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Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Tough night with the In-Laws… Ma is losing what little marbles she has left, and Da lost all his hair.
Like ALL of his hair.
Docs got no idea what it is… literally every. single. strand.  Eyelashes even… fucker is balder’n an egg.  He’s taking it in stride, but no Kojak Jokes allowed.
So, we hadda nice kip away from der haus, as we’ve been, like all y’all fuckers been in mad lockdown since March.  Unfortunately, the bed we shared was totally beat the fuck in.  Lumpy and old.  No wonder the Wifey wanted to move in with me a few years back if’n that was she was forced to sleep on.  Sheesh!  Ever since I got a new mattress with her, I have a far greater appreciation of such things.
So, lessee… lighter notes… talked to MomUnit… FedBro and I are now convinced that we’re gonna have to have her committed after the election, barring a fucking miracle that Gropey McBadstinkfinger –does– in fact get elected.

 A near-terminal case of TDS…

So, I wait.  See what happens.  Keep loading.
Keep building weapons.
Keep Working on Wifey’s new toy.
Yeah… y’all can laugh, but there’s a theme going on here.
This pink doesn’t show so well in the pic… it’s really vibrant.
Like some of the neighbors.
It’s not that intestinal as it appears here tho… dunno why ye olde iPhone Camera pulled it that way… oh well…
The other parts are heat-curing right now, and the pistola grip I’m throwing on there is a placeholder for now.  Gotta get some extreme heat resistant coating tho for the barrel, and I’m not sure if the flash hider can be cera’d or not?  Never done a flash hider… think someone told me once that the muzzle blast will blow the coating clean the fuck off… maybe ceramic brake caliper paint?  That shit is tougher’n fuck.  I used the extreme dark metallic gray on the Uzi for the final coat, it it’s solid as a rock, even on the bolt…
So, yeah, a bit of artistic expression vis-a-vis Ye Olde AR Pistola.
I mean hell, the Wifey asked if I could ‘girlie up’ her AR.
I’m not giving away just what the theme is yet.
Y’all feel free to make some guesses tho LOL.
Until later, I’m Remaining the Intrepid Reporter
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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


    1. That's my guess, unless he's going to go with white Hawaiian flowers for a boogaloo style.


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