly, un-needed, out-of-spec.
4)  LOTS of warping of parts and pieces-parts., and improperly measured aspects of everything, to include bent and forced-to-fit parts which left it looking functional, but in reality?  Not so much.

I mean not to be unexpected for a reproduction to-be-carried in a reenactment.  In fact, it’s perfect..  

What I want is something I could see if it could be made to fire real ammo and be used in real OMG time against real anti-patriot forces.

Now, mind you, I’m letting it “all hang out” out there.

Meaning, the ATF hasn’t shown up here despite GunGirl’s warning, after this, I’m not so fuckin’ sure.

My excuse, and the one I’m sticking to?  I was an Anti-Tank Gunner BEFORE A-T was cool.

AND, well, this thing is legal as a beagle.
BIG assed hole that keeps it legal.
NOT trying to go to jail


That being said, I re-worked the trigger, the safety AND the entire tube.

Yeah.  I’m cool like that.  Finished it tonight after getting back from the hospital.
literally spent my nights in that Hospital bed ‘wargaming’ how to ‘fix’ this thing… that’s what I do at night… no joke… think about weapons problems, adapting and overcoming stuff.  Maybe I am crazy.

Now.. this thing cannot fire a live round.
Hope you ATF and Glowniggers dig that. 
This thing is legal-as-fuck.
For now.
Piss me off tho…
MAKE me decide y’all are the bad guys.  Let’s see how THAT scene works out.
Because not only did I get the whole “it can shoot’ thing worked out but I figured out the warhead.  Seems you google “copper funnel” on Da Google, you can find solid copper funnels that are great Armor Force Penetrator (AFP) shells.

Don’t blame me, the bad guys figured this shit out LONG ago.

Yeah… found one that fits the Panzerfaust warhead for like $15.


Yeah.  No idea how it’d ackchully werk, but man, a tube-launched, 60mm based rocket, with an 80mm copper based EFP, hitting an MRAP that’s designed to stop mines as opposed to RPGs and whatnot?

If –I– were on the S.W.A.T. team, and were told –who– exactly we’re going after, I’d be like “Fuck you AND the pension”

Just sayin.
More painfully Later I Remain The Pissing Ground Glass Intrepid Reporter
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  1. One wonders if an anti personnel variant could have been made (Back in WW2) that theoretically if fired at the ground would fragment upwards and outwards and destroy any targets nearby. Guess we are truly lucky the nazis did not invent a similar idea where the ball bearings are substituted for WP. Imagine one of them hitting the room you are in. Terrible stuff

  2. Hey! I’m having zero luck getting onto FlammenWufer the last couple of days. Been a member for about a year and even when I hit “join” to join-up with something I’m a member of, I’m getting nowhere.

    1. There’s been litany of random issues for me the last week or two. Maybe you can open a back door with this.
      https://gab [dot] [com] /zerogov/posts/106398935374138023
      Course you have to make the proper mods.

  3. I have a book on how to make one…to shoot inert projectiles. I’d like to make one, but I’m not sure if I need to Form One it or not. Since it uses a black powder charge, I’ve heard arguments that you don’t need to, but…research needed.

    1. And I quote, ” I’d like to make one, but I’m not sure if I need to Form One it or not.” End quote. Yeah, that’s about right, follow rules and laws made up to control YOU…

      1. I hear that. I’ve got to balance it out, though. Is a homemade Panzerfaust, firing inert projectiles (since I don’t have the expertise or tools to make anything else) something that I’m willing to spend ten years in Federal prison for?
        Nope, it’s not. There are some things that I would, and perhaps have, risked it for, but this isn’t one of them. To each their own.

  4. How is your gall bladder issue? Did you get it resolved? Whatever goodies you are accumulating for the coming sportiness will be irrelevant if you are not healthy and STRAC(H/T to my days at Benning’s School for Boys). Bleib ubrig.

  5. That said about the dangers of having something that looks like a dangerous and illegal weapon at a distance or a quick glance…

    Original German WWII Panzerfaust 60 Anti-Tank Rocket and Launcher Regular price $1,895.00

    Getting the explosive – TNT / RDX / C4 (and the igniter) would be the most illegal and most difficult part of the build.

    Google search for “c4 explosive youtube”

    Google search for “C4 bomb youtube” 🙂

  6. Black powder spigot mortars for the win. Much easier to manufacture and feed. Single shot 12ga shotguns can even be pressed into service as a spigot mortar launcher.

  7. Damn it, I’m hoping that some”one” figures out how to unearth all of those nifty planes that Hitler had in a storage bunker. You know-all sorts of fancy, smarty pants aircraft that the German’s already had & it took everyone else 20/30 years to figure out. Even now, the German Gubbermint won’t let anyone pull them out. I wonder if Mother Merkel would be susceptible to a cash incentive?? For history & all.

  8. Related items, if memory serves. Fire ant project china lake was a remote \ automated atv sporting a 12″ efp. And my fav was a cute little radio control “car” with a plunger launcher looked like it could carry a claymore, little bastard could do a vertical jump about 25 feet up, think it was called a sand flea, Boston dynamics has it now. PSA Beware of yard gnomes filled with tanner you know what… Played with some fun stuff and hung around some interesting people in my time. Looks like it might not have been wasted time after all.

  9. I was reading an old old old article a couple of weeks ago and for the life of me I can’t find the reference. Anyway, the propellant in the end, when they were throwing out 8 year olds to slam the targets and then vaporized, was BP at about 8oz or so. The detonator/fuse was located in the rear of the shaped charge. I’ll try to find the write up, but you get the idea and a commenter above has sorta addressed it. That’s probably about enough needed for the fedbois to get interested. Shades of Absolved and tributes to Phil.

    Now, we need to move on to weaponized/disposable quad rotors for the win…the 4G type.

  10. Yeah….so there is actually a book on this very thing. I have it, and you should too. “Expedient recoilless launcher: panzerfaust”. I got my copy from Jeff Bezos and you can too. It’s about $20.

  11. I’m gonna take a wild ass guess and assume the left/BLM/Antifa have already got container loads of RPG’s and other dangerous toys from Chinese ships and across the Mex border.
    All you have to do is find where they stashed them.
    Maybe someone could write Vlad a letter asking for aid too?

    Former 0351 anti tank assault man(106 rr, 3,5″ bazooka, LAAW, XM202, flamethrower, and assorted other bangy things)

  12. Spot the crew members. Dress to blend in. Don’t have to go any where near the equipment. Just be on the crew members like white on rice. Learn where they stay. Roll up like a Jehovah Witness or a Mormon. Get back in your white crossover and bounce. Those planes trains and automobiles and such AIN’T going to drive themselves.

  13. The Faustpatrone and Luftfaust were some other anti-armor weapons of the Wehrmacht.

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