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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been a while!  The trip to South Kackalacky was a good ‘un, ‘cept for the damned weather.  Left in the A.M. in gray skys which progressively went to shit.  Kinda of a piss me off.
So, just to get it out of the way”
CoronaChan Razzamatazz DoublePlus UnGood BadThink:

Date                Time              Infected                  Dead              Inf/Dif             KIA/Dif           Hour/Dif
Feb 28 2020    19:00             84124                     2867              4049                   368                      95

OK… I took this off of my Spreadsheet I’ve been making/using.  The Inf/Dif is Difference in Infected Numbers, the KIA/Dif is Difference in KIA’s, and the Hour/Dif is the -last time- I took the measurement/count in hours.  In this case, 95 hours (roughly just shy of 4 days exactly), and in that 4 days, only 368 people were added worldwide to the KIA list and only 2867 infected were added.
So the phoney-baloney numbers are still good for the sake of “good” meaning that the people of China will be placated enough to -not- rise up and skin the Leadership alive.
Unlike here in the US.  I pretty much was -forced-  to watch an Unending Stream of CNN and MSNBC.  And listen to Mom-Unit rage at “Orange Man Bad” for the entire week.

I have to put Sapper in for an ARCOM or something… he tolerated it too,. and didn’t fuckin kill her.  Love Mom-Unit, -fucking hate her politics.-  I mean fucking straight up Democrat Party Ticket Puncher who knows Trumpinator is getting reelected, but damn.  I don’t want to collect my inheritance early… if I pushed, she would’a stroked the fuck out.
I just kept feeding her Highballs til she passed out, and the Sapper and me swilled down her wine n’ Vodka… keeping us shitfaced allowed us to remain relatively civil.
At which point I called out to Mom-Unit that no matter what Trump does during this fiasco, it’s going to be “Orange Man Bad.” 24-7-365…  She said it IS his fault, at which point I told her that if he really wants to get out in front and stop this disease, he needs to go Full Fucking Felix and that’ll do it.
She asked “Felix who?”
I told her “Felix Dzerzhinski… the founder of the KGB and instigator of the Red Terror”
She’s a bit of a historian, having been a teacher, and she kinda got pale… “He wouldn’t… he couldn’t!”  I told her it’d be the smartest thing he could do… institute COMPLETE Martial Law, ground all aircraft, suspend the stock market, order the whole country into strict quarantine, determine who and what is needed to keep critical infrastructure operational, nationalize it if needed for a limited duration, (with a promise of reparations if needed), shut the Mass Media down in its entirety and put us on a no-spin no-bullshit regime.  Arrest any and all loudmouths who’re too stupid for their own good, and liquidate anyone who opens their vile cockholster.  Arrest and and all profiteers and ship them to Wuhan, buck naked and not a penny on them.  Do the same for anyone who gets in his way to come down hard and bust this virus in the ass BEFORE we get fucked over.
She was like “That’s undo-able, and unconstitutional, and illegal!!!”  She started getting angry, and I pointed out that supposedly IF Trump was soooooooooooo bad and soooooooooo evil, then why hasn’t anyone gone to the camps yet or been locked up.  I laughed at her and said she’s been buying the Democratic Retard-Derangement sooooooo long she doesn’t know what reality is, on her multi-millionaire Island-Bubble… Told her I haven’t seen any Blacks being put in Chains (thanks Biden for that quote!) and I don’t see her Mexican-probably-illegal-gardeners being rounded up and tortured, or the Jews being herded into boxcars (yet!) so I guess he’s doing a pretty good job right now considering how all the fucking moron democrats are trying to actively knife him in the fucking back.  During a FUCKING PLAGUE!!!!

Mom finally stopped after that… she tried one last half-hearted attempt but I cut her off with “Two words Mom… Puerto Rico.”  That was all it took.  See, I had gotten into it with her when she started spouting off how Trump had fucked up relief to P.R. after the hurricane(s).  I told her about the stash of critical fucking food, baby formula and other shit that the fucking Democrats HID/Locked-up/Stole and SOLD for a profit to themselves to make Trump look bad… she didn’t believe me til I pulled up some stories on the web about it…
See… we’ve got another 2 weeks… before I deploy/the shit gets real.
Supposedly 8400 in self-quarantine in Califuckinya.
The numbers infected in Kuwait?  Fuckin’ 45.
Not. Good.
Problem (from MY perspective) in Kuwait is the close-in nature of the place.  EVERYTHING is packed on top of Each Other New Yawk Style.  Hygiene and trash pickup, despite what they say is very turd-world.  Leastways back in 06 it was… I can’t imagine it’s much changed in the interim.. if anything, dirtier and more packed in.
Working on the base’ll keep me away (for the most part) the locals and shit.  However, if its Kinetic all bets are off.  And water is hard to come by (bottled only) Desert abounds, the Bedouin Tribesmen that ride around the outskirts ain’t none too friendly, the RIFs (Radical Islamic Fundamentalists) are just waiting for an opportunity to ride in and oust Da King, and here I’d be, sorry sore (but at least heavily armed) and stuck in Camelfucking Kuwait.
Oh well… I was there when the SARs came through, why not the CoronaChan?
OK… More later, I gotta sleep.  I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I dunno wtf happened when I tried to leave a comment here the other day but I got kicked clear out of Blogger an everything. Probably hit the Sign Out button by mistake.
    Anyways, two weeks eh?
    You are one crazy motherfucker, you do know that right?
    Just thought I'd make sure we are all on the same page here.
    You gonna wise the fuck up about the split tails and their antics when the cat is away this time?
    Just checking. I'm a fucking realist dude, not trying to shit in your Cheerio's for no good reason.
    I will try and keep up with you. I do read your stuff all the time but I am usually on my phone an it sucks green donkey dicks to try and leave a comment.

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