Anyone got any Contacts? UPDATED

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogetes

Anyone got any contacts in DC who could let Trump know whats going on for realz-  ’cause I got a hunch Ye Olde Bossman, the CinC is being inflated with a bunch of falafel from his Obama-era Underlings.
Todays find.  Origin Flight From Beijing China To LA:

13 of 17 Flights in the next 24 Hours INBOUND.  ALL PASSENGER FLIGHTS
Then: Origin Flight From  Milan Italy to New York City (All Airports)

I think they’re getting away with it b/c there’s no one ‘in the weeds’ following up on this shit, and The God Emperor is too insulated and isolated to hear about shit like this.
Yeah, the Obozo Holdovers are doing and end-run around the Bossman.


Who BTW:  As a citizen of the United States, if it -is- in fact proven that the Obama Holdovers ARE Intentionally  sabotaging the effort against this virus, that We The People CAN and WILL execute you all when this is over.  And your families.  Top down the smallest child.  Brutal, but necessary.  ANYONE who tries to gain politically when we have people sick and in danger is as worthless as a rabid animal, and should be put down as such.  As well as their families because we can only assume that they are so inclined and infected with the Trump Derangement as well.

In fact at this point, having an Obama Bumper Sticker should also get you mandatory Jail Time.


Motherfuckers couldn’t leave well enough alone.

They just can’t understand.  In OUR world, the light switch isn’t a slider.  

It has TWO positions:

I’d say the switch is halfway moved considering the info we keep getting.

Your move assholes.

Until Later, I’m the Pissed Off Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

GREAT Idea from Reader Rob:
See if THAT does anything…
Nothing.  I got nothing from anyone -so far-…
Nice knowing America… it was fun whilst it lasted…

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