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So, whatta weekend!  Talk about overdone.  The power brick on the lappie took a shytte (got a new one, thanks Terrapod!)   That’s what I get for third party chinesium instead of OEM equipment apparently.  Then, did the Christmas Tree and lighting thing with the Gran(s) plural.  Whew… I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.  Add on while dodging rug-rodent #2, I hit the hassock and broke two twos, one of which was the one I broke 3 months ago…  

Looks like I’m catching breaks, just on all my toes.

So…got 90% of the Christmas stuff done, ‘cept the ‘camo-net’ as I call it…. that’s the hedge lights.  I zip-stripped them together and damned if it isn’t exactly like stringing a camo net.  All y’all prior service know what I’m talking about.  See, a Caamo Net is that… a net.  and on the old pre-Velcro days of buttons on the BDUs, the net would invariably get caught on the buttons, on you ears… man, you could actually get hemmed up like a haddock if’n you weren’t careful.  Same thing with these lights.  That’s why it ain’t done yet… total PITA.

Now, newsie stuff.
This’s pretty cool:

Them ole Ladies who got run over by that piece of shit BLM Terrorist (who isn’t a terrorist, perish the thought!) “The Dancing Grannies” did another parade in Franklin.  Pretty good to show they’re not stopping.  The Sweatshirts (‘cos its cold as balls there now) had the names of the fallen on the backs.

Tough old broads Aye?
And another piece of infobittage that I found the other day:

The guy on the left?  
REEEEEEEEEEEE OMG a whypeepul terrorist hu-whytte superpreemiecyst!!!!

The guy on the right?
A poor mentally ill Dindu Nuffin who was on track to become a Rhodes Scholar Honest! Pinky Swear!

Motherfucking Heather “I Never Met a Malt I Didn’t Like” Heyer is played as some sort of sweet fine young thang…
But don’t let any truths ruin any good narratives.
The narrative:  This is the picture they used of her:

Etheric Glow?  Check
Filtered beyond reality?  Check
The literal sweet, brown eyed girl.
Now, Reality:

That upper arm, and the lack of titty-shelf, man, she was a fatbody.  Now, to cases.  She died of blunt force trauma according to the autopsy.
You can read it here:
Thing of it is, reading it closely and having a minor medical background, and having seen the raw footage of the car running into the crowd, well… the one BIG (pardon the pun) thing is her heart. The autopsy states it weighed in at 438 grams. From a DotGov study of teh whammenz hearts:

“A total of 102 cases met criteria for inclusion in the study during the approximately 10-year period of data collection from 2004 to 2014. The decedents had an average age of 24.4 years and ranged in length from 141 to 182 cm (56.4 to 72.8 in.) with an average length of 160 cm (64 in.). The weight ranged from 35.9 to 152 kg (79 to 334 lbs) with an average weight of 65.3 kg (143 lbs). The majority of the decedents (86%) died from either ballistic or blunt force (including craniocerebral) injuries.

Overall, the heart weights ranged from 156 to 422 g with an average of 245 g and a standard deviation of 52 g. Regression analysis was performed to assess the relationship between heart weight and body weight, body length, and body mass index, respectively, and found insufficient associations to enable predictability. The authors, therefore, propose establishing a normal range for heart weight in women of 148 to 296 g.”

So, normal heart weight -should- be between 148 to 296.  Hers?Wow.  Now, she also reportedly smoked like a chimney, was beyond morbidly obese.  Yeah, she got hit by a car, but then again, lots of folks do and don’t die.  Any bets that the bad habits and oversized ticker didn’t help the situation?  

Either way a moot point.
Thing that I’m saying though, is the media played that Angelic Photo 24-7-365 for the mad hype they could to demonize the right and OrangeManBad.  The feral pedophilic pavement ape?
His mom is out there laying a case that he’s ‘mentally ill’ which seems to be the go-to for these people.  I’m fucking tired of them all.  
That and the enemedia… the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda.  Fredo was a good start, but I think that Don Lemon and Tater Stelter , as well as that rabid bitch-bulldyke Rachel Maddow needs to go as well.  Last night I can’t remember where I saw it, but seems Lemon got hemmed up for sexually assaulting a dude… the guy got offered a payout but is still legally going after him.  Someone commented that if Lemon had done that shit to him he’d have beaten him so badly, he’d have changed Don’s food group from a ‘fruit’ to a ‘vegetable’

I honest to God laughed out loud
Almost woke the baby.

So, ‘stuff’ to think about.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Good to hear things are going well (apart from the toes…did that a couple of years back, have mastered the technique and don’t need practice).

    What is that mechanical gibber that you don’t want near fireflies or plankton?

      1. We used to do that with the SLR….a matchstick would do, but better to use a little bit of hootchie cord hung out the side between the receiver halves so you could pull it out when the brass came hunting for the phantom MG. Not very useful even if it was fun….ammo waste, overheat, and few hits.

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