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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Maaan.  Whelp, Via Con Dios to –the– one and only Serbian War Criminal.

8 Years as a friend and neighbor.  Gonna miss having our mad man with an AK across the street.  He and his finished packing, and as-we-speak/type, the moving van is idling, his Wifey’s SUV is trailer mounted, and they’re going through the last checks, gathering his spawn and making ready to roll out to Tennessee.

Hopefully we’ll be following.
Only thing holding us back is Wifey’s rents.  Until they decide to cash in the chips, we have to be here for standby and assist on the regular.  LifeAlert has us on speed dial these days.  Shit works though, so at least we got that going for us.  Her MomUnit isn’t doing well in the mental arena, normal cognitive breakdowns… nothing overly concerning.  Yet that is.  We’re monitoring the situation.  Ever since the car wreck they’ve really slid fast, so I figure if the wheels don’t come off, I might be able to relocate to the wilderness before total shytteshowfestivus kicks.  DadUnit mentally is all there, but the physical side, not so much.  Going to interesting to see, and I’m not trying to be ghoulish, but they have been married like 55 years, so I figure when One goes, the other’s gonna be hot on the trail.

Either way though, as Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit points out here: https://www.dailypundit.com/2021/06/12/the-soft-secession-is-getting-harder/

His hot-take is that Florida, for all it’s negatives (all the (((New Yawkers))) on the East Coast, as well as Floridaman antics) the current StateDotGov is the one you want to have around when and if the shit hits the fan.  He calls it the ‘soft secession’ and brings up the mandates that are either going to be ignored and/or outlawed.

Problem that I foresee is the elections.  It’s clear that the ‘bad guys’ have no issue cheating, robbing, stealing, and then thumbing their collective noses at us.  I can see a time that the next Gov election here in Florida that some form of shenanigans breaks loose.  I just wonder if they truly know how things play around here.  A ‘for example’, Last summer the BLM kids bushwhacked the fuzz down by Ybor.  Ybor City is the party zone down and around the Tampa A.O.  They called and said someone had been shot, so the cops raced to the scene.  Then the BLM fucktards did the usual throwing bottles and whatnot, chased off the cops.  To which the after action report from the Cops was that if it happened again, they’d just shoot everyone who was rioting.

It was a very quiet summer here in Tampa comparatively speaking.

And it’s -stayed quiet-
The ‘Muh Diversity’ crowd here knows there is a limited amount of shit that the locals will tolerate.  You stay up around Sligh and Nebraska and rob, beat, deal drugs and kill each other all day long… we’re good with that.  Come down into the nicer areas and start fucking around?  Hoo boy, y’all will find out mighty quick how that shit don’t play.  We got BIG gators here, and they’ll eat anything.
So, safe travels bro.  be seeing you hopefully sooner, rather than later.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Getting old sucks. Thanks for putting the ‘rents sit down…many of us going through the same shit. Just be grateful you ain’t up here in Jersey.

  2. Serbian war criminal heading for Tennessee? Hope he lands in my A.O. We landed here from Commiefornia 6 years ago. Did a lot of research, thought we were headed for the north west. Nope, Californicated. Turns out we’re Rednecks (in training to be Hill Billies) from East County, San Diego. NOT a leftist area, but you can’t escape the Commies in Sacramento.

  3. East TN here for 6 years. Should have done it ages ago.
    Wheres serbian headed? I’ll keep an eye out for Fla tagged SUV in my neck of the hinterboonies. Funny, as there has been a Toyota in dark grey floating around here.

  4. Go south of Punta Gorda and…well, the dindo nuffins don’t even make much of an attempt.

    The Cubans from Collier (as we call them) also have some really really really nasty shit they drag out to the range about every three weeks or so. One will show up and make calls, then more show up, then more, and on and on. Those dudes give me the sweats well above the 11:00 baseline so I pretty much bug out when I see that first truck roll up. The point is, there is absolutely no love lost between those two demographics down here on this side.

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