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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
‘Nother day, ‘nother dollar.  Gainfully employed, and -still- waiting on that first paycheck.  Hate HR man, they -never- seem to get it ‘right’ the first go around.  Me W-4 couldn’t be submitted, as the online account was acting squirrelly.  So, I =foolishly asked= “Can I just hand-jam one and scan it and email it to you?”
No way…
Soooooo Ticket submitted, and fixed last Thursday, JUST in time to miss the pay window.  

Yep…So, been ‘skimming’ the news today while bored out of my skull.  Seems that the “Mu” variant is noow the ‘hot topic’.  Thing is though, no one, from any source anywhere has ackchully shown how they know the difference between ‘strains.’  IMO at this point, these fuckers are just making shit up… keep the fear porn flowing.  

But it’s coming to a halt.  Shortly.  Everything that’s happened thusfar has followed my OODA outlook.  Still can’t put a direct date on it, BUT historically, we got a lot of ‘marker dates’ coming up in the next couple of weeks, hell, days if 9-11 is going to factor.  Right now, I give 9-11 a 25% chance of spicy… it’s just -too- pat a date to have shit go cray-cray.  Only thing I think that would be notable is what the current Nomenklatura that’ve taken over our country have planned vis-a-vis the “20th Anniversary”.  They  had planned on the 20th having a big to-do in Affy, probably trying to do what the Russians DID do, which was a photo-op of ‘…the last man leaving, on the exact twentieth anniversary’ yadda-ta-yadda-ta whatthefuck evvar.

Guess the Tallybananas kids done went and fucked that ALL up Aye?Good on them.  Mad Based donchaknow?

This’s one of the many poasts on the Chans that the Leftiod Ministry of Propaganda flipped the ever-living fuck out over.  Apparently the fact that it’s a bit of a humorous ‘wish list’ of what we’d like to see here in the Estados not-so-Unidos.  Hence the “Right Wingers and Trump are the ‘Murican Taliban!!!”

Geez… what a bunch of fucking pantywaists.  IF –we– were anything like the Tallybananas kids, we would have already started the party.  Fucking morons.  It’s apparent we got a lot of ‘other shit’ going on than to be worried about them… Entropy is a bitch, but it’s also your Fren.

Let the whole system s-l-o-w-l-y melt down.  Hell, They’re doing a great job of being self-fulfilling accelerationists.  Hell, almost Arsonist in their shit as of late.  Why do anything other than sit back, stock MOR ammo AND popcorn, and let the whole thing melt the fuck down.

Now, other things:
A BIG Thank you AGAIN to ScouterGreg for the unreal donation, and yeah bro, order is in, and Wifey is thrilled.  As well as a GIANT thankee to Maritime Man for his kindness.  Man, I can’t thank y’all enough.  I’ll be a bit prompter in getting the mail out… the guts are still a bit whacked… but getting better.  A few more days and I should be able to risk getting more than 25 meters from the latrine LOL.

Then questions asked:
One of y’all asked me about reflective IR proof covers.  Now, I can’t speak as to the leg side of this, BUT I did get many moons ago a heat reflective/waterproof/reinforced tarp.  It’s a monster sized ‘survival blanket’… now, not sure as to the whole ‘reflecting/trapping heat’ and IR protection, but it’s silver lined with a thick covering.  It’s made by Arcturus.  I got the XL ‘Survival’ Blanket.  I got the XL as I wanted one that was BIG.  8.5 feet by 12 foot.  Added a bag o’bungies from the Zon, and I prefer the Big hook quality bungie cords.  I get the extra long length for those as well.

