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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
0700 this AM I hear the HOA sponsored lawn-boys whacking and chopping at the yard(s) and common areas.  I then hear a -smashing noise-… Not good.  Seems one of the Squatamalens who’re riding the big assed mower?  Well, he no se’ the Fiber Optic box on the corner of my yard, and ground it to dust.

No internet for You!
No work either. 
Day without pay because I know I ain’t getting shytte out of this illegals nor their employer, who I still can’t figure out who to blame.  The HOA Nazis?  I have to play nice with them as we have another issue that came up over the weekend, namely an aggressive 6 foot long female gator who took up residence in my bass pond in the back.

She’s also digging in on my property, right up against the lanai looking to ‘nest’.

Dammit.  3rd Degree Felony to whackum said gator.  I’ve made ALL the calls, and the HOA -supposedly- dispatched someone to get rid of it.  Too late for the fucking ducks tho, the gator made short work of them despite all the neighbors tryna keep Daffy from Wally… notsomucho good there.  Lots of feathers and down around the yard now.  And since it’s a big ole gator compared to the norm, it’s not like I can use a smaller quieter round like a suppressed .22.  I need one-shot-killage.

Gator skulls are thick and soft-hard so to speak. I’ve seen Big gators take a 230 grain .45 ACP to the nugget and while ringing Wally’s bell, it did shrug it off.  So High velocity penetration is key, and a 150 grain 7.62 AP round is just the thing, and I have 20 or so rounds on hand.

Never know when you need to punch through light to medium armor plate Aye?

Mine though is in waaay better shape, that pic is rando-off-the-web.  Mine is brand new issue in the box.  I’d rather A) not have to use it and B) not violate any laws in getting this thing out of here.  The fish-fuzz ’round here tend to be hyper militant about the protection of ye olde anini-nimi-nals here.  Can’t say I blame ’em.  So, unless Wally gets really aggressive and actively comes at me, live and let live I always say.  Not that I’m NOT walking the doggo with my rifle locked and loaded. 10 rounds of AP in the M1A over the shoulder patrol style.  The neighbors keep asking me when I’ma gonna whack it, and I keep telling them, “Ain’t mah job Dewey!”

So they got the box rebuilt around 6 pm today. Been reading an actual book today, “Lonely Vigil: Coastwatchers of the Solomons” by Walter Lord.  Really good book.  Little known heroes of the Pacific. 

Not sure if’n y’all have ever heard of them, but in the later 30’s, the Solomon Islands, better known now by names like Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and all the rest, they were for the most part British and Australian (ergo British) Empire holdings, and had administrators, governors and the like allll over the Pacific.  Lots of lil bureaucrats holding down the day job of paper-shuffling for the furthest reaches of the Empire.  Most of them were near-do-wells, guys who wanted to be left alone in the middle of nowheresville, going native and telling the majority of Humanity to “Sod off!” 

When the Japs started their shit and forming the “Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere” i.e. the whole Pacific Rim for them to run, a lot of these guys took to the hills into hiding.  A Truly Curmudgeonly Commander named Eric Feldt, he started up and got all these rebels and whatever, together in a loose unit called the Coastwatchers.  Throughout the war, those who survived that is, sent regular reports on Aviation Movements, Troop dispersal and fleet movement to higher higher.  A LOT of these reports are why we were able to kick ass against the Japanese, knowing where and when they were moving had as much to do with HUMINT as well as ELINT.

LOTS of these guys got captured and tortured to death as spies. Genuine Heroes that don’t get a lot of play here.

Thing that I’m finding though, (I’m in the first half) that the cognitive dissonance of a LOT of the Brits.  They knew war was coming.  They knew that they were going to be trapped behind the lines.  They knew their own personal ‘shit was in the wind’ and yet they kept going on and on, not prepping til the very last second.  In one case, as it’s written comically, but at the time, I would have positively kil’t this dude, he started gathering up allll the voluminous files he’d put together over 10 years and tried to pack them on a truck to escape with as Jap mortar shells were hitting the area.  Not “grab the food, grab the guns we gotta go!” but “Oh my, can’t leave these files for the Jap eh wot?”

Morons… all ages, all eras.  Something to think on Aye?  
Some of these guys tho, they saw, they knew, and the prepped for it like motherfuckers
They seem (so far) to be doing well as the history of it is real.  Guess I’ll find out as I go along.  Anything else of note I’ll tell you about as I go.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. W. E. B Griffin series on the Marines has three historical novels/books that feature the Coastwatchers and Eric Feldt. Good reading!!!!


  2. FTR: Iwo was a volcanic rock faaaaaaar away from the Solomons, and close to Japan.

    The point about the coastwatchers all being oblivious until the last minute, despite there being a war on with Germany and Italy for over two years before Pearl Harbor etc., is well-taken.

    1. Random point of interest:

      Why not have the Squatemalens mow over by the bass pond?

      Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

  3. I read something a long time ago about the Japanese guys who hid out in the jungle until late after the war. Someone convinced them to write about their war stories. Lived practically on zilch, stole a chicken once in a while, Dug a hooch under ground, lived like a rat, even years after the war ended. What a mindset. “Lived” in constant fear. Total isolation.

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