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Late Afternoon/Early Evening to Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Yeah, the whole “no longer working” thing has it that waking up at 13:00 is a plus, but means the majority of the day slips by.  Not a -bad- thing… sleeping in means less time getting angry about shit I have zero control over.  That and avoiding the whole Amazon thing as well…
Idle hands and all that…

So to start off with, the News:
Seems three youngin’s went fishing on Friday night out in “Frostproof” Florida… Love the name.. what happened after, well, when Sheriff Grady Judd sez that it was, and I quote “This is a horrific scene,” Polk Sheriff Grady Judd told the Lakeland Ledger on Saturday. “I have been to a lot of murder scenes in my life and this ranks up with the worst of them. They were viciously murdered.”… then it’s bad.

Seems the twenty-somethings went for late night catfishing… and something went sideways.  
Beaten, tortured and then shot-to-death.  One of them was still alive when the perps rolled out, and managed to call his dad, who raced to the scene, and heartrendingly, managed to hold his son as he breathed his last.  
And named the perps.  Since then, it went from being on “The Daily Mail” in Britain, and ALL over CNN/Fox/CBS/NBC/MSNBC to –radio fuckin’ silence-
About that:
Gee… whatever could have caused the media to go silent?
I dunno…
Maybe the fact that the perps in question are… how do we say? Black?
Yep.  Doesn’t conform or help ‘the narrative.’ so’s this’ll be memory holed as fast as the (((media))) can make it disappear.  Of course tho, they haven’t counted on Grady Judd… who’s most popular way to ‘bring ’em in’ is D.O.A…. got a hunch these fuckers ain’t gonna be drawing O-2 much longer…
So, as far as maintenance…
Did me a change of the .458 SOCOM rifle’s grip… went from a standard A2 grip (which is what I had at the time) to a Magpul Comfort Grip… bigger for my hand..
The A2 grip is OK for the regular 300 BLK and 5.56mm rounds, but the .458 SOCOM has a bit more -bite- and recoil, hence the larger, softer grip.
Now, for those of you doing homework on gunsmithing, ya gotta remember when you change out the pistol grip on an A2, there’s a spring down inside that fucker that A) can bend and B) can shoot out all over the place if’n y’all aren’t careful:
Keep it in mind… also, the safety divot pin (that’s what allows the safety to ‘click’ when you pivot it.) is inside, so do not turn it over after removing the grip… I mean you can, but keep in mind it’ll fall out. And if’n you don’t have a replacement, it’s cheap to buy, but what with backorders etc etc, it might be a minute before you get a replacement, during which time yer shit is inop.
Now, once you get it back on, (and appropriately painted) yer good to go…  just be careful getting the spring back in place without bending it….
So then, it was off to the ‘other races’… namely sharpening my kitchen knives.
See, ’round here at La Casa De Grande Campesino, I’m the chef.  I likey me some good kitchen steel, and that’s one thing I don’t compromise on.
Ex-Bitch didn’t know a butter knife from a bread knife, and I flat out hated the fact that she didn’t know, nor cared to learn the difference.  New Wifey, whilst not a chef, (nor cook by any means) knows I likey da proper tool for the proper job.  Hence:

  One is a Shun meat carver, the other two are a Kershaw branded knife(s).  The veggie cutter is a fave, and all are now razor sharp… like ‘shaving level Gillette’ sharp.

I also did up the Boar Spear and the broadsword…
Because who doesn’t need a broadsword and spear?
The Sword is some Pakistani POS, BUT, that being said, after a couple of goes with the angle grinder, and then a whetstone, it actually does carry and hold a pretty decent edge.  The Boar Spear is actually a Cold Steel made spear, and THAT fucker… whooo-boy-howdy… wouldn’t want to get THAT fucker in    the guts… talk about badass…
I use ’em mostly at the Ren-Faire (I told y’all I’m a geek) and haven’t had to use them, but on the off chance that someone does break in here, and a rifle/pistol/subgun ain’t immediately available, well, guess we’ll have to do it old school.

Fun and games INDEED!
MOR later. I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I have a Cold Steel kukri-machete. That mofo is sharp as can be, and holds an edge like nothing I've ever seen before.

    As to the two perps, well, that just sucks. Haven't heard anything about it. Hope they come in dead.

  2. wow, that's odd, i just saw the sheriff interview on fox. he says they have no idea who did it and asking for leads. hmmm.

    1. damn i was hoping they got them. or knew who did it at least. why you should ALWAYS be ready to throw down.

  3. Same with the spring behind the rear takedown pin detent when you pull the buttstock. Aero Precision lowers come with that hole partly threaded so you can shorten the spring and capture it with a small socket head screw. Then it only comes out when you want it to.

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