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Late Evening/Early Morning to Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Because Ye Olde Wifey was so cool about the whole past 72-84, I took her and Sapper out for dinner last night.  Not sure how THAT is gonna turn out as she wanted Hooters, but unfortunately, The National Felon’s League was in full swing, which meant the place was packed with Niggerball Worshipers… not that there’s that many left.                      
In fact, the amount of folks in the NEXT place we went (Winghouse, a sleazier verion of Hooters) had pretty much what you’d expect from a bunch of Nigger-Worshippers.  Fat, disgusting overweight white dudes who had the look of former High School foozballz players who never amounted to shit in real life.
At least we got a table.  

We ate and left.  Conversation was impossible between “Boobus Americanus” and the niggers.  Full on borderline Chimpout in the place… one who looked like Coolio with big funky, I dunno… the only word that comes to mind is “hair handles” coming offa his nugget… like 7 or 8 of them… big thick monkey braids… NOT dredds… these things, in hand-to-hand?  Sheesh… talk about giving the opposition a “handle” on things… In jail they’d be great for forcing him to suck cock, in hand-to-hand, I’ma thinking I could grab two of them, and ride his head into the concrete til I see either brains or air, (or both, as it IS a nigger of which we speak.)

So we bolted.

Things at the crib are neutral, now that I threw a meal at Wifey.  Simple Creatures… pissed at me at one point, mellow as soon as I give her a dozen roses and a meal.  Red Pill anyone?

So, to continue…  
We’ve been dealing with a LOT of bullshit..
“The Chimpouts Will Continue Until Biden is Elected” is what we’re told.
However… everyone forgets a moment in time when American Veterans got sick of the ‘biddness as usual bullshit and fought back.
The Battle of Athens TN
Many Thanks for reminding me and posting about it to Wirecutter at Knuckledraggin.
Kenny is a mad fan of forgotten history.
They keep pushing.
They also forget: White People eventually fucking SNAP.
And when that happens?  The names;
“The Trail of Tears”
“Wounded Knee”
et. al.
Get it Yet?  
I’ll see you a Holocaust, and raise you a Genocidal Race War that leaves us Nigger-and-Jew Free in 10 years.

The basic pattern has been the same all summer:  A nigger, such as the jogger in Georgia, Ahmaud Arbery, failed porn star George Floyd in Minneapolis, retard-tazer using Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, or mad dog rapist Jacob Blake in Kenosha, resists arrest, and gets whats righteously comin’ to them at the hands of an over-militarized police.

So, it turn, local black ‘yoots’ begin to joyously loot –everything not nailed down-

Then, local whypeepo, under the guise of Antifa arrive and break glass, set fires, and attack the police.
Which allows organized crime gangs (think Bloods n Crips, Latin Disciples) to launch expeditions against expensive stores in white neighborhoods.
And the media offers cover for all of it to make “Orange Man Bad” statements.  
So whypeepo… gotta ask:  How has being nice to niggers been workin’ out for ya?

Have you noticed that the nicer we are to blacks, the angrier and meaner they act toward us?  How they act out towards the slightest weakness?  Have you wondered that maybe they don’t interpret our being cool with ‘being supportive and tolerant’ as fucking weakness?

It’s because they’re animals.

Literally. This bullshit that sez “all men are created equal!”  Yeah… go back in time and ask Jefferson or Washington OG of the G if they thought niggers should be included in that part of the shit… gar-ron-damned-tee that they’d spit out their sherry and laugh their balls off until they realized you were serious.
Then they’d restrain you, and call for a medic, ’cause you ain’t right in the haid.
Tell you what… they don’t see –any- whypeepo as an ally… they see ‘allies’ as ‘expendable cannon fodder’.  In fact, can’t find the link, but BLM actually lost a sheet of the playbook which encourages “white allies” to physically take a bullet for a nigger.  Literally. “Use the whites to absorb casualties.”

Fuckin’ Stalin wasn’t that open about his use for the peasants.
So yeah… it’s getting close.  And to those sayin’ I’m anti-semetic?  Nope… not really… BUT:
With the codicil that I’m against a group, who has the belief that God has ‘chosen them’ to enslave, subjugate and murder any and all others that aren’t of ‘their tribe’?  Yep… guess what?  The goyim know.
Fuck y’all.
Til Later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Add Ms. 'I'm an innocent victim of a no-knock warrant' Breonna Taylor to the list of fuckups the left is holding high as martyrs. She was the cash-holder for her ex-boyfriend's drug business, was involved in planning and committing one murder, and her apartment was a known stash house and flop-house for the ex-boyfriend drug dealer. And the boyfriend who shot her during the shootout with cops? Drug dealer.

    Fucking losers.

    As to any sports-money-ball, even the NHL and NASCAR, fuck them, fuck them all.

    And even before my wife and I stopped going to restaurants, the rule was 'No place with a fucking television.' Which means that every year less and less places were acceptable to us. Just got to the point it was either easier to do take-out or learn to cook as good or better than a restaurant. Which has the additional benefit of keeping me far away from everyone else because I fucking hate most people. And there's nothing sadder than watching a couple eat while reading their damned phones during a nice dinner (still one of those people that believes in actually communicating during a dinner – oh, we can wolf down chow like recruits after a long night, but we also communicate, sometimes loudly, but we communicate.)

    Glad the psycho-drama is lowered in your life. Hope you and the Serbian War Criminal and Sapper get to play with some good stuff soon.

  2. i agree. but as to the job thing, you do know hr looks you up on the net right? most of them now pay for sites that aggregate all your social media so they can check it. you'd be surprised what they have linking you around the web. google is one of the biggest info grabbers in the world. i made a reservation at a hotel over the phone last summer, no connection to the net. but when i went to faceplant it had my reservation details, and when i went to mapquest for something totally dif, it had my hotel on the map with a notation ref my reservation. spooky. anyway, u b sayin what lot of folks b thinking but afraid to put on "paper" cause it follows you around forever. good luck on the job though. hang in there.

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