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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
WHEW!  Oi!  Seems I was a bit more knackered than I thought.  I crashed out Saturday Night at about 23:00 after a few drinks and whatnot, and then proceeded to go into a coma until this A.M… aside from one minor break to call in from work yesterday, I only got up for bathroom runs and water refills. 

Wifey always gets worried when I do this.  It’s about every 7-8 months, depending on ‘stressors’ that my brain and body call “time out” for 24-48 hours and I literally sleep damned near nonstop, hence Ye Olde Intrepid’s absence.

Man, I still feel like I need more.  

So… What’s been happening with y’all?  Lots of questions about the ‘jamming’ and I’ll say this, I think whoever put that the size of the cartridge is the issue, as in just almost too big is right.  It’s always failure to feed when it does happen.  It’s better, but the fact that I can’t afford to ‘properly’ break it in (at $4-6 a round for factory loads) for a nominal 200 round break in, makes it that much trickier.  The mags are custom .458 mags that’re designed to help feed with a half-moon trimmed out of the feed on the front.  The round is so stupidly fat that it takes up every millimeter of play in the chambering cycle.
So it it what it is.
Other news things, on Gab, @ProGunFred called it a day apparently

H/T CA for the image…
I usually ‘target’ @proGunFred and the other day, his icon was black and inactive.  So it seems occasionally he bails from Gab is what the word is, so guess we’ll either see him again, or not.  For those of you who don’t know I’m on there as, of course @BigCountryExpat, short handle BCE.  Feel free to check me out.  I usually poast my updates from here on there for both the websites.

So, part of my early-morning Observations from Below the Trench Line:Looking at the Headlies, ever notice all we ever hear about is the need for “MOR LAWZ N SHEEEE-IT!!!”  Like fuckin’ really?  These people are control crazy-insane as fuck.  I mean what drives this overwhelming need to make MOR LAWZ?  We, as a people right now have almost every. single. aspect. of our lives either tracked, regulated, taxed or generally interfered with on the daily-daily by minions of the DotGov and DotBureaucracy 

I swear, if it wasn’t for the ‘fix’ being in at every.single.aspect of our electoral process, I wonder how much a traction of “Vote for Me, I’ll repeal the Useless Shit and Fire the Parasites in DotGov!!!”

They’d probably have me killed quicker’n Kennedy

‘Cos therein lies the dirty secret of the DotGov and all the festering parasitic bureaucrats that are part and parcel of the gross deficit we have going on.  Especially when you see the fucking salaries these fucks get paid.  Case in point, our “Program Manager” who shall remain nameless, I’ll call him Remora, as thats appropriate in these conditions… Remora was a retired Commo Colonel, I believe full bird.  25 plus years, and as soon as the ink was dried of his DD-214, he essentially transferred to the “Program” that put him into the Senior Executives Services Union
THAT is where the “Big Boys” play for big pay.
To whit:

Entry Level: $161,700 per year
That does not include Cost of Living Expenses, Housing uplifts, being married, kids or, in the case of Remora, overseas danger pay.  In fact, I never saw this guy around unless he was just fucking around. 
 Like “what the fuck do you actually do all day dude?” I had the audacity to ask him.

And then I foolishly wondered why I was then ‘blacklisted’ from that program after I came home.  Aye… fucker blacklisted me from ever being able to work that particular part of an overseas and stateside contract.  Purely out of spite from me daring to ask a question of my betters apparently.  See, I didn’t know he was the Capo-di-tutti-Capo… I thought he was another mid-level retired Colonel… which we had hunnerds of them runnin’ ’round off-lead in Iraq.

Nope, this was the King, and I done fucked up and questioned just what the fuck he did that deserved almost $350K a year to sit back, do laundry and hang out and bullshit all day… I mean occasionally Ranger Jay’d go to a meeting withe this fuckin’ guy, but as far as any genuine contribution to anything, other than professional ass kisser and paper shoveller, first class?  Not so fucking much.

Guys like that, and the territorial nature of them, insipid small-minded nasty creatures, who befoul the very airs they supposedly rarify with their pretentious ass-gas-passing… Fucker’s are high on their own unicorn farts man… that and Hubris… fuckers don’t get that in real time?  They ain’t worth shit ‘cept as fertilizer… probably great fertilizer, as being so full of shit, they’d extra-help the grass grow… that and sandbags… or maybe Soylent Green, which if some of the predictions out there are right, is actually going to b e an issue in the next 10-20…
Not sure
Jes’ Sayin’
Until we get some real  reform out there, nothin’s gonna change’
Cept get worse
Heads on a Swivel… The whole Trial of St. Floyd of Minneapolis on, and off to a banging start.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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    1. Think about getting your ole boat in the water for some R&R .
      1. Getting there, truck to pull boat has a license. You have a license to drive it.
      2. The boat trailer has a license, the boat has a license.
      3. To catch the Kings fish you need a license.
      Hmm let’s see, 5 licenses to fish. But your a Free Man

  1. I think we just need to pull a “Brewster’s Millions”. If everyone just voted “None of the above” the world would be a better place. I do that now for most races, even local. Small town livin lets you know how people really stand.

  2. Think about getting your ole boat in the water for some R&R .
    1. Getting there, truck to pull boat has a license. You have a license to drive it.
    2. The boat trailer has a license, the boat has a license.
    3. To catch the Kings fish you need a license.
    Hmm let’s see, 5 licenses to fish. But your a Free Man

  3. I hear you on doing the daily grind during the week and crashing on the weekends. Frustrating not to be able to get much of your stuff done on your time off because you are using your off time to recuperate and rest just in time to jump into the race again Monday.
    Just a friendly suggestion – Tiredness is also a sign of Diabetes onset. If you are also going to the bathroom to take a piss more often these days, you might consider getting from Amazon, Wal-Mart, Walgreens etc. a Diabetes Testing Kit / Blood Glucose Meter, Test Strips, Lancet pen (spring loaded skin pricker) and lancet needles and alcohol pads. Might set you back $30 or so if you go cheap. Normal range 60 – 120. If it reads lower or much higher than that you might have a case of type 2 Diabetes coming on. Lots of people get that.

    1. Been diabetic type 2 for about 8 months… not enough exercise. I’ve beat it before, and was good until the lockdown. The BSL is actually really good, and weight loss is progressing nicely. I figure 20 more pounds off and I should be good to go.

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