It’s -supposed- to open up, and make a tent like this:

Once, long long ago, when I was a green grunt, we used our ponchos to do that.  Beat the shelter half to hell and gone…

However, I never used 550 cord… that was a trick taught to me a ways back.  550 when it gets wet can stretch, causing sagging.  Bungie cords, provided they’re in good shape make for a far superior tensioned overhead cover.  Maybe one of you high speed folks out there can tell me if that blankie would block IR or not?  I got it XL also because it covers my entire Putt-Putt.  Figure if shit gets -that bad- and I have to bug out to a woodline, having something to cover and conceal the Putt-Putt might be a necessity.  Now, the package as you see is on the largish side.  I’ve stowed mine in the car, as it’s waaay too big to hump.  1 foot by 2 foot by 8 inches thick, and I -know- when I pull it from the bag, it sure as hell ain’t re-folding nice and clean and going back in the bag.  That’s what the velcro stowage straps I made for it are for.

Which leads me into ANOTHER subject:
I’d be getting this ‘stuff’ whilst you can.  In my case, It’s because I generally have to ‘customize’ my gear.  My web gear and battle belt doesn’t fit off the rack.  I wear a 4XL-L t-shirt and finding ‘stuff’ off the rack is next to impossible.  So I lern’t to adapt and improvise.  Hence I got a bunch of ‘stuff’ to build myself some webbing/extensions and whatnot.

Bag of 25 snap-buckles, friction locks of various ‘flavors’ and a roll of khaki heavy duty polypro nylon 1-1/2  webbing.  The white box has ‘his and hers’ velcro (meaning both sides) that’s 3 inches wide.  You can cut to size it.  And for $25 on the ‘Zon you can get a lil baby sewing machine that’ll (with a LOT of patience and the right needle) that’ll sew all of that ‘stuff’ together.  Now for thread, I use dental floss, and then color it in with the appropriate sharpie.

Dental floss has literally never failed as a thread for field repairs.  In fact I had uniforms wear out before the dental floss holding the buttons on did.  After I got taught -that- trick by an old-old NCO, I ALWAYS replaced ALL the thread on my b-doos with dental floss.  So, for whatever reason, I can’t link the ‘stuff’ thru the Zon, so this’s not earning me a dime.  Same for the Arcturus stuff.  Just passing on good stuff.

Fact is it’s helping immensely with fitting out my kit(s)
So let me know what ya think.  
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I think I just got Covid with the mountain niger part. Probably the Camel smalls, tho.


    (wool under the reflective mylar for IR, kinda like a mountain niger would do it)

  2. Be a cold day in hell before I do business with Amazon. Never have, never will.
    Good to know 2 niggers in a stolen truck don’t know how (or when not) to use apostrophes. Kinda expected, anyway.

  3. One of the stranger (to some people) purchases I made was close to 1000 sq ft of milsurp camouflage netting (I have my reasons). One thing I’ve always wondered though: without using Mylar, is there any way an industrious fella could start with a standard camo net & home brew that thing into a poor man’s ULCAS? Maybe not something with the same degree of heat reduction as the genuine article provides, but something that does give the user an appreciable degree of static thermal reduction when properly hung/supported & not directly in contact with a person or vehicle.
    Since total signature elimination is outside the realm of possibility for many of us, how can we expand the capabilities of the materials we already have on hand?

  4. If thermal is the concern, look to another route… info overload. Rather than hide your signature, manufacture others. Place those space-blankets to reflect, rather than hide.

  5. Quick and dirty for thermal hide, out of date/service forestry fire shelter. Just barge glue terrain appropriate cloth to the outside. Contact heat bleeds thru fast though and you do leave a thermal “footprint” for a bit where you were. As for flat cordage keep an eye out for pull line discards used for underground utility installation, I’ve gotten piles of 1/2″ to 1″ nylon and kevlar web free. An interesting bit of weirdness with the thermal I’ve played with, plain old glass just shows up as a solid opaque but tempered acts like a mirror, have yet to figure that out but it can be useful.

    1. You can also use a piece of plexiglass as a thermal shield, apply some spray adhesive and throw on some foliage. Screw a wooden dowel to the backside and use it like a shield while prone or build a whole damn box if you want.

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