Yay! Published Again!!

Good Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes! Tonights excitement is the following: Issue 4 has dropped!!!!!! And yep… thats yers truly on the cover… let me know what ya think! And no, as of now I haven’t been getting any publishing royalties on it… we ain’t sold enuff as of yet   -to my knowledge-. The only… Continue reading Yay! Published Again!!

Testicle-less Tuesday

Good Afternoon to all the Criminally Insane Droogs and Droogettes who lurk out here in the demented mind-droppings that is this Oh-so-Impolite and Politically Incorrect (if not factually challenged) Blog.  Big Country here and damn… what a day. Only got a few before I gotta get back on the road to go pick up Bob… Continue reading Testicle-less Tuesday

Please Do!

Goooood morning Droogs n Droogettes!  Again, up with the rising sun as I got an appointment with the VA.  I’m trying to finally get my disability properly rated… I settled back in the day for a paltry sum as it were… Back in 1999 when I got medically retired, the Veterans Administration was even shittier than… Continue reading Please Do!

Damn…100 Posts Already?

Gooooood Afternoon to the gang out there… its a continuation of this mornings rantings and ravings, albeit prolly a bit shorter as I still got shit to do.  And a quick mention… 100 Posts since I restarted this whole fucking thing… who woulda thunk it…  so, onward to offensiveness! Found that particular one on my… Continue reading Damn…100 Posts Already?

Holy Shit I’m up Early….

Good EARLY  Morning to the Droogs and Droogettes! Early morning here at the Casa del Veterano Rebelde…  Two cuppa in and I’m up and wired and sorta kinda ready to face the stupidity that is the world today… leastways the retardation that passes for the world. New News News… Looks like The Trumpinator Nuked another Bad Guy…… Continue reading Holy Shit I’m up Early….

Merry New Year!!!!

Greetings to all the Droogs and Droogettes out there from Big Country’s Home for Wayward Veterans and Pet Depository.  Happy New Year or Merry New Whatever…. “Beef Jerky Time!!!” Ahhhh… a great movie from a time that we’ll not see again anytime soon… it had a great plot, zero politics, and Jamie Lee Curtiss flashing… Continue reading Merry New Year!!!!

A lame Excuse but really…

Good AFternoon me Droogs and Droogettes from Big Country’s Home for Wayward Veterans (or should I be calling in veterinarians now?)  Seems we added a new member to the Doom Crew… a rat-catcher model.  Meet Bob y’all: Yep.  Got ourselves a cat to add on to the Dog… I had a cat before this for… Continue reading A lame Excuse but really…

Merry Christmas Fuckers

Greetings to all My Dear Readers, (A.K.A. The Droogs and Droogettes) that make up the bulk of the nay, shall I say it? Thoughtcrime and Badthink Blog Dwellers.  Merry Christmas on the nonce of the Evening that comes…  Yeah… Been doing the Christmas Prep too (and yes, that IS one of Top Popps t-shirts LOL)… Continue reading Merry Christmas Fuckers

Flammenwerfer Part 4

Good eeeeevning to All my Droogs and Droogettes out there… Big Country’s been making some serious drive time as of late due to the Christmad Horror-day… err Holiday and unexpected expenditures.  I’ve been pulling 10-12 hour daily runs behind the wheel, with the rule being “No returning to the barn until $100.00 or more is… Continue reading Flammenwerfer Part 4

Short Mobile Post

Good afternoon my Droogs and Droogettes! Big country here on the road actually… Haven’t been able to get down in front of the computer as yesterday I was doing the Uber thing… Which I’m doing now as well… Yesterday I made an unbelievable $280 doing this gig… That’s fucking crazy money for Uber in six… Continue reading Short Mobile Post